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  • Chest (216.8)

    Really looking forward to this week.

    5:30 am
    treadmill at the gym
    60 minutes flat 3.0/3.1

    Chest at 10:30 am

    Inc HS press
    1 x 20
    2 x 15
    3 x 10
    4 x 8, 6
    3 x 10, 8

    Flat smith press
    1 x 15
    2 x 10
    3 x 3, 3
    2 x 15, 15

    Inc db fly
    20s x 10
    30s x 10
    40s x 10, 10

    pec dec
    80 x 4 sets of 12 reps

    Bam! Cardio and chest. Diet tightened up like I said from my shitty week nights last week. Gotta make a big push for that 210 mark...


    • Go ahead and bust out the stair stepper ... 210 shortly after
      Training Log


      • Back (215.4)

        HS iso row
        single arm, neutral grip
        1 x 15
        2 x 6
        3 x 6
        4 x 6
        5 x 8, 8 with some motion but pretty good
        2 arm palms down
        1 x 6
        2 x 6
        3 x 15, 15

        4" neutral grip pulldown, facing away from machine (no knee pad)
        80 x 6
        120 x 6
        160 x 8+2eh, 8+2eh again, lol

        behind the head, neutral grip 36" pulldown
        80 x 10
        100 x 10
        120 x 10, 10

        rack pull from 29, below my knee
        135 x 5
        225 x 5
        315 x 5
        405 x 5, 5
        *lower back has been not great lately, of course I am still kind of pushing squats pretty good, but these were rough.

        smith shrugs behind the back
        1 x 20
        2 x 15
        3 x 10, 10, 10
        2 x 15
        1 x 20

        pretty good day.
        -the wide neutral pulldowns weren't great feeling and the rack pulls were not great. everything else was pretty good however.


        • Originally posted by CMC191 View Post
          Go ahead and bust out the stair stepper ... 210 shortly after
          all set with that! lol, the treadmill will be good for now


          • haha I hear ya bud.. one step at a time, right
            Training Log


            • yeah, I'll do my 20 minute HIIT tonight in my living room and then tomorrow morning I'll do an easy hour at the gym. That'll be 2 sessions with no food in between... uh-oh...


              • aaahhh snap, stepping your game up big time
                Training Log


                • I always tell myself i'm gonna start doing cardio (HIIT), do it for about a week, then quit it.. I just like lifting weights it seems haha
                  Training Log


                  • and, pm Cardio

                    20 minute HIIT

                    started at 2.9
                    flat, flat, 3, 6, 9, 12
                    up to 3.0
                    3, 6, 9, 12
                    up to 3.1
                    3, 6, 9, 12
                    up to 3.2
                    3, 6, 9, 12, flat, flat

                    ok, downside here is that I could "push a bit harder" although this one was pretty rough... my little feet don't want to go that quick... being that I should kick up the next session of HIIT, I am wondering if I should do it at the gym since I can get the incline up to 15...
                    It would be a bit of a learning curve however since my treadmill at home is FASTER at the same speed compared to the one at the gym.


                    • Cardio (213.2)

                      213.2... thats what I'm talking about!

                      treadmill at home
                      60 minutes
                      2.2 mph
                      2.0 incline
                      actually had a good little sweat going.
                      Love the new low in weight.
                      Looking forward to my day off from weights today.


                      • Good stuff man. Have you ever considered a fat burner along with you dieting? ECA, or yohimbine hcl ? anything like that
                        Training Log


                        • I find that I expect to rely on them too much and after some things Dave P said about stimulants a long time ago I try not to use them much. I may have a couple cups of coffee but thats about it.
                          TIRED, today! lol


                          • and a side note:
                            my chest is wrecked from Monday! (in a good way of course)


                            • What are some things Dave P says about them? I don't usually use any type fat burners, but am curious to some things he might have said
                              Training Log


                              • Originally posted by tjoe View Post
                                and a side note:
                                my chest is wrecked from Monday! (in a good way of course)
                                Same here, my chest and shoulders are soooo sore from yesterday... I can imagine what tomorrow will feel like
                                Training Log