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  • MRI DYE?

    Ortho is telling me I need it so he can see a shoulder mri more clearly (possible torn labrum), but I'm quite nervous reading up on it that it can damage your kidneys. Is it completely necessary? Has anyone gotten it and had any issues? Would a kidney detox help afterwards????

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    magnetic resonance's contrast agents (gadolinium compounds are the ones used most often) are very safe and not harmful on the kidneys.
    only problem is that in a very very small parcentage of cases it could cause a complication called: nephrogenic systemic fibrosis which is a condition in which the contrast agent is not removed from the body and accumulates into your body causin fibrosis in your skin and subcutaneous tissue (this could only happen if your kidney don't work). also in very few cases they can cause allergic reactions but these can be treated well.

    so to sum up:
    1- mri contrast agents won't harm your kidneys at all
    2- if you haven't already got a renal failure they won't cause the nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
    3- if you are allergic prone they could cause some allergic reactions but the doctors are aware of this and could treat allergic complications easily.

    the will probably recommend you to drink plenty of water after the exam just to be extra cautious but that wouldn't really be necessary. no kidney detox is needed as well.

    hope this helps.


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      I tore my labrum and had to get MRI w/Contrast! One shot of dye isnt going to cause problems!
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        Thank you very much for the input guys. I feel at ease now.

        Bigmike, did you get surgery?


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          Bump for Bigmike or anyone else who has/had this issue-


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            i've been prescribed an mri too for a suspect SLAP (superior labrum from anterior to posterior), which is a torn labrum.

            which is your experience???

            symptoms and their duration?
            management? did you get surgery?
            how long did it take to recover??


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              who took the picture of you doing curls in your underwear?


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                Dont worry about the dye. You will be fine. Get it done, the doc would want the info that the dye can show on the images.


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                  Originally posted by kob3 View Post
                  who took the picture of you doing curls in your underwear?
                  i was in my basement's gym in summer so i could wear whatever i wanted
                  my treining partner took it. no homo

                  back to my question about the labrum, anybody?


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                      Had it done twice.. Easy worries...


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                        Originally posted by LATS View Post
                        Had it done twice.. Easy worries...
                        thanks. i needed some good news.

                        what about the rehab?


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                          just received the mri dye response but i still have to check my surgeon:
                          it says that the superior labrum is irregular and partially detached, anteriorly the biceps anchor.

                          the insertion of the bicep is, anyway, normal.

                          so, at the end of the day, there is a small lesion but it's not granted that that is the cause of the pain, from what i understand.
                          my question to the peole that had slap surgery done is: do you also had this kind of questionable mri response or your lesion were more significant??

                          thanks in advance for the responses