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Tennis Elbow what to do for it..

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  • Tennis Elbow what to do for it..

    The Doc told me i have tennis elbow put me on naperson 500mg seems to help alittle but anyone ever have this and what helped with the pain and faster healing...The doc told me its a inflamed tendent around the elbow...need some feed back on this thanks

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    Use lifting straps for everything. This minimizes the engagement of the forearm attachments into the elbow joint. Go lighter for higher reps for a while, it's better than not working out at all. Ice frequently and use a neoprene elbow sleelve during workouts to keep it warm.

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      Take at least 6 months off.


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        ^^^^ X2

        You need rest and physical therapy depending on the severity of your injury.

        I have a fine bone structure - no Mack truck here, so I imagine that would also play a significant part in your recovery.

        Had a severe case of what the docs called epicondylitis in both elbows from ignoring the air jacks on an assembly line and tossing the paper bundles onto the conveyors like a lot of the other workers. Just increased the speed of the operation over the use of the material handling gear.

        Bad choice as eventually I couldn't squeeze a wash cloth or turn a door knob without shooting pains in both elbows. That was 1996 or 7.

        The physical therapist had a gizmo she ran over my elbows/forearms for several minutes a few times each week for several weeks. I was put on light duty for at least two months as I recall.

        Recently did a number on both elbows and my lower back doing hang cleans. The movement is very similar to pitching those bundles of paper around. Taking a week off to rest the area. I don't know what you're feeling but I know I don't want that pain again from back in the day.

        My advice? Take a few weeks off at minimum and get yourself a consult to a physical therapist who can give you better advice than your regular doctor (okay, a guess, but based on my experience).

        Wishing you a full recovery!


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          Using an elbow compression sleeve will help as well.


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            Avoid pushing and pulling movements behind the neck and try wave loading for triceps exercises - especially extensions and dips.

            By wave loading, I mean working yourself up in steps to focus efforts while promoting localized blood flow and heat prior to heavy sets... for example:

            Set 1: 60 X 20 reps
            Set 2: 80 X 15 reps
            Set 3: 70 X 18 reps
            Set 4: 90 X 10 reps
            Set 5: 80 X 15 reps
            Set 6: 100 X 8 reps
            Set 7: 90 X 10 reps
            Set 8: 110 X 6 reps

            Volume is high but the first several sets are not meant for failure...
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              thanks everyone for the info


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                got my corticosteroids shot today depo medrol hope all goes good and starts to feel better...doc told me to take it easy for a few days to let it settle in my elbow and tendent.....


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                  a shot is great. give the tendon a rest from exercises that hurt for at least 2-3weeks. after the shot the tendon is at greater risk of rupture, although rare for the ECRB to rupture.

                  Try a counter-force brace/tennis elbow brace or strap and perhaps a wrist splint for daily activities and light training.


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                    not sure what caused your tendonitis but for me it was a naggin injury for years and years, i simply took out all the exercises that made it worse like skullcrushers and overhead extensions, that and elbow wraps worked great...i also take glucosamine and fish oils which can help as well
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                      thanks again guys for the good advice on things....i am going to take it easy for 2-3 weeks to see how it feels then get back into light work outs again.


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                        i also have tennis elbow. got a cortizone shot on saturday. I am taking 2 weeks off. I went to walmart and wore one of those tennis elbow braces and tried to lift a 25lb dumbell it felt bad still.. I am going to wear my tennis elbow brace at work from now on. It should help... hopefully


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                          I've had tennis elbow for 6 months and golfer's for 2 years. I've tried everything and now I'm going to a chiropractor who is using active release techniques. Can someone tell me if they've ever had success with that or have had very bad tennis elbow and have fully recovered?


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                            I can just say it really sucks having this tennis elbow..........


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                              try accupuncture - it works well for this type of injury