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Masters nats 10 week out pics

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    freaky for sure
    Coached by Matt Porter Approved Nutrition - Find me on FB and YouTube at TL Fitness


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      Hi All
      and anyone who is interested. As much as I like to train and compete, last week I had a health issue. I have been 300lbs for several months, and doing some powerlifting. Actually was readying for a meet in December. I wasn't feeling up to par, long story short I had a heart cath. They placed 1 stent. Not sure how this will effect me, but it was only by the grace of GOD that I went to get checked out. I am 49, still luv to train. Wish everyone great health and success. Be safe, be smart


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        wvJS hope you are ok, I work in the medical nutrition field myself and competitor we all need to focus on health 1st.


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          bodybuilding contest again for masters

          004.jpgmost muscular nj.jpg[ATTACH]undefined[/ATTACH]onstage.jpg005.jpg001.jpg
          49 years old been doing powerliftng too fat need to get leaner training legs well squatting 2 x week very deep good form helping w/legs some well very little but some
          wt up and pants still fit close to 180 5'4.5" hoping can get close to past contests