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Tim's Destination to Big and Lean

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  • Tim's Destination to Big and Lean

    I have decided to start logging my training here. I have not officially kept a training journal since about 2000. Now, I have bigger goals, and want to keep it going. I started logging about two weeks ago, and now will start posting here. Any advice, help or comments are appreciated!

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    2/2/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Stephanie/215 5:00 pm
    Leg Extension
    55x15 70x15 70x15 90x15

    Leg Press
    90x15 270x15 450x15 630x15 630x15 810x15

    135x15 225x15 315x8 315x8 315x8

    Forward Barbell Lunge
    95x12 95x12 115x12 135x12

    Hack Squat
    90x15 180x15 270x9 360x12

    Single Leg Press
    90x12 90x12 90x12 90x12

    Stiff Legged Deadlift
    135x12 135x12 135x12 135x12

    I have a little problem in my left knee, it seemd good today until hack squats. I wrapped the knees on the last set. My hamstring is still a little sore, I strained my right one a few weeks ago. It seems good, that is why I only did deadlifts and not anything else where it is contracting.


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      Shoulders and traps

      2/4/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 4:00 pm
      BodyMaster Shrug
      180x15 180x15 270x12 270x12
      Hammer Shrug
      180x15 180x15 360x12 360x12
      DB shrug
      150x12 150x12 150x12 150x12
      Barbell shrug
      225x12 315x12 405x8 405x7
      Barbell Upright row
      45x15 95x15 95x12 95x12
      Side Laterals
      15x15 25x15 45x12 45x12
      Standing Barbell Press
      95x15 135x12 135x12 155x12
      Hammer Shoulder Press
      45x15 90x12 90x12 90x12


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        2/5/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 6:00 pm
        Hammer Incline Chest
        45x15 90x15 90x12 90x12

        Bench Press
        135x15 225x12 225x12 225x12

        Incline Barbell
        135x12 225x10 225x10 225x8

        Decline Barbell
        135x12 225x8 225x8 225x8

        Hammer Decline
        135x12 225x10 225x10 225x12

        LF Chest Cable
        25x15 50x12 50x12 50x12


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          2/6/08 TruPower Fitness Las Vegas Charleston/Cimarron 10:00amBootcamp1Hour2/6/08 TruPower Fitness Las Vegas Charleston/Cimarron 6:00pmBootcamp1Hour


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            2/7/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Sahara/Decatur 2:00 pm
            Lat Pulldown
            150x15 200x15 250x12 250x12

            135x15 225x15 315x12 405x5 405x6

            Barbell Row
            135x15 225x12 225x12 245x12

            Tbar Row (Barbell)
            135x15 225x12 315x12 315x12

            DB Row
            150x12 165x8 165x8 205x6

            Low Cable Wide Grip
            250x15 300x12 300x12 300x12


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              keep up the good work man!
              žonne god wile eoršan lifes ende gewyrcan!


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                Thanks, I will, I am working hard !!


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                  last two weeks

                  2/10/08 OutsideFlag Football1.5Hours2/11/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 2:00 pmHammer Incline Press4515901590159015Incline Bench Press13512225122251222512Flat db Press751285121051210512Flex Fly50157515751275122/12/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Sahara/Decatur 2:00 pmReverse Lat Pulldown12015150151501520015Barbell Row22512225122251222512DB Row1551218012180122058Hammer Row90151801522515225152/13/08 TruPower Fitness Las Vegas Charleston/Cimarron 10:00amBootcamp1Hour2/13/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 5:00 pmLF Leg Extension50155015701510015Squats135122251231583158Smith Lunge13512225822582258Leg Press18012360123601236012Stiff Legged Deadlift13512135121351213512Very tired, the bootcamp wore me out!2/18/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 3:00 pmSet12345LF Cable Chest Press5015501550157015Bench Press135152251222582258Incline DB Press7515105121051210512Hammer Decline Press451590151351213512Elliptical20minutesVery, very tired, recovering from the Ironman Pro weekend!!2/19/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Flamingo/Sandhill 3:00 pmSet12345Lat Pulldown10015150151701517012Close Grip Low Row15015200153001230012Barbell Row13515225122251222512DB Row14015180818081808High Cable Row15015200152001520015Trained with Cyd today2/20/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 2:00 pmSet12345Hammer Shrugs9015270153601236012Barbell Shrugs225153151240584957DB Shrugs15015150121501215012Standing Calf Raises15015200152501525015LF Calf Extension1501521015210152101545 Donkey15012150121501215012Hammer Machine Curl4515751285128512Tricep Extension (heavy)415515715715EZ Preacher Curl5515851285128512Hammer Dip Machine18015270152701527015Trained With Cyd2/21/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 6:00 pmSet12345LF Leg Extension5015501550157015LF Leg Extension901511015Squats135121351222512315831510Squats315831510Leg Press1801536015540127201290012Hack Squat901518015270123608Barbell Lunge In place458135813581358Hammer MTS Leg Ext60128012801280122/22/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Stephanie/215 3:00 pmSet12345LF Cable Shoulder Press5015501570159015DB Side Laterals15152515351545154515Standing Barbell Press451513515175121751217512Front DB Raise15152515301530153015Seated DB Press45157515851285128512


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                    2/24/08 OutsideFlag Football1.5Hours

                    2/25/2008Treadmill on Empty20Minutes
                    2/26/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 4:00 pmSet1234
                    LF Machine Chest Press
                    50x15 50x15 80x15 80x15
                    Flat DB Fly
                    25x15 45x12 45x12 45x12
                    Bench Press
                    135x15 225x10 225x10 225x10
                    Hammer Bench Press
                    45x15 90x12 90x12
                    Hammer Incline Bench
                    45x15 90x12 90x12 45x15
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                      2/27/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 4:00 pm
                      Precor Leg Curl
                      50x15 100x15 100x15 100x15
                      Stiff Legged Deadlift
                      135x15 225x15 225x15 225x15
                      Flex Leg Extension
                      50x15 70x15 90x15 90x15
                      Single Leg Press
                      90x15 180x15 270x15 270x15
                      Front Squat
                      45x15 135x8 135x8 135x8
                      Reverse Hack squat
                      90x15 180x15 270x12 360x12
                      Hack Squat
                      90x15 180x15 270x12 360x12
                      135x15 225x12 225x12 315x8 315x8


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                        2/28/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 4:00 pm
                        Lat Pulldown
                        150x15 150x15 200x12 200x12
                        Hammer Row
                        90x15 135x15 180x15 180x15
                        Incline DB Row
                        75x15 90x12 90x12 90x12
                        Barbell Row
                        135x12 225x15 225x12 225x12
                        High Cable Row
                        100x15 150x15 150x15 150x15


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                          Calves and Arms

                          2/29/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Stephanie/215 3:00 pm
                          LF machine curl
                          50x15 50x15 50x15 50x15
                          Rope Tricep Extnension
                          75x15 75x15 75x15 75x15
                          Standing Mach. Calf Raise
                          50x15 90x15 90x15 90x15
                          Horizontal Calf
                          70x15 80x15 90x15 100x15
                          Leg Press Calf
                          90x15 180x15 370x15 360x15
                          Standing DB Curl
                          25x15 35x15 45x12 45x12
                          EZ Preacher Curl
                          50x15 75x12 75x12 85x12
                          Rope Tricep Extnension
                          75x15 150x12 150x12 150x12
                          Skull Crusher
                          50x15 65x15 75x15 85x15
                          Hammer DB Curls
                          45x15 65x12 75x12 75x12


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                            Traps and Shoulders

                            3/1/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 9:00 am
                            Hammer Machine shrug
                            90x15 180x15 270x15 360x15 360x15
                            bodymaster mach. shrug
                            180x15 180x15 270x15 360x15 360x15
                            Barbell Upright Row
                            45x15 95x15 135x12 135x12
                            DB shrugs
                            150x15 150x15 150x15 150x15
                            DB Side Laterals
                            20x15 25x15 25x15 35x15
                            Standing Barbell Press
                            95x15 135x15 135x12 135x12
                            DB Front Raise
                            25x15 35x15 35x12 35x12

                            Flag Football Outside1.5Hours

                            3/2/08 OutsideFlag Football1.5Hours


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                              3/3/08 Gold's Gym Las Vegas Lake Mead/Buffalo 4:00 pm
                              LF Chest Press
                              150x15 150x15 170x15 190x15
                              Cable Crossover (LF)
                              37.5x15 37.5x15 47.5x15 47.5x15
                              Incline Bench
                              135x12 225x8 225x12 225x8
                              DB Incline
                              75x15 105x12 105x10 105x8
                              Hammer Decline
                              45x15 90x12 135x8 90x12