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    What's up people. My name is Patt Porter. A Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and Contest Prep Coach from Florida. Bare with I'm new to posting a journal in a forum. I've competed in the N.P.C. since 2006 with moderate success, but now I'm ready to take it to the next level. My next show is August 20th in Orlando Florida, the State Championship, and I'd like some help and motivation from you guys, my peers here at MD! I'll get to my background and challenges later, first some stats and my Brutal leg workout from yesterday!
    Current Weight: 274 pounds

    Height: 5' 10 1/2" (Yes I want my half an inch!)

    BF: not known but right now soft and watery like superheavyweight would be at 16 weeks out

    Age: 38 and like all guys my age that have been training 20+ years I have minor aches and pains

    Ok my diet is handled by IFBB Pro Mike Horn, one of the smartest guys in the business and a great friend. For the current workout I sought the advice of Matt Kroc and I'm combining that with what has worked for me in the past. I just like having a plan.

    So here goes: Leg work 4/25/11 Monday:

    5 minute bike warm up.
    Leg Press Hell!
    Set 1: (With a 3 second descent) 4 plates a side x 10, immediately add a plate, 5 plates a side x 10, immediately add a plate, 6 plates a side immediately add a plate x 10. 30 reps total

    Set 2: 6 plates x10 add two plates a side!, 8 plates x 10 add one plate, 9 plates x 10. 30 friggin reps total

    Set 3: 9 plates x 10 add a plate, 10 plates x 8 add plate, 11 plates x 8. 26 reps total, done!

    Hack Squats: To rock bottom! Again with a 3 second descent. With these we touch the pin, If it don't "click" at the bottom, the rep doesn't count
    20 x 3 plates per side, 15 x 4 plates, 10 x 5 plates per side

    Squats: Now we squat!! Again in the hole to the bottom which doesn't allow me to use much weight at all after the first two exercises
    275 x 10, 315 x 10, 315 x 10, drop one plate 225 x failure at 25 reps or so

    Leg Extensions: 4 x failure at 30, 27, 25, 22 reps ([email protected]#K!)

    Standing Calf raises full stack 3 x 25

    Brutal! I'll start posting pics and video of my fat ass soon!

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    Hey Pat. Welcome to the best section on the whole site! Please let Austin_Bicep or I know if you have any questions as we are your Forum Leaders here in this section.

    We have ageat crew and community here in the Training Journal Section so please check out some other journals in here.

    Crazy leg day. I hope you got video of it. ¿What day do you train Hamstrings?
    Not Everything. Not Yet.


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      Usually on a day with either back or shoulders. That day was so brutal I couldn't possibly do hams! Back Day tommorrow!


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        Damn that was Brutal! Back Day!
        Hammer Strength underhanded rows 2 warmups, 10 x 240 , 10 x 270, : 10 x 320, (6 x 270, 10 x 180 in a drop set)
        Seated rows 255 x 10, 285 x 10, 300 (entire stack) x 15 damn, time to add 45's to the stack!
        Dumbell rows, strict 100 x 20 reps x 2 sets
        Cat's eye bar pulldowns 240 x 10, 255 x 10, 270 x 10
        Atlantis T-bar rows 3 plates x 12, 4 plates x 12, 5 plates x 12
        Humid down here in Florida, sweated like a b*%ch!

        Time to nail down the diet!!
        Chest on Fri will be mostly machine work as I'll be without a partner.