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My Gyno & Lipo Surgery Experience/Story

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  • My Gyno & Lipo Surgery Experience/Story

    Howdy everyone. I'm scheduled for surgery in the morning with Dr. Blau ( I'm having gynecomastia correction (mild to moderate), which includes a nipple reconstruction, due to a botched piericing (more on that in a bit), and lipo of the waist and abodomen (it wasn't much more, so I said fock it ). I'm flying in from Colorado (share my home between there and Alabama), so this is quite a big trip for such surgery.

    Here's a bit of info about me and history of my "issue":

    I'm 34 years of age, 6'2", and approx. 210#. I'm active in physical fitness, workout consistently (3 days a week), and have a long term goal of increased physical strength and size, all while attempting for a great physique. I still have some bad habits with eating, so I'm definitely continuing to work on that.

    Now, on to my "problem", if you will. When I was approx. 10, I noticed that my nipples were becoming sensitive, especially the left one. I could feel a "knot" forming behind each of them, but more so on the left nipple. I could squeeze them and liquid would literally come out of my nipples. They would even sometimes "pop" when I squeezed them. My mother had a huge medical book at the time and I actually managed to find my issue in the book (gyno). Since it really bothered me as a child, I had her take me to a doctor to address it. He checked me out and said that it was the beginning stages of puberty, that there wasn't anything wrong, and that it would eventually go away. There weren't many specialists in this area at the time (we're talking 1985 here, keep in mind), especially where I lived, so I'm sure that was a typical doctor response back in the days (I can only imagine what surgical inexperience on the matter would have allowed for in terms of potential correction - yikes!). The gyno growth ended up ceasing within a year or two (by the age of 12), but the effects I had from it were permanent. Thankfully, my gyno wasn't/isn't a "severe" case (I'd say a 2 to 4 out of a 10 being worse). However, it left me with some slight irregularities between my left and right sides, that being my left nipple slightly larger than the right. You can also feel more "mass" under the left nipple.

    Throughout my teen years I didn't really ever remove my shirt in public nor around friends much, but it wasn't necessarily because of this problem. I wasn't never teased about it, and it was never even noticed by any individual, and even rarely by me. The main issue was that I never really had much of a chest at all, and that was my weakest body part, so that was mainly the issue of me staying "private" in that area. However, not having a well developed chest kept my issue from showing more so, I do believe. Furthermore, since I wasn't an overweight child growing up, this helped to keep the issue from standing out (I was always tall and thin). Fast forward to today, and being that I am now becoming more conscious about my body, especially since my physique is "growing", you can obviously understand my desire to rectify this. Also, my pecs are finally making progress (still a LOOOOONG ways to go, lol), and as they are starting to grow it is pushing out against the gyno, so I'm starting to notice the gyno more.

    To add to this story, approx. 5 years ago I had a nipple piercing done on my right nipple (one of those phases, haha). I specifically chose this nipple due to the fact that it was always ever so slightly smaller than my left, as I mentioned above, and I figured it could help to mask this, even tho it was not too noticeable. Unfortunately, this so called "artist" screwed the piercing up royally. He came in too far back on my nipple, and then came out way too early on the right side (outside), basically coming through the right middle of the "tip" of my nipple. Here I am sitting there thinking, "WTF?!", because I specifically told him to ONLY go through the "tip" of the nipple, which should have been VERY easy to pinpoint and poke, especially since he had it pulled out with the vice tongs they grab and hold it with. Nevertheless, I lived with it for about 6 months, until I couldn't take it anymore, and I ended up having it redone. This time they went in through the same place on the inside, and then came out to match it on the right side. Unfortunately, the previous piercing had already done it's damage with the "scarring" (keloid), and this new one just exacerbated it. Over all that time my nipple built up scar tissue and "memory". Unfortunately, the nipple has never healed from the piercings, and occasionally fluid/puss will come out of the openings in the side where the nipple ring enters. It is my hope that this can be corrected with surgery, so we will see.

    So a few years ago I decided that I was going to seek correction for these issues. Late last year, after what I felt was a thorough search, I made it a point to finally go through with this. I narrowed it down to 3 different doctors (thanks in part to this site, and a few others). After contacting each of them, my order of preference ended up being:

    1: Dr. Mordcai Blau
    2: Dr. Rick Silverman (aside from a prominent plastic surgeon, he is also an avid bodybuilder).
    3: Some dickhead from the Gyne forum who wasted my time (happens to be a so called prominent expert in this field - more on him later).

    I ultimately chose Dr. Blau due to several reasons (in no order):

    1: Experience

    It is not only well documented, but fairly obvious the amount of experience that Dr. Blau has (over 25 years). From treating patients of all physical qualities, from normal everyday average individuals, to competitive body builders, such as our friends Ray Romano and Dave Palumbo, Dr. Blau has done some amazing work. We've all seen the results he's given individuals on his websites, as well as here on MD's forums to various members.

    2: Communication

    After I initially contacted his office back in Dec., Dr. Blau actually called me himself and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me consulting and explaining to me everything I questioned him upon, as well as what to expect in all the various stages of treatment (before, during, and after, both in the short-term and long-term). Dr. Dickhead (#3 above) wanted a $200 fee UPFRONT before he'd even consider talking to me, and his reception said he wouldn't do abdomen lipo at the same time as gyno surgery. Dr. Blau's surgery coodinator, as well as the rest of his employees, were all pleasant to speak with, and stayed in contact with me consistently.

    3: Ease of travel/access

    Dr. Blau is located approx. 8 miles of HPN (Westchester County Airport), and approx. 25 miles from LGA. I'm staying at the Crowne Plaza just 2 blocks from Dr. Blau's office. Crowne Plaza offers free shuttle service from/to HPN, which was also a bonus. Furthermore, there is a big mall next door, another one just down the street, a nice movie theater a few blocks over, plus lots of restaurants in the area. Both Travelocity and Priceline had excellent package deals of flight and hotel that you just couldn't beat (Priceline was still cheaper than using the "Last Minute" option on Travelocity, however).

    Before closing, I must also give personal props and thanks out to Dr. Rick Silverman. He personally answered every email I threw at him, and I was quite pleased and happy with all his responses. If it weren't for the slightly more accomodating trip planning to Dr. Blau's office and White Plains, I may have gone to Dr. Silverman.

    Okay, so that's everything for now. I hope I didn't bore you through all this, but my hope is that my experiences will actually make it easier and better for others considering this type of treatment. I going to be putting up before/after pics throughout various stage, and keep everyone updated on my progress. Wish me luck!

    Thanks for listening,


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    Hey BfB,

    Thanks for sharing this. It is very valuable for guys like me who consider the same thing.

    One question; can you name or at least hint who the dickhead doctor is? Is this guy somewhere in Virginia? Because if it is, it means there are multiple people who have a similar experience.



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      Originally posted by gazgazo View Post
      One question; can you name or at least hint who the dickhead doctor is? Is this guy somewhere in Virginia? Because if it is, it means there are multiple people who have a similar experience.
      Gaz, yes, you're absolutely right: Dr. Dickhead = from Virginia! He also didn't respond the initial 2 requests via email, requiring a 3rd "ultimatum" email before he did, and then I got a standard pre-formed email back. I even attempted calling to discuss everything, and then was informed it would be $200 to even get considered for surgery. WTF?!

      BTW, thank you for your words! I'm off to surgery now, so I'll update everyone once I'm back in the hotel and NOT drunkard, lol.


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        What an asshole! Thanks for letting me know, man.

        Good luck with your surgery and keep us updated.


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          Where you @ OP?
          Stagnation kills


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            How much is Dr. Blau


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              Originally posted by chucklestheclown View Post
              How much is Dr. Blau
              for standard gland gyno....way too much
              "Feel ill as fuck - not sure if it is protein powder or tren?"-bigdog123


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                Originally posted by Chong Li View Post
                for standard gland gyno....way too much

                anyone know any doctors? i only know silverman and blau, who are legit anyways


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                  Originally posted by Chong Li View Post
                  for standard gland gyno....way too much
                  His recurrence rates at in the single digits and I believe he covers the cost if you ever need it removed again.

                  Rather pay once and never again than two or three times. He told me on the phone he removes 98% of the gland or something like that.
                  Stagnation kills