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Masters club, how old and how has your training and diet changed.

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    good work too gunnrunner


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      i see, some of us, who posted on this thread year back r still postin'. sweet since i've posted back n '09, my diet has chaned for the better and my body is doin' much better also. i look much dif then i did back n '09. which is a great thing.


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        I am 61 year old and started training seriously in 1980 (37 years). I did train some when I was younger but I was definitely not very serious about and weight training in sport was not really encouraged much. I competed in the sport of powerlifting for 27 years (best-950/525/800) and retired to do more bodybuilding training. I competed in the 275's and 308's. Now I weight 275 at 6'1" and a very low BF (<10%). My training has gone from lifting heavy 1 rep maxes to 8-12 reps to failure. I now do one body part per day with about 15 work sets and 5 different exercises. I train 5 days a week. So the volume has gone way up and the intensity way down.

        My diet had gone from eating as much as I can to make weight to one of high protein and low carbs. My calories have dropped from 10K/d to around 5K/day. I had several injuries in powerlifting, one leading to re-attaching all three vasti at the knee and a shoulder. I have had no further problems since stopping the heavy weight at less than 5 reps. I am retired from work now and have more time to dedicate to eating properly, resting properly and training for about 1.5 hours a day with 2 days off. I am much more muscular and cut that I every was at a younger age. As many years as I have in gyms I will never be able to stop. Most all of my adult life has been in a gym.