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  • I wish. intake is way down the last few days. just not hungry when I don't hit the gym as much. it has been on mind though and I am trying to get back on track today. it's nice to see the scale going down a bit but I don't want it to be all muscle either!


    • hell... who knows, you may come back stronger and bigger after the rest
      Training Log


      • Cardio (208.2)

        6:00 pm:
        manual level 1 just grooving along 40 minutes.
        back got a little tight but not really any more than when I would normally do the elliptical.
        again took 1 pill tonight to promote good sleep but nothing the rest of the day.
        That 208.2 is pretty good.

        Originally posted by CMC191 View Post
        hell... who knows, you may come back stronger and bigger after the rest
        I had that thought. When I towel off after my shower my left elbow was cracking like a SOB... it did not crack once tonight, LOL. Very well could have been a blessing in disguise.


        • Arms (208.4)

          well I had a massage again today and feel "ok" so I just couldn't wait anymore.

          pressdowns cambered bar, close grip
          50 x 30
          70 x 15
          90 x 15
          110 x 15
          130 x 15, 15, 15
          *felt the back a little bit on the 130 sets, typically 150 is no big deal but I wasn't about to push it

          alt db curls
          20s x 15
          25s x 15
          30s x 15
          35s x 15, 15, 15
          *all good here

          close grip smith presses (some lockouts)
          full reps, 1 x 20
          2 from #7 pin x 10 reps
          3 from #6 pin x 10, 10, 10
          2 from #7 pin x 10
          full reps, 1 x 20
          *again all good

          hammer curls with the triceps bar
          45 x 20
          65 x 10
          85 x 10, 10, 10
          *on these I felt the back the most on the last few reps of the 85 pound sets. On the negative the lower back really started to tighten up on me. I made it through all 3 sets but I question each one...

          1 arm OHExt
          20 x 3 sets of 20 back and forth without stopping
          20 x 20
          20 x 20

          single arm preacher curls
          15 x 5 sets of 15 reps without stopping, just switching arms

          So, notes as mentioned after each exercise. I am NOT going to take any meds tonight and see how I do.
          Going to try some EASY leg stuff tomorrow and see ho that goes. Fingers crossed!!


          • I can feel your pain, injured my lower back almost 2 weeks ago doing squats, and the funny thing is i'm super concerned about my form, recently backed on the weights and started to relearn deep squatting. Mine doesn't hurt that much, but I can't squat or stiff leg deadlift.
            Get well soon!


            • Thank you Yazid, I'll be headed in to try some leg stuff shortly. Not too hopeful though as I didn't seem to sleep great, lots of tossing around. Feeling the back a little.


              • Legs (208.2)

                So I am happy with the weight obviously, not a new low but pretty steady for the last 3 days straight.

                I went in today very CAREFULLY.
                Started with 15 on the recumbent bike to warm up a bit.

                HS V-Squat
                empty x 15
                quarter x 15
                plate x 15
                p+q x 15
                2p x 15

                45 degree sled
                1 x 15
                2 x 15
                3 x 15, 15

                super set leg curls and leg extensions
                50 on both
                4 sets of 15 reps on each move

                would have done calves but had to get home. they were still a bit sore any way form the elliptical the other day and the assuage yesterday.

                Today went way better than I had hoped. I felt the back a little here and there but not enough to think I should stop. It gives me pretty good hope for next week as long as I don't try and go to crazy. Still have to focus and do moves that put me in a funny position not only while lifting but even sitting down with the weight and putting it back when done. Have to be cautious still.


                • Push (209.6)

                  well since I kinda told off my training partner and I'm trying to come back in easy after the whole "back thing", I switched up the routine a little bit. Never know how long it will last but for right now:
                  M - push
                  T - pull
                  W - off
                  T - push
                  F - pull
                  S - legs
                  S - off


                  bar x 25
                  135 x 10
                  185 x 5
                  225 x 5
                  275 x 5 sets of 5
                  ALL reps were paused. Pinkies on the ring today.

                  Smith behind the head
                  50 x 15
                  100 x 3 sets of 15 reps

                  parallel bar Dips
                  Me x 5 sets of 10 reps

                  Nothing here was too hard although the benching was slower than I would have liked (understandable) and the 15s on the overheads burned pretty good. Figure I am doing it again on Thursday so no biggie.

                  Considering all the xmas parties this weekend I am OK with 209.6 as well.


                  • Pulling (208.0)

                    new low by just a tad

                    4" neutral grip pulldown
                    60 x 20
                    80 x 15
                    100 x 12
                    120 x 10
                    140 x 10
                    160 x 10, 10

                    HS iso row (close neutral grip) single arm
                    1 x 10
                    2 x 10
                    3 x 10, 10

                    alt db curls
                    20s x 15
                    25s x 15
                    30sx 12
                    35s x 12
                    40s x 10
                    45s x 10

                    Smith shrugs
                    90 x 15
                    180 x 15, 15, 15

                    Nautilus ab crunch
                    50 x 25, 25

                    Pretty good day and I was very careful on everything. I didn't really feel the back tweak on anything but I wouldn't say I am out of the woods just yet.


                    • Cardio (207.2)

                      Around noonish at the gym:

                      manual 30 minutes
                      5 minute blocks at levels:
                      1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

                      Recumbent bike
                      manual 30 minutes
                      5 minute blocks at levels:
                      1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

                      about 400 calories total
                      feel pretty good.
                      look forward to see how pushing day 2 goes tomorrow...


                      • Pressing (208.0)

                        50 x 25
                        140 x 10
                        190 x 5
                        230 x 5
                        280 x 5 of 5
                        ALL paused, pinkies on the ring

                        Behind the head smith
                        55 x 15
                        105 x 3 sets of 15 reps

                        parallel bar dips
                        me x 5 sets of 12 reps

                        Bench felt heavy again for what it is but the overheads didn't seem to bother me at all today.


                        • Pulling (207.6)

                          HS pulldown (1 arm at a time)
                          25 x 20
                          50 x 15
                          75 x 12, 12, 12

                          4" neutral grip pulldown (facing away, tight)
                          60 x 12
                          90 x 12
                          120 x 12, 12

                          HS iso row (standing)
                          1 x 10
                          2 x 10
                          3 x 8, 8
                          *the sets with 3 plates started to bother my back a bit. should have been an easy 10 but it wasn't quite right.

                          smith shrugs (front)
                          1 x 10
                          2 x 10
                          3 x 10, 10

                          alt db curls as listed / nautilus ab machine (all sets at 65lbs.)
                          20s x 10 - 12 crunches
                          30s x 10 - 12 crunches
                          40s x 10 - 12 crunches (5 sets here)

                          Funny enough the curls and crunches felt the best today.


                          • Legs (208.0)

                            15 minutes on the recumbent to warm up
                            2 minutes on level 1, 2, 3 and then the rest on level 4

                            Super set Leg curl/Leg etc
                            50lbs on both for all sets:
                            20/20 (3 sets here)
                            and very short time between super sets as well. Only a sip of water and write down my reps.
                            this felt pretty damn good, I will say.

                            empty x 10
                            50 x 10
                            100 x 10
                            150 x 10
                            200 x 10
                            250 x 10
                            300 x 10
                            *way better than the 180 I used last week... and it was my first move last week as well so this was pretty good.

                            1 x 10
                            2 x 10
                            3 x 10
                            4 x 10
                            5 x 10

                            Seated calf super set with raises just on the floor (bodyweight only)
                            45 x 10/10 on floor
                            55 x 10/10 on floor
                            65 x 10/10 on floor
                            75 x 10/10 on floor
                            85 x 10/10 on floor

                            Nautilus crunch machine
                            50 x 50 reps

                            Well I felt the back just a little but not any more so than when I woke up...
                            Also realized that I took some ibuprofen before training last week and did NOT take any today.
                            All in all, pretty good day


                            • Pressing (210.6)

                              UGH! Awful day of training! Wanted to do some cardio this morning and I was tossing and turning all night with a sore throat. Training felt HEAVY and my body is just achey. Feels like I have a rib out (right side under my pec). Great day, LOL

                              Anyway I went in and did what I could

                              55 x 25
                              145 x 10
                              195 x 5
                              245 x 5
                              285 x 5 sets of 5 reps all paused here.
                              I got what I was supposed to, but being heavier it should have been a piece of cake... not so much today.

                              Smith behind the head
                              60 x 15
                              110 x 15, 15, 12
                              LOL, these felt fine last week just 5 pounds lighter, today I missed the last set.

                              Nautilus crunch machine super set with parallel bar dips
                              65 on the crunch/me on the dips
                              3 sets of 15 on both...
                              wanted 5 sets but I was DONE!

                              Lots of water and bed early I suppose!


                              • Sounds like my day.. Such a waste of a workout for today, everything felt heavy... All machine work for me today
                                Training Log