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Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

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  • Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

    Had this injury a week ago and have started physical therapy. I went to the ER to get it back in - which took them over an hour and half once I saw the doc. Then did a follow up with the orthopedic doctor. My frustration is that they did no MRI and gave me the cookie cutter PT regimen.

    What I fear is that there was a tear - and without an MRI, I won't see it. Has anyone had this injury before? If so what was your experience - in terms of treatment, MRI, etc. I especially want to know if you had a tear, how long did it take to find out? My one shoulder already looks different from the other - which they say is just atrophy...Something I find hard to believe after one week. It is also much softer to the touch - like mooshy and soft feeling....I did this a week ago Saturday.

    I guess I have so many questions - but I'm not getting any other answers except to wait it out, ice it, and do physical therapy. Hoping to your thoughts/experience.

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    I don't personally know how to help but tonight is a Q&A with Dr. Michael Camp from 7-10pm Est on the Infinite Labs facebook page.

    Check it out, maybe he can help?
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      If you have a Dr or medical coverage (insurance) get it through them. However, I get the feeling from ^^^^that you don't. If you are a vet go to the VA or a low income medical station (clinic). Without a MRI, icing and rehab PT is best advice you'll get. My opinion BBer, shoulder dislocation, and some kind of tear run in threes.