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herniated disc in cervical column

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  • herniated disc in cervical column

    Good evening everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a workout program using resistance bands for shoulder/neck recovery.

    I suffered a herniated disc in my cervial column about a couple of years ago. I was doing sessions in physical therpy and osteopathy. And it wasn't enough. I finally went to another massage clinic and had a trigger point massage which helped me out alot. Now, I want to take the next step and get accustomed to exercising again without worsening my neck and shoulder.

    I appreciate any recommendation.

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    Bumping this question. I got 2 sliped discs in my back and there is a lot i can't do when it comes to exercising. Some help would be great.


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      I had a similar thing happen to me. I stopped lifting until I got the pain away. I did cervical traction to get mine healed up. I have the traction unit in which I sit in a chair with my head in a brace with a string and pulley and about 12lbs of water in a bag. I sit for 10-12 minutes. If it hurts alot I do 2 sessions a day but I haven't had to do it in quite a while. I have it set it in case I need it.


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        It's a pain u will always have..I herniated c-4,c-5 3yr ago and it always hurts after I workout but I'm in more pain when I get lazy n don't workout for a week or so u have to keep the area strong but don't b crazy lifting like u used too I do high reps decent weight mayb 13-15 reps all exercises..but u gotta make the start by just getting back in there n not worrying bout it