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  • Originally posted by thegoon View Post
    Nicole Wilkins is using the hammer high row machine sitting side ways using one arm at a time pulling elbow to lat. Decent putter lat movement. All most like cobras on the cross over set up
    Ok now I know what they are have done simliar but on the hammer pulldown


    • Wow I haven't keep up with this well


      Body masters seated lateral Machine.
      3 sets with 10 reps with 1 second pause on top followed by 10 fast reps and partials to failure.

      Drop set stack to failure , drop a third failure , drop a third failure.

      Seated press
      135 x 15
      185 x 15
      225 x 20
      275 x 9

      Incarian standing lateral machine single
      3 sets failure with stack

      Circle press from waist arch over head
      3 sets very light 25's followed by side laterals to failure

      Rear delts on fly machine followed by rope face pulls Jose Raymond style 4 rounds

      Tricep giant set
      V bar push downs x 25, behind the head pulls x 25, reverse grip push downsx 25 3 rounds

      Dumbbell front raises
      3 x 15 45's

      Pre work out 50grams malodextrine with one scoop granite adamantium Caminos

      Intra 32oz Gatorade Caminos

      Post 75 grams TrueNutrion hydrolized whey mixed with Powerade zero and a banana.

      40 minutes later 10oz chicken 2 cups cooked rice


      • Didn't train today. Shoveled snow will hit back tomorrow.

        Got up at 5 Didn't make coffee the night before. I only drink iced coffee brushed off car ran to Dunks. I couldn't resist a sandwich egg, bacon on bagel.

        Drank two cups off egg whites had 65 carb grams worth of steel cut oats. I'm beginning to dislike steel cut .

        10 am
        2 cups of egg whites
        Two pieces of Ezekiel bread

        10 oz chicken
        1.5 cups of rice
        2 cups broccoli

        75 grams whey
        1/2 cup of sweet potato powder

        8 oz 95% ground beef
        1.5 cups of rice
        Box frozen spinach

        50 grams casein
        Small tub of Icelandic Skyr


        • Thanks for the diet posting.
          Very useful info.
          My Competition Prep Journal

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