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Proximal Hamstring Avulsion

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  • Proximal Hamstring Avulsion

    Anyone ever have this? Did you have surgery or not, and if not, why not and what was the outcome?

    Okay I may not get any responses but I'm frustrated and wondering.

    52 year old male, been into bodybuilding recreationally really all of my life, but especially the past 7 years or so. I stared playing soccer 3.5 years ago as an alternative to boring old cardio.

    12 days ago I completely tore my left hamstrings. As in all 3 tendons are totally detached from the ischial tuberosity of my pelvis and the tendons are retracted about 5.5 cm as the Ortho told me today based on an MRI. He is NOT recommending surgical reattachment, but his excuse is lame - he says I would most likely have a poor outcome because he feels I cannot be expected to comply with the required post-surgical restrictions. He gave no reason why he thinks that I cannot do what other people obviously can.

    If I do not have surgery I will lose significant muscle function and may never be able to play sports again, he freely admits. I am getting a second opinion next week. And asking here if anyone else has been through this.


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    Just to close the loop on this in case anyone with an interest clicks through.

    I got a second opinion from a doc with experience doing the reattachment surgery. Apparently it's a rare injury and not many docs have any experience fixing it.

    I've since had a successful surgery and made it through the hardest part of recovery okay. Will soon be able to start strengthening exercises. Anticipated return to sport at full capacity in another 4 months. Without the surgery I would never have been able to return to any sport involving running and would have run the risk of long term complications.