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Inflamed Bursa sacs in Shoulders ( Bursitis )

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  • Inflamed Bursa sacs in Shoulders ( Bursitis )

    Has anybody ever had this problem? I'm looking for some urgent advice as I'm currently battling with it myself, I first ended up with it around the start of November, and eventually got into the hospital for an ultrasound start of January and they diagnosed me for bursitis in both shoulders (mostly my right)
    over that 8 weeks since i initially first got the pain I rested up and tried to train as little as i could (but resting a injury is easier said than done as you all know!) after my ultrasound the doctor advised deep tissue massaging which i have mildly had, and also suggested a cortisone injection but the majority of people i have heard had a cortisone have all said it hasn't worked! also referred me back to my doctors to get referred for physio treatment (which i stupidly just left it)
    since my ultrasound i have actually had a good 6 weeks training and started a course of AAS and today HGH, but today i have felt the pain come back after training shoulders two days ago so I need to step back and really consider whats the best way to go about this for my body in the long run (I'm only 21 as well)

    Anyone with any advice or experience with this would be much appreciated!!!

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    I've had this in both shoulders. Pushing too hard in military press without proper warm up along with pushing to fast from not training to training to failure is what caused this. This was over 10 years ago so I can't remember the name, but my doc prescribed me an anti-inflammatory that reduced the bursitis. If you train on bursitis it will only get worse and believe me, I know how painful it can be. The best thing you can do in my opinion is take the anti-inflammatory and take at least 2-3 weeks off from lifting. When you return to lifting make sure you always warm your shoulders properly every time you plan to do anything upper body, excluding abs obviously. Also, you have to go light on the weight and slowly work back to lifting to failure. When I say slowly I mean several more weeks. If you don't do this the bursitis will come right back immediately. It only takes 1 workout to reaggravate it. You might as well drop the AAS and start your PCT because I'm sure as of this date you notice the pain is only getting worse. Hope this helps.