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Warrior's 14-Day CKD Cutting Phase :.

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    Fifth rotation :.

    Fifth rotation results:

    ----------------------FIRST HALF---------------------

    Day 1: Sep 16
    Moderate Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 60min/1423cal 233.8 (loaded)

    Incline Crunches: BW/100 reps
    Hanging Straight-leg Lifts: BW/55 reps

    Day 2: Sep 17
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 30min/683cal ---
    PM Walk: 3mi/42:51min 230.5

    Chest Giant Sets: 722.9 pounds/min +47.2
    Back Giant Sets: 1765.1 pounds/min -96.5

    Day 3: Sep 18
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 30min/681cal 229

    Quads Giant Sets: 4000.6 pounds/min -655.1
    Hamstring Giant Sets: 2352.4 pounds/min -437.4

    Day 4: Sep 19
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 60min/1208cal 223
    PM Walk: 3mi/40:49min 222.8

    Day 5: Sep 20
    Preload Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 60min/1205cal 218.2 (depleted)
    PM Lifecycle: 20min/456cal 219.2

    Depletion Routine: 1335 pounds/min -87.4

    Day 6: Sep 21
    Low Carb
    No Training

    Day 7: Sep 22
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecyle: 30min/674cal 226
    PM Walk: 3mi/40:50min 225.5

    Delts Giant Sets: 1189 pounds/min +57
    Triceps Giant Sets: 1253.3 pounds/min -4.2
    Biceps Giant Sets: 1070 pounds/min +56

    ---------------------SECOND HALF--------------------

    Day 8: Sep 23
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 60min/1276cal 223.5
    PM Walk: 3mi/39:35min 224.2

    Incline Crunches: BW/100
    Hanging Straight-leg Lifts: BW/55
    Seated Calve Raise: 270/15 270/15

    Day 9: Sep 24
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 30min/686cal 223
    PM Walk: 3mi/39:46min ---

    Chest and Back Tension Training:
    Barbell Bench Press: 365/8 365/8
    Wide Grip Pull Ups BW/16 BW/15
    Hammer Incline Press 320/12 320/10
    Hammer Close-Grip Rows 360/12 360/10
    Machine High-Pulley Crossovers 45/13 45/10
    Incline Dumbbell Shrugs 120/16 120/16

    Day 10: Sep 25
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 30min/673cal 222
    PM Lifecycle: 30min/635cal 222

    Quads and Hamstring Tension Training:
    Leg Press: 900/10 900/14
    Hammer Leg Extension: 290/18 290/18
    Machine Standing Iso-Lateral Leg Curls: 65/16 65/16
    Static Hammer Calve Raise: 270/40sec
    Static Straight-Leg Raises: BW/46sec

    Day 11: Sep 26
    Low Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 50min/1071cal 219
    AM Walk: 1mi/13:46min
    PM Lifecycle: 30min/606cal 219

    Day 12: Sep 27
    Preload Carb
    AM Lifecycle: 40min/860cal 216.8 (depleted)
    AM Walk: 1mi/13:32min
    PM Lifecyle: 20min/448cal 216.4

    Depletion Routine: 1434.4 pounds/min +76.6

    Day 13: Sep 28
    Carb Load
    No Training

    Day 14: Sep 29
    High Carb
    PM Lifecycle: 20min/434 cal 236 (loaded)

    Loaded Routine: 617 pounds/min +65.6

    After almost 15 years of training, this was the most weight I have moved around from diet alone – drug free. I depleted down to a chiseled 216 and then ended with a carb load back to 236 – 20 pounds in two days. I felt like I had an alcoholic's hangover after the carb load. I was tired and out of breath. This was explained by the evening’s power routine when I weighed-in and noticed the 20-pound gain. As I post this – the day after – I am back to 230 pounds. I seem to have really peaked and did really well on the power routine; especially since I had stripped some weight off the Squat to get a deeper range of motion… I though I would be negative but my pulling strength in the deadlifts improved and I finished the entire routine much faster than the week prior.

    Anyway, performance-wise, cardio improved in the beginning but the second week started to drag out... but increased my distance on a few things as well as started more 3-mile power walks in the evening. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I stripped some weight off my Squats to try for a deeper range of motion – a “full squat” as I had originally intended. This will affect anything with Squats in it, such as full body depletion, power and the quad supersets. I expect to recover the losses; I simply wasn’t going as deep as I should have been.

    Nutritionally, there were no changes. I kept with the whey/glutamine/creatine mix: 3 parts, 3 parts, 1 part, respectively; mixed with half a banana.

    Honestly, I was thinking about ending this since I hit a depleted 216 and I was starting to get worn out. But after carbing up to 236 and having a great power routine, I might as well ride it out for another rotation… so here I go… number six!

    Rotation 5: Sep 30 230 (loaded) -3.8
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      Originally posted by JohnnyStyles View Post
      Yo W.
      Low Carb would be : Meats, eggs and veggies
      PreLoad would be: Meats eggs and more veggies
      Carb Load : Chicken, rice , pasta ??? Creatine ?
      High Carb: ????????
      Moderate Carb:?????????? Creatine ?

      Need help dude jejeje im following this,just need examples. Thanks man.
      The basic deal here is two-phased: deplete all glycogen - then load; after a two-week rotation, supercompensate. I have this set up to maximize fat loss and spare muscle over a 14-day period. From my feedback so far, I can average 3.6 pounds of fat loss pr 14-day rotation... or almost 2 pounds a week, just fat. My power routines have not lost any strength, but have improved... also, I am a natural endomorph.

      The first week you deplete completely with giantsets and cardio, then have a high-carb evening (per-load) following a full body routine to sensitize all muscle to the carb surge... to partially restore glycogen and then return to depletion the next day. The end of the second week of depleting with tension routines and cardio, you load... the goal is glycogen supercompensation starting with the evening of after the full body depletion routine (pre-load) and then continuing on into the next day - no training, only carb loading. The you hit a power routine with a high-carb, maintenance calorie diet to top off glycogen. The next day (moderate carb) and then back to depleting.

      To properly deplete - you can not intentionally eat any carbs. Stick to green veggies, meats, eggs - no root veggies like carrots or potatoes! When depleting, your weight should gradually drop - if not, your diet more than likely is recovering glycgoen. A gram of glycogen stores with almost three grams of water, so a rapid weight change in the other direction will indicate diet trouble.

      Low carb days get adjusted as I need to... as I drop weight, I have lower my calorie intake or I'll go stale - that, or increase my cardio (either dose or duration). I do plan to try and do more cardio. I fill in gaps between meals with nuts - almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews. if I am not depleting fast enough, I'll start chopping my portions of nuts. Honeslty, I don't know exactly how many calories I am taking in... I simply adjust it based on how fast I deplete with the goal of maintaining a 1 or 2 pound loss from the week before... for a 2-4 pound loss over the 2 week period. Ya dig?

      Here is a sample I wrote down during the fifth rotation, Day 2:

      0700 - 3 HotRox
      0715 - Cardio
      0745 - 10 grams BCAA
      0800 - Chest Giant Sets, Back Giant Sets
      0900 - 50 grams PWO mix (Glutamine, Whey, Creatine) with half a banana
      0915 - 3 grams fish oils, 2 grams vitamin C
      1130 - 2-3 serving meat (usually chicken, beef and/or egg) with brocolli, cucumber, pickles... Diet Coke.
      1200 - RipIt (caffeinated drink), 3 grams fish oils, 1 GNC-brand Mega Men Multivitamin/mineral
      1500 - Lipton To Go (caffeinated drink)
      1700 - Variable servings of mixed nuts - almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews
      2000 - 2-3 serving meat (usually chicken, beef, egg, and/or seafood) with broccolli, cucumber, green peppers, onions, and/or few tomatoes ... Diet Coke.
      2200 - Variable servings of mixed nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews), 3 grams of fish oils, 2 grams of Vitamin C... a couple Colon Cleanser caps before bed if feeling constipated...
      2230 - Bedtime...

      That's a typical line-up on the nutritional side, for the depletion week...
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        Sixth rotation :.

        Sixth rotation results:

        ----------------------FIRST HALF---------------------

        Day 1: Sep 30
        Moderate Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 60min/1404cal 230.0 (loaded)
        PM Walk: 3mi/39:16min

        Incline Crunches: BW/100 reps
        Hanging Straight-leg Lifts: BW/60 reps

        Day 2: Oct 1
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 30min/6837cal 230.5
        PM Lifecycle: 40min/704cal 228

        Chest Giant Sets: 697.9 pounds/min -25
        Back Giant Sets: 1797.7 pounds/min +32.6

        Day 3: Oct 2
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 30min/670cal 225.5
        PM Lifecycle: 40min/709cal 224.2

        Quads Giant Sets: 5202.5 pounds/min +1201.9
        Hamstring Giant Sets: 2560.1 pounds/min +207.7

        Day 4: Oct 3
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 60min/1210cal 218.8
        PM Lifecycle: 40min/710cal 217

        Day 5: Oct 4
        Preload Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 60min/1135cal 214.4 (depleted)
        PM Lifecycle: 20min/432cal 216.8

        Depletion Routine: 1492.6 pounds/min +157.6

        Day 6: Oct 5
        Low Carb
        No Training

        Day 7: Oct 6
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecyle: 30min/634cal 226.5

        Delts Giant Sets: 1189 pounds/min +/-
        Triceps Giant Sets: 1504 pounds/min +250.7
        Biceps Giant Sets: 1110 pounds/min +40

        ---------------------SECOND HALF--------------------

        Day 8: Oct 7
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 60min/1288cal 223
        PM Lifecycle: 40min/714cal 222.2

        Incline Crunches: BW/100
        Hanging Straight-leg Lifts: BW/60
        Seated Calve Raise: 270/18 270/18

        Day 9: Oct 8
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 30min/6850cal 220.8
        PM Lifecycle: 50min/848cal 219.5

        Chest and Back Tension Training:
        Barbell Bench Press: 365/8 365/8
        Wide Grip Pull Ups BW+25/10 BW+25/10
        Hammer Incline Press 340/10 340/8
        Hammer Close-Grip Rows 380/10 380/10
        Machine High-Pulley Crossovers 45/12 45/14
        Incline Dumbbell Shrugs 120/18 120/18

        Day 10: Oct 9
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 30min/618cal 217.5
        PM Lifecycle: 40min/706cal 216

        Quads and Hamstring Tension Training:
        Leg Press: 900/10 900/14
        Hammer Leg Extension: 290/20 290/20
        Machine Standing Iso-Lateral Leg Curls: 65/18 65/18
        Static Hammer Calve Raise: 270/48sec
        Static Straight-Leg Raises: BW/48sec

        Day 11: Oct 10
        Low Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 60min/1118cal 212
        PM Lifecycle: 40min/684cal 213

        Day 12: Oct 11
        Preload Carb
        AM Lifecycle: 45min/822cal 212 (depleted)
        PM Lifecyle: 20min/401cal 213

        Depletion Routine: 1425.6 pounds/min -8.8

        Day 13: Oct 12
        Carb Load
        No Training

        Day 14: Oct 13
        High Carb
        PM Lifecycle: 20min/416 cal 228 (loaded)

        Loaded Routine: 458.5 pounds/min -158.5

        This was a hard rotation. Cardio output took a nose dive and generally felt pretty exhausted. The power routine showed a significant drop - a little in strength and it took me significantly longer to finish the workout... aka, draggin' ass. I was also cramping more often. It really started to become clear that I needed some rest and a break from this... it is time to shift gears. So this is my last rotation. I am moving on to a few days of rest then I'll immediately shift into some mass-building to ride the primed state that I am in for some growth. Even though I am draggin' a bit, I feel ready for something new - pent up and ready to move some heavy-ass weights again!

        These are the results from my blood work; done on Day 6:

        My complete blood count was good. Here are some values:

        White blood cell count: 4.33
        Red blood cell count:: 4.6
        Haemoglobin: 144
        Haematocrit: .419
        Platelet count: 193
        MCV: 91.2
        MCH: 31.3
        MCHC 343
        Red cell size distribution width: 15.3
        (not sure why so high)
        Lymphocytes: 48 (possibly due to an immunization shot I got a week prior)

        Fasting blood glucose was good - certainly far from a diabetes concern. Creatinine levels are high, placing stress on the kidneys. But since Uric Acid levels are okay but BUN is also elevated - I was apparently quite dehydrated.
        Alkaline Phosphatase should healthy liver values but other liver/muscle enzymes were elevated - the values are conclusive to the fact that the liver receives extra stress from strength training via injury and the micro trauma to the muscles. This looks like too much trauma and I could be in an overtrained state.

        Glucose is 90.07
        BUN: 26.03
        Uric Acid: 5.01
        SGPT (ALT):
        SGOT (AST): 74
        Alkaline Phosphatase: 56

        Moving on to Cholesterol... which shows very healthy values; LDL is low and HDL is high. The big winner is blood triglycerides... very low.

        Cholesterol: 237.43
        HDL: 120.65
        LDL: 108.28
        LDL-C/HDL-C: 1.96

        And just to check some hormones... prostate looks good for my age (29) and testosterone was at a modest amount... could certainly have dipped due to other signs of overtraining... I will test again when I haven't dieted for 12 weeks.

        PSA: .44
        Free PSA: .14
        Testosterone: 4.88

        Rotation 6: Oct 14 227 (loaded) -3

        That's it... I am done cutting down. I'm primed and ready to move into muscle-building mode
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          Looks good! Very detailed...and I now have a headache.


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            "Feel ill as fuck - not sure if it is protein powder or tren?"-bigdog123


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              Whatever happened to warrior? Remember he was dealing with some health issues, then just vanished from the site.