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My Log.........Training Log

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  • My Log.........Training Log

    Sooooooo at this point in my life, I'm probably not going to get much bigger and I'm trying to avoid injury. Some days I feel great and can go heavier than normal, some days not so much.

    I train 4 days a week.

    Friday: chest, triceps, calves cardio
    Saturday: legs
    Sunday: back, shoulders, calves, cardio
    Minday: off
    Tuesday: biceps, hams, calves, cardio
    Wednesday and Thursday: off

    Now, come college football season, I will take Saturday off and start training on Thursday. I do it this way bc I hate training during the week after work. Tuesday nights are rough bc I sleep like ass anyway and training makes it worse. As far as Friday, no big deal since I'm off on the weekends. My volume is LOW. I do 2-3 sets per exercise,maybe 3-4 exercises depending on body part. I'm big on drop sets. For every body part. So here is what I did last Ssunday for back and delts and yesterday for arms and hams.

    Pulldowns Hammer Strength
    1x12 reps 2 plates each side
    1x 12 reps 3 plates per side
    1x 10 reps 3 plates and a 25 on each side
    drop set
    10 reps 3 plates
    13 reps 2 plates

    One Arm Dumbell Rows
    1x 12 85lbs.....slow and squeeze
    1x 12 90lbs
    1 x 12 90lbs

    Free Motion Lat Pulldown
    3 x 15 220lbs

    standing side laterals
    1x 20 25lbs
    1 x 15 30lbs
    1 x 15 30lbs
    drop set
    45lbs 9 reps
    40lbs 10 reps
    30 lbs 12 reps
    20 lb 15 reps

    Smith machine front presses
    1 x 15 135lbs
    1x 12 225
    1 x 9 275lbs
    drop set
    225lbs 8
    175lbs 8
    135lbs 10 reps

    rear delt machine
    3 X 15 reps 70lbs
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    Tuesday: Biceps

    Hammer Strength Preacher Curls
    1 X 15 45 lbs plate
    1 X 15 45lbs plate
    1 X 12 45lbs and 25lbs plate
    drop set
    12 reps 45&25lb plate
    14 reps 45lbs plate

    Alternate dumbbell Curls
    3 X 10 50lbs

    Cambered Bal Cruls

    2 X 10 70lbs

    Lying Leg Curls

    1 X 15 50lbs
    1 X 15 50lbs
    6 X 12 70lbs
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      I see the reasoning behind your split , at this point in you've got what works nailed down. You still have really good pressing strength


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        Big Mike in the house.
        Thanks for starting a journal.
        My Competition Prep Journal

        Muscular Development Forum Rules


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          I like the work up to a heavy set and then just cook it with the drops. Makes sense to me.
          I'll be interested to follow along in here.
          At first I thought too many body parts per day but it works just fine with the lower volume. I am guessing sessions are around an hour?


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            good stuff mike, you are pretty strong on presses


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              What type of cardio do you do and how long?

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                Where are you BMC?

                want to enjoy your journey to pro card here, especially when you beat MR Olympia Dale Chance