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GBS weight loss and muscle build journal year 2

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  • GBS weight loss and muscle build journal year 2

    OK so last year I dropped a little over a hundred pounds and gained some strength so I would assume some muscle as well.

    2 years ago I wieghed in at 495lbs, Jan 1st of 2010 I weighed in around the 450 mark Jan 1st of this year I weighed in at 317lbs.

    I started a log out here at some point last year but didn't stick with it I am going to do my best to stick to it this time.

    Unlike other boards I can't figure out how to see your old posts or threads you post in out here but I should be logging daily so shouldn't be to hard to find this in the journal section.

    I took a week off at Christmas and lowered all my weights to start the new year this is my first attempt at some type of deload phase and it is tough to stop lifting when I still have more in the tank.

    I work out 3 days on 1 day off here is the split

    Chest/Tris/Front Delts

    Back/Bi's/Rear and Side Delts

    Legs ( I have 2 leg days depending where I am working out as I work out at Work and the gym)

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    I have worked out 3 times this year up to today

    Day 1

    Decline Bench 155lbs/10 x 3

    Flat Bench 135lbs/10 x 3

    Incline D.B. 45's/10 x 3

    O.H. Press 45lbs/10 x 3

    Incline Flys 30lbs/ 10 x 3

    Close Grip Bench 95lbs/10 x 3

    Tricep Press Downs 105lbs/10 x 3

    One Hand Cable kickbacks 35/10 x 3

    Day 2

    Dead Lifts 135/10 x 3

    Lat Pulldowns 70/10 x 3

    Seated Rows 70/10 x 3

    Bar Bell Curls 45/10 x 3

    Face Pulls 75/10 x 3

    One Arm Rows 25/10 x 3

    ALt DB Curls 25/10 x 3

    Hammer DB Curls 25/10 x 3

    DB shrugs 70/10 x 3

    Nautalus Rear Delt 60/10 x 3

    Day 3

    Leg day

    Squats bodyweight/10 , 45/10, 65/10 x 3

    ( This is the only exercise I actually raised the intensity on I went from doing box squats and DB squats to strait Back Squats.)

    Leg Curls 70/10 x 3

    Leg Ext 70/10 x 3

    Frog Squats 10 x 3

    Calve Raises 15 x 3


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      Here you go buddy.

      That's your original thread. And you've lost some big weight i'm impressed. Stick with it and look to these guys in the member training journal section for some tips and help.


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        thanks man starting new program tommorow posting up before and afters here and at old thread


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          Alright gonna try and put up some before and after pics as tommorow is 1 year since GBS.

          This is me at 465lbs I actually got up to 495lbs but didn't feel very photogenic at that point.
          These are today at 316lbs down a total of 129lbs for the year and 189lbs in total

          My goal for the next year is to lose another 75lbs and get down to 250ish this year while getting stronger yet.
          I am going to focus on tightening up my diet even more, being much more consistant with my cardio and lifting heavy, hard and steady.