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The "I'm injured and I need to vent / need support" Thread

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    So I have a bulging disc in my back that acted up about a month or so ago and is now pressing on my sciatic nerve, there isn't any pain anymore but I CAN'T FEEL MY FUCKING LEFT FOOT ANYMORE!!!! ...shit... So now when I try to do lunges my left foot bends all weird...dammit...


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      New here and needed to vent bad so this threadlooks like the place. I blew out my right pec last Saturday benching and amseething with frustration and doubt. I have a full thickness tear of the rightpectoralis major at the MT junction which means there are only a handful ofsurgeons that will even consider touching me. What really pisses me off is thatI powerlifted for years and have been under as much as 600lbs with nothinghappening and Saturday I climb under 315 for a final set and on the third repthe spring pops. WTF is up with that. Anyway I am done crying, thanks forlistening and if you have any advice or know someone who does hook me up


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        I have been out for about a month now due to some kind of rotator cuff injury.


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          Your sports may be basically a strength and more like a power spot for example sprinting or shot put, or the prerequisites may be more a mixof quality and continuance, which is the situation with numerous running group wears. It is possible that way, advancing essential quality, with or without muscle hypertrophy, is a key objective of general readiness preparing. Quality customizes ordinarily comprise of overwhelming loads and a little number of redundancies.

          Injury prevention is a part of weight training as part of sports specific training regularly overlooked. While not donating to essential builds in exhibition for games, harm anticipation can unquestionably help brandishes exhibition by guaranteeing a player is fit at pivotal times in the occasion schedule.

          Fortifying exceptionally vulnerable muscle groups for example the more level back and hamstrings, the shoulder rotator sleeve complex and the quadriceps muscles that control knee joint capacity could furnish exhibition profits without essential quality, control or persistence picks up. Remember this when weight preparing for a game for which you may not at first acknowledge weights further bolstering be a good fortune. Persistence running, cycling or swimming may be samples.



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            I did jogging before one month, I am severe injury in left knew joint, the joint is misplaced.
            But I love to go for gym for stretching.
            Even today if I am on squats.
            I had terrible pain in my left knee.


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              Sorry just nicked this thread is 3 million years old but the below is good for back problems

              Originally posted by strongman05 View Post
              Bulged disc in my lower back that occasionally and seemingly randomly spazzes out. Not fun...and has put a hiatus on my strongman training for nearly a year now. Bench only powerlifting just isn't cutting it for me...AHHHH
              Hello strongman .
              i hope in not spealing out of turn but I've just had 8 months of what you are going through .
              i did months of research and now am back to 90 per cent power .

              get yourself a posture pump and a reverse hyper machine (find a gym with one now ).
              i used the posture pum religiously then incorporated the reverse hyper machine . At the same time I really worked on hip mobility , glutes flexibility , stretching and working the ql muscle and core strength .
              combined with lots of prowler pushes and drags , I got myself a 70kg slam ball and used it instead of atlas stones . Being rubber I could get it really close in to my body and work the form without hurting the Back more . This also strengthened the back obviously , dozens or reps .
              in time I started back on farmers walk and log presses better than before , I really notice my glutes and core activated in all of the above and am pain free for the first time in months .
              now I am more mobile and healthy than ever before . I really hope the above can help you , it really did me .
              the posture pump and reverse hyper machine I can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone on this forum , they are magic and do wonders for spine health , flexibility , lubrication and posterior chain strength .
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              Out Of Pain Comes Glory


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                As for me best solution its a gymnastics workout. I prefer this review
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