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Arthritis and bulging disks

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  • Arthritis and bulging disks

    Ive just been diagnosed with lower back problems that consist of moderate arthritis, bulging disks from L1-L5, of which one is starting to press on the nerves and also a narrowing of the spinal canal which is in the early stages.

    Has anyone else suffered from these symptoms and what treatment was advised.

    I really dont want to quit my training but if its that or end up crippling myself then i guess its a no brainer

    Any advise would be appreciated


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    Inversion therapy might help, the Doctor I work with suggests this quite often, however I do not know your exact problems so this is just a guess. I personally believe yoga and stretching is very helpful.

    Letting a Doctor do any type of spinal surgery is always a very, very, very last option. I talk with patients every day and at least 90% say they wish they had never had spinal surgery.

    Bottom line with lifting, anything that puts stress on your spine sounds like a risk to you. You can train around this but you will have to be content with just looking fit and best of all having a healthy spine in the years to come.
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