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  • My Dr. Blau Experience

    Had my surgery today. To sum it up, it was stupendous.

    -I had extremely minor gyno. So minor it was hardly visible. I had naturally small nipples to begin with so it looked like nothing but I could feel glandular growth and had sensitivity. I wanted to get them removed for comfort and obviously I anticpate they would grow in the future. I had figured my glands were smaller than candy corns but boy was I wrong.

    -I saw a P.S. before Dr. Blau who was less than ecstatic to operate and he basically refused me. To me that just said he wasn't experienced enough to see the problem or understand. I was right.

    -I had bloodwork done for 2 different Endos. 1 was a regular town endo who wasn't really even sure about prescribing 3 month Nolva therapy. The second was from the city who put me on it right away. After talking to Dr. Blau I was convinced surgery was the only true solution.

    -3 weeks of Letrozole at 2mg did nothing for my gynes. Keep in mind that I discovered mine about 2 months too late if you catch my drift. They REBOUNDED hard and grew afterwards even with pharm grade nolva.

    -The building was easy to find and the office was very nice. The waiting room had a good TV with cable and some good magazines I was interested in reading. Post-op I sat and read a Jonah Hill article. Really had a good laugh.

    -I went with local because needles do not bother me, nor does the notion of getting operated on.

    -The secratary was very nice and helpful

    -To be perfectly honest, if you're comfortable with needles and the notion of surgery, just expect your blood pressure to rise a bit in anticipation but other than that its easy to stay calm.

    -Its been about 8 hours since my surgery. My chest is just starting to get some feeling back and there is a small amount but I don't anticipate it getting much worse. + Anything is better than a life time of the pain of anxiety and sensitivty of gyno. Seriously.

    Procedure for me went like so:
    -Hopped up on a operating chairish thing.
    -Nurse walked in and applied that pre-op orange goo. Fun.
    -Then I had a metal plate with gel attached to my ankle to grounding me and preventing shocks or something from his tool.
    -Small needle local-A injections. About 4-5 each nipple. Hardly bothersome pinches.
    -Large needle local-A injections, deeper. Probabaly 4-5 again each nipple.
    -Chest felt swollen with liquids. Felt weird.
    -Waited about 5 minutes. Chest went numb as hell.
    -The rest was really just a breeze. You just sit there and don't feel a thing. As far as I was concerned I was set after the injections.
    -Dr. Blau and I made small talk. Nice guy.
    -He removed my left gland, and did some singeing of tissues to slow bleeding and what not.
    -We were both surprised how big my gland was. There was no fat just nasty knots about the size of 2 tootsie rolls squished together into a ball.
    -Then he did the right. Same thing. Snipping. Cutting. Burning. Again the gland was bigger than expected.
    -Got stitched up
    -Put some gauze on my nips
    -Then a compression wrap
    -Painless & Done quick!

    I hope this thread will help anyone who was in my position a month or so ago when I first discovered the growths.

    I figure hearing this from an MD regular might help others out there who are on the fence about surgery and treatment.

    Feel free to ask me questions bros. I'm here to help.
    Stagnation kills

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    how much is a liposuction ?? what would range the price ?
    MY MOUTH DROOLS.........


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      It was gland excision. 7k. Yah yikes but worth every penny.
      Stagnation kills


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        I just got my surgery done with Dr. Blau on Monday. Went back today for my follow up.

        My chest is totally different-and by different I mean it looks normal! I highly recommend Dr. Blau. He is more than willing
        to answer all your questions and his staff is great with follow ups.

        I had a pretty bad case too.

        He looked at it presurgery again and said "yeah this is gyno, some come here and
        it isn't bad at all...but yours is def. gyno"

        I was out for the process-best sleep I have ever had :-).

        It was over before I knew it.

        I actually visited another surgeon in the Manhattan after my initial consult with Blau. He was very knowlegeable and well known.
        But Dr. Blau made me feel most comfortable in discussing procedures and answering questions
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          Dr Blau is def the go to guy for gyno removal, i had mine removed about a year ago and have never had any problems, yea its pricey but its worth it. i have heard some horror stories about people trying to take the cheaper way out, when it comes to ur body, price shouldnt matter, go for the quality work with Dr Blau.


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            How old are u?


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              Blau's prices are ridiculously high, he basically comes up with a number on the spot, plus he has too many lawsuits under his name.

              just some facts...


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                He is way over priced and his work is not good.