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Crack from left quad??

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  • Crack from left quad??

    I the gym tonight doing leg extensions first warm up set no probs ,a little heavier and on the fifth or so rep I here a crack from my left quad and a dull pain ,obviously can't continue leg extensions,but I solider on with my leg work out,which I am able to finish(leg press,leg curls,hack squats and stiff leg deads with no loss of power from normal,can still feel the dull pain in my quad tho and think leg extensions could be out for a while.
    anyway anybody any ideas or have something similar happen could it be tendon??

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    Update this morning ,tear drop muscle has came up like a Mellon think I might of tore it lots of ice on it ,hope to limit damage,getting to old for this shit lol


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      Sorry fans looks like this injury has me pulling out of the Olympia lol


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        i never thought leg extensions can cause injury? hope you get well.


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          Cheers pete,on my leg session before this one I felt a slight pain in the leg but stupidly thought I had recovered enough to train legs again so the injury might have already been underlaying.