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  • Shoulder issues....

    My buddy has a shoulder issue we think its his rotator cuff... What do you guys do to fix a injury like that and how long did/does it take to fix it?

    im trying to get this guy ready for his second PL meet.... Anything you guys have that will help would be awesome, thx


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    Depending on how bad you think it is have your buddy go to the doctors and assess it. Other than that I would rest it, if that is not a choice, you can always train lighter or stay away from any exercises that causes pain.
    For example, I can do any chest exercise without pain except for the Incline with a straight bar because of the degree. I stay away from it. Good luck.
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      Go to the docs buddy.
      Waterproof Socks


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        Lots of ice and a warming balm always help...


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          My shoulder was killing me too. I took a month off and did rotator cuff exercises only and mine got better.


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            I would go right to the doctor. I thought i strained my right trap doing shrugs years back and continued working out without seeking medical advice. It healed on its own but unfortunately my right trap slopes down compared to the left.


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              I used to play a lot of baseball (Pitcher) which really wore on my rotator cuff. I was able to pitch for an extra 5-6 years in my late 20's due to lightweight rotator cuff exercises - especially external rotations. With a very light weight, bend arm at the elbow to 90 degrees. Grab a small towel, piece of paper, etc. to hold in between your elbow and your side. Keeping the item held in place, rotate your arm slowly in and out (forearm parallel with the floor) focusing on the feel. Repeat for your other arm.

              If these are painful with little to no weight, you should see a doctor immediately.