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  • Welcome back!


    • Heck yeah! Kick some ass man!
      There's nothing I'm afraid of like scared people.
      - Robert Frost


      • Originally posted by Daibhí O'Buadain View Post
        Hey Curt.
        Good to see you start this back up again.

        Originally posted by tjoe View Post

        Welcome back!
        Hey, tjoe.

        Originally posted by robert c View Post
        Heck yeah! Kick some ass man!
        That's the goal!


        • Tomorrow's goals are 5x5 with 215 squats, 145 bench, and 140 rows.

          Man, I just saw a guy's biceps roll up his arm about a second into doing a heavy deadlift with a switch grip, is it called? Over-under. Ouch! It was either on Facebook or IG, I forget, but it was a bad deal for that guy. O.o

          One thing about being weak asf is that I've never had a muscle tear. D'OH!

          Shut up.


          • The trick is to flex the triceps hard which will keep you form trying to "curl the weight".
            One of my old clients did the same thing but the tear was minor. He was NOTORIOUS for trying to curl it a bit.
            Not that I'm the strongest guy out there but I have pulled several upper 600 pound deads with a mixed grip and never had an issue.
            Flex the triceps.