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  • Back in the gym for chest/tri's...

    Dumbbell bench - 60x20,15,12
    Dumbbell Fly - 25x15,15,15
    Dips - BWx8,8,5

    Did that circuit 3 times...

    HS Incline Press(pin loaded) - 75x15,12,12
    Machine Flye - 100x8 MAXIMUM SQUEEZE

    Rope extensions - 60x15,15,15 drop 40x8
    Lying Dumbbell extensions - 15'sx15,15,12
    Tricep Press Machine - 150x12,12,10 drop 90x8

    I was going to do cardio, but was a little dehydrated and had a pounding ass headache... so i skipped...
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    • Did some shoulders/bi/abs/cardio last night...

      Dumbbell press - 55x15,12,12
      Side lateral raises - 35x15,15,15
      Front raises (bar) - 45x12,12,12
      Did that circuit 3 times...

      High cable pulls - 50x15,12,12 drop 30x8
      Machine Press - 100x20 rest pause, 12, rest pause, 8...

      21's - cambered bar - 60lbsx3sets
      Single arm preacher curls - 25x12,12,10 per arm
      bent over curls - 15lbsx12,12 each arm

      Abs: Roman chairs - 25 center, 25 left side, 25 right side, 25 center... and that was enough.. LOL

      Cardio - I decided to skip the boring treadmill cardio and took my dog for a 45 minute walk... we were both tired after that one!
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      • Got good Leg workout in Friday, that made golf on saturday a little stiff...

        Ill post deetz later when I have more time... they gotz me crunching so many numbers at work my head might explode...

        More golf tonight!

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        • Hitting the gym today for hopefully shoulders and chest... if time permits! stay tuned for details later!
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          • Originally posted by deak007 View Post
            Got good Leg workout in Friday, that made golf on saturday a little stiff...

            Ill post deetz later when I have more time... they gotz me crunching so many numbers at work my head might explode...

            More golf tonight!

            What the fuck.


            • Chest/tri's last night...

              Dumbbell Bench - 50x25 warmup
              - 60x15,15,12, drop set - 60x12 drop to 45x12 drop to 30x15
              Dumbbell Flye - 30x15,15,12

              Incline hammer strength - pin loaded - Warmup - 50ESx20
              - Working - 95ESx12,12, drop set - 95x10 drop 50x10

              Cable crossovers - 30x15,15,15, drop set 30x12 drop 20x8

              Vertical Machine Press - 1 set - 100x10 each rep was a three count descent and explosion to flexion...

              Tri's -

              Started with Kickbacks - 15lbs x 15,15,15

              Overhead Single arm extensions - 30lbsx15,15,12

              Skull crushers with close grip bench superset - 60lbsx15,12,12 superset 60x10,10,8

              Rope Extensions - Did some light weight and squeezed hard... 40x12,12

              Underhand Cable extensions - Did some light weight and squeezed hard... 20x15,15

              Cardio was a bitch... 55 minutes of hell... oh well...
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              • 5/22 - Shoulders/bi/cardio

                Last night was a hell of a workout... I had some frustration that i needed to let out...

                Front Raises - cambered bar - 60lbsx15,15,12,12 drop 40x8
                Side Laterals - Pinky's up - 35x15,15,12
                HS Shoulder Press (pin loaded) - 100x15,15,10 drop 60x5
                High Cable Rows (rear delts) - 50x20,20,15

                Dumbbell Curls - 40lbsx10,10,10 - These were done 5 reps per side individually, then alternated until failure, which was at 5 reps more reps...
                Machine curls - 100x15,12,12
                21's - 60lbs x 3 sets...

                Stepper for 30 minutes was about all I could handle last night...
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                • Back/Calves/Cardio

                  Yesterday was a nice back workout...

                  Seated Cable Rows - Warmup sets(2) - 100x25
                  - 120x20
                  Working sets - 180x13
                  - 200x11
                  - 200x10 drop 100x10

                  Pulldowns - Warmup - 100x20
                  - Working - 160x10
                  - 160x8
                  - 180x8 drop 100x8

                  Pull overs - 50x15x3 sets - last set was a bit of a struggle as my lats were pretty pumped...

                  Machine Rows - 150x12x3 sets - squeezed these hard... last set was a major struggle...

                  Hyper extensions - 2sets of 15

                  Calf Extension on Leg press - warmup - 180x50
                  - working - 270x25
                  - 360x15

                  Calf extension machine - 200x30x2 sets...

                  Inclined walking for 30 minutes... Pooped...
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                  • I'm thinking about doing some legs today... Gonna beat them up hard so I have every reason to RELAX this weekend!
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                    • Did legs last night:

                      Leg extensions for warmup - 50lbsx25
                      Squats - 135x15
                      - 185x15
                      - 225x10
                      - 250x5
                      - 285x3

                      Walking Lunges - 60lbs x 30 total(15 each leg) x 3 sets

                      Leg Presses - 270x15
                      - 360x10,8

                      SL Dead lifts - 50lb dumbbells x 12,10,10

                      Leg Curls - 100x15
                      - 150x12,10

                      Instagram: Deak007


                      • This morning I did a quick chest session:

                        Flat bench - 135x15
                        - 185x10
                        - 205x6
                        - 225x4

                        That was the first time I have done a bench press in AGES... Had been using mostly dumbbells and HS...

                        Cable Crossovers - 40x15
                        - 50x12,10

                        Incline HS press - 75x12 for warmup
                        - 150x8,8

                        HIT stretch for 30sec...

                        Felt really good this morning! Wedding to go to tonight... should have some fun... then relax for the rest of the weekend...
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                        • Today I did shoulders back and a short bicep session...

                          Smith Machine press - 135x12
                          - 155x10
                          - 175x7
                          - 185x3 drop 135x5

                          Side Lateral Raises - 30x15
                          - 35x12
                          - 40x12

                          Lying rear delts - 20x15,15,15

                          Back -

                          Deadlifts - 135x12
                          - 225x8
                          - 315x5 - First time deadlifting in a while so i didnt go as high as i COULD have...

                          Lat pulldowns - 100x20
                          - 120x15
                          - 140x12

                          Rope pullovers - 35x15
                          - 40x12
                          - 45x12

                          Biceps -
                          Alt. Dumbbell curls - 30x10ES
                          - 40x10ES
                          - 45x8ES

                          High Cable curls(one arm at a time) - 20x12,10,10
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                          • No gym last night... had a lot of homework to do since I am going on vacation next week... Tonight I am back in the gym...
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                            • Did some chest/tri and Hams/Quads/Calves

                              Flat Bench - 135x20 warmup
                              - 185x12
                              - 225x6 drop 135x12
                              Cable Cross - 40x12
                              - 50x10
                              - 60x6 drop 35x8

                              Dips - bodyweightx12x3sets

                              Overhead dumbbell extension - 30x15Each - warmup

                              Underhand cable extensions - 30x15,12,12

                              Rope extensions - 50x15
                              - 55x12

                              Overhead cable extensions - 60x15,12

                              Leg curls - 50x20
                              - 100x15
                              - 150x8

                              SLDL - 45 dumbbells x 12 x 3sets

                              Leg extensions - 50x20
                              - 150x15
                              - 225x8 drop 200x8 drop 150x6 drop 100x5

                              Calf extensions - 100x30
                              - 150x25
                              - 200x20

                              Then i got the wonderful task of cutting grass... LOL

                              Last workout in the gym before vacation... luckily on vacation they have a workout complex in which i plan to get my pump/cardio on while im enjoying the beach!
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                              • Hey guys! I have been enjoying Hilton Head... so sorry for not posting workouts... I have got a couple of workouts in and hope to later today as well... Got stung by a sting ray on Sunday, so that kinda sucked... but I got a sweet souvenir out of it... Although it hurt like a mother fucker...
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