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    underhand pulldowns
    60 x 15
    80 x 15
    100 x 15
    120 x 10
    140 x 10
    160 x 8
    180 x 8
    200 x 6
    last 2 sets had some motion but not horrible. all other sets were very tight.

    old school t bar
    1 x 12
    2 x 12
    3 x 12
    4 x 8
    5 x 8

    135 x 10
    225 x 10
    315 x 10
    405 x 10

    reverse pec dec
    50 x 3 sets of 15 reps

    pretty good day.
    Happens to be my B-day as well. Nothing really planned though. Working like usual. Maybe a dinner this weekend but I am not even sure I would cheat anyway. Got a few bucks from family and don't even really have anything to spend it on. I don't really "want stuff" anymore. oh yeah... 35.


    • Happy Birthday Joe!


      • Originally posted by tjoe View Post
        I press twice a week. I was rotating 5x5, 3x3 and the slingshot work. I think the 5x5 and 3x3 were just too much on the diet. I am going back to 1 all out working set but sticking with the same rep ranges. So yesterday was just 1 good set of 5. That "should" leave me more rested for thursdays session.

        Box squats:
        I never left them in long enough to really comment. I do like them though and I feel that they will not hurt my raw squat any. If I can pause a weight and power it off the box I should have no problem in a meet with NO pause at all.
        Way back when I did westside stuff i did like the DE box squats with bands. They really did make me a lot faster and no weight ever "felt heavy" back then. I may have missed or struggled with a big single but it never "felt bad". I really think the bands made that difference.
        I'm doing something like you were initially but using Prilepins chart. Im dropping weight too, but not on purpose. Thing I noticed though is training only 3 days per week...I just recover much more easily from workouts. Im obviously home from college working part time and I have 3+ hours to train in a day. Anyways obviously smart to adjust volume for recovery.

        And I may try those speed box squats. Thanks


        • Happy Birthday Joe! Go get yourself a nice Carvel Ice Cream Cake and enjoy yourself!


          • LOL, no cake. Had steak tips and salad at 99.


            • what's 99?


              • Originally posted by MURDERBEAST View Post
                what's 99?


                • Originally posted by MURDERBEAST View Post
                  what's 99?
                  LOL! Joe - I forget that 99 is not a national chain the 99 and Picadilly Pub but for some reason they shut down the one in North Attleboro and Mansfield, the 2 closest ones to me.


                  • Pressin

                    Closed one down in Sturbridge as well.

                    bar x 15
                    135 x 3
                    185 x 3
                    225 x 3
                    275 x 3
                    315 x 3
                    360 x 2 and a forced rep

                    z press
                    bar x 5
                    65 x 5
                    85 x 5
                    105 x 5
                    125 x 5
                    145 x 5
                    165 x 3
                    185 x 3

                    rope pressdowns (for elbows)
                    50 x 2 sets of 25 reps

                    Actually pretty happy with today. I wanted 3 clean on the bench @ 360 but the first 2 were pretty fast and I have no idea how I even missed the 4rd rep. Seemed like I had plenty of gas. Even my training partner was baffled by that one.

                    The z press I haven't done in a long time so I was happy with a bunch of sets and then 185 for a triple after benching.

                    Looking forward to my heavy deads tomorrow followed by some nice light box squats...
                    and a weigh in on Sunday morning.


                    • Strong Z's after the big benching, wow.

                      Light box squats seem like a good idea after heavy DL's, never done that. What do you think you'll weigh in at?


                      • not sure really. last week I was 218.6 I think... so anything under that would be great. I would like to be 1-2 pounds lower.

                        Last week I did heavy squats followed by light deads. I will keep rotating like this right up to my meet Sept 9th and see how my deadlift goes then.


                        • More man work:

                          135 x 3
                          225 x 3
                          315 x 3
                          405 x 1
                          495 x 1
                          585 x 1
                          635 x see the vid

                          light box squats (11" box)
                          175 x 2
                          265 x 12 sets of 2 reps with 1 minute breaks.

                          I was very pleased with the "almost double" today. I wasn't feeling very well this morning and 495/585 felt HEAVY. Kinda thought 635 would stay on the ground to be honest. I guess that's why I always try and give it a shot anyway cause ya never know!
                          I would guess that that will be my last real heavy pull before this next meet.
                          I'll only have 1 more "working deads" day which will most likely be some reps.

                          Still on the diet.
                          Looking forward to the weigh in although I don't "feel" much lighter, people are really noticing the change lately.

                          and the goods:


                          • STRONG AS FUCK deadlifting

                            SHIT KILLED!!


                            • Originally posted by Walking Beast View Post
                              STRONG AS FUCK deadlifting

                              SHIT KILLED!!
                              Thanks bro!


                              • So far:

                                7-15-12 (start) - 229.4

                                OK since it's another 1.2 for last week and 12 total. Interestingly though, I weighed myself in the am yesterday and I was 216.8? No cheating so I wonder why I would be up... thought for sure I would be even lower today.

                                May actually have a cheat meal tonight. I was thinking pizza, beer and I even have some Ben and Jerrys in the freezer if I make it that far. Then right back on track tomorrow of course.

                                Pretty happy with that deadlift the other day considering I am under 220 now... certainly hvae a 3x body weight pull in me at this point.