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Pulled my quad

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  • Pulled my quad

    Well I think I did, I figured if I tore it the bruising would be much more then what it is. I was squatting yesterday and I went down and felt something pull (but not too much to even think about it) When I went down again I knew something was wrong so I stopped right there.

    I have a very light bruise and it feels like a very bad Charley horse. I can walk on it with a limp.

    MY QUESTION IS HOW LONG DOES a QUAD PULL LAST? Never hurt myself like this before???

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    "Tore his quad? Big deal! I tear my quad all the time! I tore my quad this morning! I’m here. I’m jumpin’ around!" Kurt Angle

    Best line ever LOL
    "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"