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Training for first natural contest

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    Squats five sets of ten with 325 super sets with straight leg deads four sets with 185 for twelve reps.
    seated calf presses changed the weight every set did four sets high reps.
    Low back extensions did three sets 15 reps.

    lat pulls on some machine did five sets ten plus reps
    cable seated rows did six sets ten plus reps
    closer grip machine pulls just did a few sets.

    Barbell curls did six sets with 115 for ten reps sets
    Outside curls with dumbels did five sets of eight reps
    finished with wrist curls did four sets with a 85 barbell

    Only ate protein so far today going to do this for three days to clean out and get ready for a carb cycle type diet.


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      Barbell incline presses 225 five sets of ten
      Dumbell presses 105 five sets of ten
      cable crosses four sets of fifteen

      standing military presses 155 four sets of eight
      butterfly delts five sets of firteen
      hammer shrugs four sets of eight

      lying tricep extensions five sets of eight
      kickbacks three sets of fifteen

      started workout with 30 minutes on the treadmill pulse around 130