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Gallbladder removal surgery: is it worth it?

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  • Gallbladder removal surgery: is it worth it?


    Need some input from people with experience with this. I was recently diagnosed with a lazy gallbaldder. (I can't remember the actual medical term the doctor said.) Basically, they found that my gallballder was functioning the half the fraction it's supposed to function. The doctor recommmeded that I have it removed. They would do it lacroscopically instead of cutting me open.

    What I'm worried about are the long-term side effects. Would I be at risk for cancer in the long run? How would I go about training and dieting again? Basically, is getting my gallbladder worth it?

    I would like to know from people who have had experience with this.


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    Get a second and third opinion.

    Do not ask your Doctor for the people you should get the other opinions from.

    Also, READ, do some research for's your body so put in the time and effort to educate yourself.

    PS. don't get the other opinions from surgeons, they love any excuse to cut.
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      Are you experiencing any pain? As long as your bile ducts are functioning and not clogged up with sludge, I would do some research on some natural ways to increase your gallbladder function.