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  • Hit up some HIIT last night! Great sweat, and felt awesome for some reason? Not sure why, can't explain it... but it did feel really good to 20 second sprints with 40 seconds rest for 20 minutes...
    Instagram: Deak007


    • Legs:

      Leg Extensions - 5 sets of 15-20
      Leg Presses - 6 sets of 8-10 - 3 sets narrow stance 3 sets wide stance
      Squats - 4 sets of 8-10 - 2 sets wide stance 3 sets close stance
      Leg Curls - 4 sets of 10-12 with drop sets
      DB Stiff Leg Deads - 3 sets of 15-20 (wide stance)
      Single leg Extensions - 2 sets of 20 per leg

      Seated calf Raises - 4 sets of 12-15 with drop sets

      15 minutes of lower body stretching... I feel that when i stretch after training, the length of my soreness is reduced and also helps my flexibility.
      Instagram: Deak007


      • Shoulder/Back/Abs

        DB Shoulder Press - 5 sets or 6-8 - up to 90'sx6
        Barbell Upright Rows - 4 sets of 10-12 with drop sets
        Seated Plate Raises
        - superset -
        DB Side Laterals - 4 sets of 10-12

        Underhand Machine Row - 5 sets of 12-15
        Wide Grip Pulldows
        - Superset -
        Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 3 sets of 8-10

        Weighted Crunches - 2x15
        Roman Chairs with ankle weights - 2x15
        Medicine Ball Twists (12lb ball) - 2x15 per side

        Lately when I work shoulders I have been getting that feeling like I am getting wider and wider in the shoulders... I also am starting to feel them fall forward when I walk and stand, etc., so I am working on stretching for the shoulders and chest to a, maintain flexibility, and b, help with my posture...
        Instagram: Deak007


        • Friday - Arms/Chest/Abs

          Smith Machine Close Grip Bench - 5X8-10 up to 225x9
          Straight Bar Pushdowns - 4X12-15
          Close Grip Preacher Curls - 5X8-10 up to 75
          1 Arm DB Overhead Extension - 4X10-12
          Rope Hammer Curls
          - Superset –
          DB Kickbacks - 4X12-15

          Incline Wide Grip Bench - 5X8-10 up to 185
          Cable Crosses - 4X10-12 W/ Drop Sets

          Weighted Abs -
          Rope Crunches
          Band Crunches
          Crunch Machine
          Instagram: Deak007


          • Saturday - Back/Biceps/Calves

            Stiff Arm Pulldowns – 5x10-12
            1 Arm Pull-downs-5X8-10 on Hammer Strength machine
            Reverse Grip Pull-downs –
            Preacher bar Bent Over Cable Rows-4X10-12
            Standing Rope High Rows - 4X12-15
            Smith Machine Shrugs-4X8-10 W/ DROP SETS

            Seated DB Curls-5X10-12

            Standing Calves -4X10 Did Each Rep Slow on negative and fast up
            Instagram: Deak007


            • Sunday - Chest/Triceps/ABS

              Incline DB Press - 5X8-10 up to 95x8
              Bench Press Machine - 5X8-10 up to 160x8
              Pec Dec –
              -Superset –
              Flat Bench Wide Grip Presses - 4X12-15

              Dips - 5X8-10
              Tricep Pushdowns - 4X15-20

              ABS- high reps BW exercises
              Broom Twists
              Reverse Crunches
              Instagram: Deak007


              • Monday - Legs!!

                Changing things up this week... doing giant sets for my workouts. Anything to keep the body guessing!

                Barbell Squats
                Leg Curls
                Leg Extensions
                Shin High Box Jumps
                Leg Presses – 8x10-12

                Calf Raises – 4x10-12

                I was toast after the 6th set of 8... but as always, I kept pushing forward... Got my eyes on the gains... so I sucked it up and finished her off!
                Instagram: Deak007


                • Wednesday - Shoulders/Abs

                  Giant Set:
                  Standing DB Overhead Press
                  Plate Front Raise (10-25lb)
                  DB Side Laterals
                  Upright Rows – 8x10-12

                  Shoulder Press Machine
                  DB Bent Over Raises – 5x8-10

                  BW abs circuit

                  Shoulders were so sore that I could barely lift them above parallel. what a great feeling!
                  Instagram: Deak007


                  • Friday - Arms/Core

                    Giant Set:
                    DB Skull Crushers
                    DB Kickbacks
                    Cable Curls
                    DB Hammer Curls – 5x8-10

                    Barbell 21’s
                    - Superset –
                    Close Stance Pushups – 5x10-12

                    Weighted Ab training
                    Instagram: Deak007


                    • Saturday: Back/Biceps/Abs

                      Giant Set

                      Barbell Deadlifts
                      2 Arm DB Rows
                      Wide Grip Pull-downs
                      Seated Rows
                      Reverse Grip Pull-downs
                      DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts 8x10-12

                      DB Curls 4x8-10 w/drop sets

                      Calf Raises 4x20
                      Instagram: Deak007


                      • Sunday - Chest/Triceps/Abs

                        Giant Set
                        DB Incline Press
                        Flat Bench Flys
                        Bench Machine
                        Cable Crossovers
                        Pushups – 8x10-12

                        Tricep Push-downs – 5x8-10 w/ drop sets

                        Weighted Abs

                        Instagram: Deak007


                        • Monday: Legs

                          Leg Press –
                          - 5X12-15
                          - 2X15-20 use the Weight
                          Leg Extensions - 4X12-15
                          Leg Curls - 4X8-10 W/ Drop Sets
                          DB Step ups
                          - Superset –
                          Smith Machine Squats - 4X8-10

                          Instagram: Deak007


                          • Good stuff Deak. Any reason why your coach is preferring you to giant sets and super sets in every workout?
                            Training Log


                            • Originally posted by CMC191 View Post
                              Good stuff Deak. Any reason why your coach is preferring you to giant sets and super sets in every workout?
                              That was just that week of training... so far every week has been different... this week's workouts are differnet than last weeks workouts... that week just happened to be giant sets...
                              Instagram: Deak007


                              • I see.. I was just curious
                                Training Log