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How has age affected your training?

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  • FitnFirm
    I will be 44 in 3 days and I have to say age has not had an impact on my training at all but it has on my diet. I def have to watch what I eat because your metabolism changes with age, so I just keep up the best I can and get help from the pro's when I need it.

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    I'm 45. I like to lift heavy. I use a EOD day protocol with a 4 way split. 1) Chest and tris and abs. 2) Shoulders and biceps. 3) Back and forearms and abs. 4) Legs. This way I get the recovery I need and hit the whole body in a "8 Day Week". Works for me.


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    Guest replied
    Well, I'm 35 and I've training for eight years. Over the last year I've had to dramatically change the way I train due to an inguinal hernia I had repaired last year. I got the hernia from doing drop-sets on the leg-press.

    When I was lying in bed the day after the operation I told myself I would never lift another weight again. But, after six weeks I was back in the gym.

    I did not train a total of three months. Once I got back into the groove of things I started feeling very confident and I injured my lower back doing dead-lifts, so I was out another six weeks.

    I went my doctor and he ask me how hurt my back and I told him, his response was "Why are you so hardheaded, don't you think your body is trying to tell you something."

    Since all that shit, I no longer do squats, drop-sets on the leg-press, stiff-legged dead-lifts, dead-lifts, bent-over-rows or t-bar rows. Taking those exercises out I have noticed my legs and back don't look like the used to before my injuries.

    So, what I do now is not worry about weight and focus more on form and reps. For legs all I do hack-squats, lunges, leg-press, leg-curl and leg-extensions. However, I will do drop-sets on leg-extensions.

    My training partner tells me I need to get out of my "comfort zone". My reply to him is, "But I don't hurt anymore". He's on the sauce year around but that's another story.

    I think as we get older our bodies will not allow us to do certain things. The shit that we put our bodies thru just to look good boggles me, we are truly a "different breed."

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    I played all kinds of sports as a young man and that did some damage. I started weight training around 1981 or 1982 and with that and all the sports my body is not the same at all. I think the boxing did the most damage to my shoulders, the football my knees. I only lift 2x a week, never go heavy or even close to failure anymore. The good thing is after 25 years of lifting I don't have to do much to maintain my size and strength.

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  • Timski
    I still train heavy but I do more intensity techniques rather than just moving big weights around.

    I do:
    Rest Pause
    Half Reps
    and that kind of stuff..........allows you to kill a bodypart, but it`s so fast and intense, that heavy weights are impossible to use...still heavy,but for the amount of reps I`m shooting for.

    I`ll also make sure to warmup a bit more on certain bodyparts or exercises that are hard on the joints.

    Otherwise,there is no excuse to not go balls to the walls at every training session.

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    Guest replied
    I still train 6 days (and many times 7) a week, but the number of times per week i train some bodyparts is lower.

    I find myself spending much more time warming up.

    I do therapeutic exersizes like external rotator stuff, bicycling.

    Gerotol plus iron....

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  • _bruce_
    Well, I'm just 29, but I can only say that things are running much better than with 20.
    I trained for the first time with 14 and it rocked. Later on it sucked. Since 27 its getting better - can train more and longer -> joint aches are gone.
    Maybe I'm drinking the right water...
    Optimum for me is...

    2 on - 1 off,
    2 on - 2 off,

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  • Buadain
    started a topic How has age affected your training?

    How has age affected your training?

    What kinds of modification if any, have you had to make due to age related factors, more recovery time needed, injury ect.

    At 50, I find that I need one day off, between lifitng sessions, to properly recover.

    My training log looks something like this:

    Tues - Chest/ Back- Cardio
    Thursday - Legs
    Saturday - Shoulders /arms - Cardio

    Monday - repeat cycle