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Torn labrum

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  • Torn labrum

    My son is 28 and has been training the better part of 10 years. He kind
    of power/bodybuilds which is to say, he trains heavy. He recently torn his
    labrum is his left (dominant) shoulder. Been to several Dr's. He has been told
    he can live with it but runs the risk of dislocating his shoulder or the two surgeons
    recommend...what else surgery. Does anyone have any experience with this? If he
    has it repaired, can he eventually train heavy again? All advice appreciated.

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    last week i had the operation done for a labrum tear in my right shoulder. my bicep long head was heavily damaged so the repair of the labrum was not enough. they cut my tendon and reattached on the head of the humerus.
    i've already begun a very light physiotherapy to slowly regain my shoulder motion.
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    if you need further info, just ask.


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      I tore my labrum in 8th grade wrestling, completely torn, immediately got surgery, and I train heavy no problem, just make sure he doesn't fuck around with the physical therapy, that was the one mistake I made
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        I tore the labrum in my right shoulder in college wrestling. Tried cortisone injections and received relief until 1 day throwing a ball 8 - 10x with a young boy. Had scope surgery to remove the fragments that were getting caught in the joint. Been in softball leagues and lifting heavy for many years now with no issues. Looking back, should have done it sooner.