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  • Compound Movements Boost T

    I come across articles alot boasting about compound movements such as squats, deads, power cleans, etc. triggering the most gh and natty test levels. I try to incorporate these big movements in my w/o's, but does this fact hold true for the older (40) boldybuilder as well?

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    Wow, funny that this original post is still on the board after all this time(and without one single reply;sad). I don't post much at all(as you can see),there is always a wealth of information that if one would take the time to read would find an answer for just about anything. Haven't been on any forums for awhile, but after last nights competition decided to pay a visit(no disrespect to the Blade,but was hoping to see Branch take it). I have stayed in the gym however, but find it harder every passing year to pick up heavy stuff for fun. Over the past few years I've tried different set/rep schemes, volume/intensity, hell even gave crossfit a go!But I love good old-fashioned bodybuilding. Lately it seems I need more rest days; last few dr. visit had my total free test levels checked and in sept.2013 was 389ng/dl. Last august was 311! I think this is why I have not felt as good lately. I would rather see my levels back up to 500+,like back in 2011.Doc says not to worry,but won't put me on TRT,also chastises me for using whey saying he'd rather see me have an 'extra chicken cutlet' if I want more protein. I have a good relationship with my doc and confident he has my best interests at heart,says I need to lose some weight. I think if I could lose 20lbs. or atleast get my BF% in check(no bb wants to LOSE 20lbs right?) I'd see an increase in my test levels.( I know that excess belly fat affects this,also increasing est).I do carry a lot of excess belly fat, but lifting weights make me HUNGRY all the time,what's a guy to do? I train, I eat,I stay fat. Anyway, as I said I've just not felt as good in the weightroom lately, been thinking about switching to a full body routine(1 set/10-15 reps per bodypart) 2-3x p/wk in order to have more rest days--say 1on/2off,but what about conditioning,I need that,too. Read an article in t-nation about the benefit of combining 10-15min. of intervals with 25-30min. of steady-state cardio and have sorta been trying to include it on one of my off days,but will I be hurting my rest? If anyone reads this and is still awake after, would like some input from fellow older bb'rs thanks.


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      Compare:1) Modified Push/Pull(shorter duration, can include interval/cardio after and not do anything on off days but rest); 2)Push/Pull/Legs with 15 min. interval training prior,20-30min. of steady cardio after-(offdays complete rest); 3)Whole-body routine- 1 heavy set of moderate reps per part performed 1on/2off with 30min. conditioning work done on one of the off days? All workouts duration kept to around an hour to 75min.'s( except the off day cardio). Thoughts?


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