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    BY DR. ADRIAN RAPHAELAn Aspirin a DayWe noted that today’s medical model handles this issue with the prescription to swallow down an aspirin a day (or various other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs – NSAIDS). They do this because aspirin inhibits and alters Cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 (COX1 and COX2), an enzyme that is used in the formation of pro-inflammatory molecules TXA2, PGI2, PGE2, and PGF2.This sounds like a logical plan, until we realize that the COX enzyme is also used in the production of ANTI INFLAMMATORY molecules PGI3, PGE3, and TXA3. So by taking away the activity of this enzyme, you are not only getting rid of the “inflammatory bad guys”, you are also hindering the “anti-inflammatory good guys”.So what do you do? Just as we mentioned in our last article, you have to TREAT THE CAUSE. Why take a drug, when you can stop it before it happens? Get rid of the pro-inflammatory diet!Do you really have the desire to take something? Then swallow this…Grasses, leafy greens, and flax seeds are a source of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA – an omega 3 fatty acid). Unfortunately for you and I, humans don’t eat grass (turns out we cannot digest it very well, so don’t bother trying to mow your lawn with your mouth). Further, we don’t have the machinery to convert the ALA (from flax seeds and greens) over to EPA in amounts sufficient to produce the desired effect…so eat all the flax seeds and oil you want, it just wont do the trick (this does not mean stop eating the flax seeds, or taking flax seed oil – it just means you have to recognize the limitations of doing so).So if you really have to pop something daily, pop this – A dose of EPA/DHA. In otherwords, take some fish oil (0mega 3s). EPA gets converted into PGI3, PGE3, TXA3, and LTB5, all of which are ANTI-inflammatory. Don’t want to take fish oil? As the diagram below indicates, fish oil, is a great source of EPA and DHA, so you are left with limited options.I’m Vegan – Can’t I just eat flax seeds and take flax oil?No – unless you are a herbivore (humans are omnivores, despite what your moral and ethical lense may lead you to believe) – Not having sufficient levels of EPA and DHA can leave you in an inflammed state. That is why (among other reasons) vegans and vegetarians are still susceptible to chronic disease – they are still victim to things like heart disease, the number one killer world wide.Vegans and vegetarians typically consume high amounts of grains, and are left with nothing to combat their pro-inflammatory state. All the flax seeds in the world could not save them! They should be more accurately called “grainatarians”.We will talk about some key supplements vegetarians and vegans should consider in a future post, but for now, you have to make sure that if you are NOT taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement, you get on an Algal DHA supplement. As shown below the DHA can be converted to EPA, and then transformed into our “anti-inflammatory good guys”. It is probably one of the few sustainable sources of omega 3.Aspirin or Omega 3 – you decide! What seems more natural? What have humans been doing for 200,000 years plus? Aspirin is NOT the magic bullet that will extend your life. The magic bullet is good daily choices.
    Strength in life and lifting.