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The Coach is Getting Back After It

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  • The Coach is Getting Back After It

    Alright folks, after a couple weeks of worry and procrastination, I'm finally starting up my log. I'm going to be using this log to specifically track my workouts, meals, etc., as well as add an extra level of accountability to my transformation. I'm also looking for some extra support outside of my family and work group from some people that are exceptionally dedicated to their physical fitness (like I used to be).

    Beginning stats:
    High school football coach and teacher
    27 yrs old
    6' 3"
    274-280 first thing in the morning

    Waist: 43"
    Calves: 18"
    Chest: ??
    Neck: 18"

    Additional Info: L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1 partially torn thecal sacs equating to minor disc herniation with central protrusion. That has kept my lower body work limited for the last 9 months, still working up my leg strength and have to force myself to really concentrate on solidifying my core.

    Here in the next week or two I'll work in some maxes to help set a physical benchmark.

    Long term goals are 1) get to the 240-245 lb range, 2) rehab my back, and 3) run a sub-5.0 40 (personal goal for my football coaching).

    So I guess my short term goal is to get my workouts dialed in specifically for cardio paced lifting with muscle growth rep/set combos. I need to start getting the weight off consistently so I can move around better. That will make cardio and plyo workouts a little more bearable and expedite my back recovery. I also want to start packing on the good pounds so I make sure I look good doing it and set a good foundation for when I get back into strength workouts later this summer.

    That's all for now. Gonna go hit a real quick back/bis workout before I head home. Hit me up if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

    The Coach

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    Wound up being a quick workout. Changed it to back/tris.

    Bent over rows - 65x15, 85x15, 115x12
    Overhead DB extensions - 40x15, 55x12, 65x10
    Reverse Grip pulldowns - 90x13, 110x12, 120x10
    (supersetted extensions and pulldowns)

    Been a while since I've gone that high on reps, made it interesting.


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      All right..... Good to see you gettin things goin again, me and you are kinda in he same boat there.....

      lots of knolage able guys around here think you'll get what your lookin for here.



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        Can't seem to edit my first post, so I'll add some updates here. Some corrected measurements are:
        Chest: 48.5
        Arms: L15.75, R 16

        I weighed in at 276.8 this morning. Spending all day at a track meet yesterday counted for some cardio.

        I'm starting to really think about how I can adjust my diet while sticking with my poor man's budget and not starve. I can control breakfast, lunch and snacks in between meals, dinner is up in the air half the time with my work schedule and what my wife wants for dinner when I'm home. If anybody has any crazy cheap diet ideas, I'm all for it. I'd love to hear if you guys have any better ideas than my tuna, olive oil and peanut butter recipes.

        Not sure what I'm gonna work this afternoon yet, an olympic lift and either shoulders/biceps or chest.


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          If you can buy in bulk, that would be easiest on the wallet... I usually check on specials at a winn Dixie and walmart on meat and a lot of the times I can get buy 1 get 1 free from winn Dixie... I load up on meat then. Protein powders, oats, rice, things like that man... Eating doesn't have to be too expensive if you plan it out.
          Training Log


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            Also, for dinner I do a lot of crock pot meals... Very simple and not too bad $$ wise. A lot of my meals I get frozen chicken tenders in the bag, or pot roast.. Get some potatoes, broth, rice... You got a ton of meals for around 10 bucks
            Training Log


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              CMC, I've done the bulk buys and slow cooker meals before. I wish I had a winn dixie nearby still, buy 1 get 1 would be awesome. I need to figure out the easiest way for me to do bulk carbs, without taking up too much time. I'm not very good at prepping meals over the weekend, especially when it comes to rice, beans, etc. For a while I was trying to double dip and have an entire can of garbanzo beans with my work meals, protein and some good carbs. So yeah, buying in bulk is going to be my best bet most likely.

              Worked Shoulder and Biceps this afternoon.

              Seated military press - 65x12, 85x12, 115x12 (killer last set)
              EZ curls - 75x10, 85x10, 45x25 (started too heavy, too light on burnout set)
              Upright rows - 45x12, 75x12, 95x12
              Lateral raises - 10x15, 15x15
              Hammer curls - 25x15, 35x10

              Not a bad day's work considering I was doing all this while working around the kids' afternoon lifting and getting pulled away for/distracted about correcting form. Haven't done military like that in a while, felt great. Might actually get in a good dinner tonight too.


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                The higher reps stuff feels great, but definitely kickin my butt. I'm starting to feel my endurance coming back though, so I should be able to get back into full 2-bodypart workouts soon.

                DB bench - 45x12, 60x12, 80x12 (went up solid, probably could have hit 85s)
                DB flyes - 20x12, 25x12, X (stopped before I crapped out too much to hit incline)
                Incline bench - 115x6, 135x12, 155x12
                Close Grip rope ext. - 45x12, 65x7 (arms too tired from all the other tris, pressing this week)

                Took 50-60 minutes to get everything knocked out, longer than I'd like. I'm still having to work around the kids and their distractions. Sooner or later I'll either get my workouts in earlier in the day or pick up the pace between sets while I'm still working around the kids.


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                  Keep at it

                  WORLD PHARM =


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                    We had the district track meet yesterday so I didn't get any lifting in. Spent 5 hrs on my feet w/ hardly any food though, yet still managed to add a pound this week. Gonna hit legs today. We'll see how my ghetto-rigged pre-workout mix works out: 200mg caffeine, a B3 tablet, and just under half a can of NOS (and an aleve for a random headache). Hopefully this is the first good leg workout I've had in a couple weeks.


                    • #11
                      Well, I felt great with my pre-workout and got a good warm-up on the stationary bike, only to get wrapped up in coaching stuff and didn't get any lifting accomplished this afternoon. I did get in a good 20 minute walk to and from the park. Nothing better than cardio with the family.


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                        That is one thing I really hate in my gym... Guys know I know what I'm talkin a bout and can help them tweak workouts and it really does happen where I get cought up in there crap and don't do my own.

                        WORLD PHARM =


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                          For the first month and a half of offseason I would voluntarily do that to my workouts. Every time I turned around I'd see another kid whose form needed fixing or was doing something wrong or crazy. It was worth throwing off my workout to help them out. After a while I had to get a little selfish and started to wear my headphones more to help tune out the kids. Now I'm just trying to workout at a different time just so I can do both without feeling so guilty about cutting out one or the other.


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                            My wife trains in 1 gym and works out I another... Makes things Easyer.

                            WORLD PHARM =


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                              I bet. We already figured out that I can't train my wife, she snaps lol

                              So I'm trying to tighten up my diet starting this week. Aside from some leftover Catfish Sam's today, I've got clean eats for the rest of the week. About 8 oz of boneless pork loin, with brown rice and the healthiest tasty gravy I've ever had in my life. Even after that being family dinner Sunday night, for about $19 there's enough leftovers for Mon-Fri lunch. I'm going to try a different cut next time that should save me about $4/roast. If the brown rice can fill me up, I'm going to try to keep that in every week. If not, I might go back to a can of garbanzo beans each meal.

                              Got a good back workout in today. Was reading through some training threads and decided to try adding in deadlift on back day at the end. I've always used that as a leg movement, so I never thought to put it on a different day to save some juice on leg day. Went for high reps to work up a good pump in the back before I got some pulls. To try to save my back a little bit, I'm going to go for more sets and higher volume to keep getting in good workouts until my back is rehabbed to a comfortable level.


                              Bent over rows - 45x12, 95x12, 125x12
                              Wide grip pulldowns - 90x12 (sloppy), 100x12, 110x13
                              -SuperSet w/ 11lb Med ball slams - 15, 15, 20 (good pump through the lats)
                              1 Arm DB rows - 50x12, 60x12, 70x8 (I was toast)
                              Deadlift - 135x5, 185x4, 235x4, 255x2 (last set felt kinda heavy, got a long ways to go)

                              Overall a good workout. I don't remember the last time I did something like this so I should feel pretty good tomorrow.