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cramping of legs?

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  • cramping of legs?

    Every leg workout, My quad cramp-really bad-after gym. Sometime I have been in public and hit the floor fast- this is painful and embarrassing. First one leg cramp and then the other usually-but no always-cramps-thus putting me to the ground. If I am at home, I just sit when this happens. I want to know if there is a cure to this-like supplements or meds. Dont tell me to stop working legs!!!

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    Start taking a good quality magnesium supplement (citrate tends to be a form that is well absorbed by the body). Take it at night time, start with 200-400mg daily and go from there, you can increase that until the cramps ease off.

    Other than that I would consider adding some extra electrolytes into your intra training drink ~ I'm talking about pure electrolytes rather than sports drinks loaded with sugar, colourings and all the other crap. Something like this:


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      you don't need any more supplements to stop from cramping.. just drink extra water throughout the day and bring a gatorade with you when you work out