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  • Ruptured Quad

    As the title hoping to get some advice regarding there anybody out there with first hand experience with this ?? I had accident on Leg Press resulting in it snapping off.....cast due to come off in 2 weeks...I lost all size shape/sweep from it......can any of you guys out there give me any indication of how long it will take get back to normal or losing the shape and size ever be back to normal ??.......any advice apprieciated as I was due to compete this year............. feel like my showing days are over as major complex of this and really fed up....thanks

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    no first hand experience with a quad tear but i've been dealing with a hell of a lot of injuries in the pas 2 years, the major of which is a torn labrum which i got operated for.
    still recovering, never trained seriously in the past 2 years.
    i'm really sorry for you and i think i completely understand you mood, although i wasn't scheduled to compete anytime soon when i got injured.

    the only advise i could give you is: stay positive.
    then, although it ain't easy, especially if you are an iron addict like me, try to focus on the other aspects of life outside bodybuilding, while you are recovering and can't train.

    time will heal; plenty of pros have had your same injury and, slowly, have recovered or are in the process of.


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      Thanks for replying.....had injurys over the years but training for 23yrs now this has happened has really sent me downhill..need to stay positive yes because cannot see light at the end of the tunnel without knowing people who have had this sort of injury and made a full recovery....but thanks again.


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        branch warren had a quad tear and less than 1 year after was able to win an arnold classic title, although he has never fully recovered.
        victor martinez tore his in 2008, and since then has slowly recovered. now you can say his legs are pretty much simmetrical, ie it's difficult to recogniza which one he tore.

        maybe you should try to contact victor, he knows his shit about injuries and downhills in general, plus he's a great guy; i'm sure he would be kind and motivational.

        keep dreaming and living the lifestyle!


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          Thanks for your help