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  • Back in 2014

    Hello everyone,
    Been gone awhile and miss everyone here. The last two years I have experienced a lot of changes since my last show in 2012.
    I am sad to say in that time, I buried my mother, got divorced, fell in love, fell out of love, spent some major time in the Dominican Republic and
    got promoted at my job. Up, Down, Up Down. But my trainings been consistent and I have picked out two shows for May 2014. I will be one month
    shy of 49 when I hit the shows and want to bring my best package to date.

    Also made a major change in my diet (I finally got the Diet Coke Monkey off my back). It got so bad I was having extreme pain
    in my glutes running down through my hamstrings and thighs. I was scared but a holistic medical practitioner was right on target when he
    told me that the soda was depleting my magnesium and other minerals from my body. Well, after stopping the soda and supplementing to restore my minerals
    that pain went away thank GOD.. Any similar experiences?

    Also if anyone knows a good site we can discuss "supplements" openly please PM me.

    Weight-223 as of 1/6/14

    I wish everyone here a blessed and favored 2014

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      mkris7-how's the ur trainin' goin'?


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        Sister of Jesus, My training is doing well, still trying to recover emotionally after the divorce and break up (One, two punch ya know). sad to say I punked out of competing for 2014 but 2015 will be my year. I will be starting a new thread to share and keep me focused with all your support. I will be fifty in June so Masters 50 class is my milestone I want to hit.


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          Post some photos
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