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  • LOL, I was trying to message someone on FB the other day and enter wouldn't send the message. Weird shit. I closed it all out and reopened it and it was ok after that. Damn technology!


    • Originally posted by tjoe View Post
      I'll check it out. thanks. Are you able to post a new thread now?
      So, did the video inspire you at all? LOL.

      Yes, sir—just did.


      • nope, not that one. LOL but thanks for the effort though.


        • Originally posted by tjoe View Post
          LOL, I was trying to message someone on FB the other day and enter wouldn't send the message. Weird shit. I closed it all out and reopened it and it was ok after that. Damn technology!
          Supposedly i can use mozilla foxfire and itll let me enter in lines. Ill start doing my log from that browser instead. Trying to type out my log on my phone is a no go, my thumbs press all kinds of letters...
          Training Log


          • LOL, yeah I tried that once... F that!


            • Shoulders (199.2)

              Behind the head smith press
              50 x 10
              70 x 10
              90 x 10
              110 x 10
              130 x 10

              Seated db press (very steep incline bench)
              40s x 10
              50s x 10
              60s x 10
              70s x 10
              80s x 10

              Super set:
              Smith shrugs and Nautilus ab crunch
              90/65 x 20s
              180/80 x 3 sets of 10s

              Then at 4pm:
              treadmill at the gym
              60 minutes
              1% incline the whole time
              alternate every 5 minutes between 3.0 mph and 5.5 mph
              649 calories and 4.31 miles


              • Arms (200.2)

                No time for cardio today.

                rope pressdowns (warm up)
                30 x 3 sets of 40 reps

                1 arm OHExt (seated)
                20 x 15
                25 x 15
                30 x 15
                35 x 10

                Straight bar skull crushers (but knuckles to the bench behind me)
                45 x 15
                65 x 15
                85 x 12

                close grip floor press
                135 x 15
                225 x 8
                185 x 10

                Alternating Inc db curl
                20s x 20
                25s x 15
                30s x 12
                35s x 10

                EZ bar preacher
                40 x 8
                60 x 8
                80 x 8
                those were close
                then went wider
                100 x 6

                barbell curl
                45 x 15
                65 x 12
                85 x 10, 10 and 10 drop to 65 x 10 and then 45 x 10

                GREAT arm session.

                Tomorrows leg session will be cancelled so that I can bang out some extra cardio and so that I don't hold any extra water for my weigh in on Monday. Since it's going to be pretty close I have to take every precaution I can.


                • Good workout. You planning on continuing dropping weight even after this bet is over, or what do you have planned?
                  Training Log


                  • Also, does your gym have a sauna? You could probably sweat out some water weight too
                    Training Log


                    • Yeah, I'd still like to get leaner. I am going to stuff my face on Monday (plan to anyway) just because it's a been a month and I'm a little pissy about not being able to have my pizza and beer during the Super Bowl. LOL
                      The wife is laughing at me because I typically lose a good deal of muscle whenever I diet and this time (when I am trying to hit a certain number), I am actually staying heavier (keeping muscle) and getting leaner. BUT the goal tip Monday is that damn scale.
                      So, after Mondays weigh-in and feast it'll be back to the diet but with ZERO fucks given to the scale


                      • No diuretics?


                        • Depleting (200.4)

                          So I woke p at 200.4 which I expected from the big salad last night. Rest of the day looked like this:
                          - shake
                          - apple
                          - shake
                          - Gym:
                          upper body high reps stuff. didn't write it down but I didn't super set or anything I just kept it light and did a lot of reps. I do NOT want to hold any water.
                          pec dec, machine rows, bench press, HS pulldown thing, side laterals into db overhead press, lat pulldowns, db shrugs
                          - apple
                          - eggs and bacon
                          - getting on the treadmill at home right after I finish this. I'll do an hour while Connor watches his shows. lol
                          Nothing to eat after cardio.

                          Tomorrows diet will depend heavily on what my weight is tomorrow morning.
                          I also have until Tuesday at midnight to weigh in... Obviously however I would like to be done and over on Monday morning.

                          Originally posted by Nikolaos View Post
                          No diuretics?
                          Nah, just water my friend. Pissin' ever 10 minutes! LOL


                          • sounds like you are starving lol..
                            TEAM QUADRO!!!
                            TEAM WOLF!!!


                            • I was hungry yesterday. LOL, Will be today as well.
                              But it worked!
                              196.8 this morning!
                              Now I just have to hold it there and not rebound at all.


                              • How bout dose PATS!