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    • ^^ Biceps looking vascular.
      Training Log


      • thanks man, slow but sure...


        • Legs (201.0)

          out in Golds today

          bar x 10
          135 x 5
          225 x 5
          315 x 3
          365 x 1
          405 x 1, 2, 1
          felt HEAVY!

          1 x 8
          2 x 8
          3 x 8
          4 x 8
          5 x 8

          Prone leg curl
          50 x 20
          70 x 15
          90 x 10, 10, 10

          and that was it.
          Went with the wife and that was a nice change.
          tomorrow the gym is closed AGAIN due to snow! WTF! enough already!!


          • Chest/Back (200.2)

            Well my legs were WRECKED from that session. Painful to do much of anything yesterday at all.

            Super set 2 moves today:
            Inc bench/wide pulldown:
            45/40 x 25s
            95/80 x 15s
            145/120 x 10s
            195/150 x 10s for 3 sets
            145/120 x 15s for 2 sets

            and that was it.
            I went on quite a bender last week after my weigh in and had pizza and ice cream I think 5x last week for dinner. I must have been pretty depleted as i am only a shade over 200 today anyway...
            Ate good yesterday and today I am on track for pro/fat meals with carbs only after training. Cooking my pasta right now for my post workout meal.
            Also started the Modern BCAA aminos while training, 2 scoops.
            We'll see who things progress from here.


            • How you like the aminos?? I should receive all my goodies tomorrow
              Training Log


              • I think i'm gonna start doing only BCAA's during training.. No more intra carbs.
                Training Log


                • I like them. Don't really "notice" anything but I don't see why you would. Taste is fine as I have had some pretty bad stuff in my day anyway! LOL

                  intra stuff would depend on the goal imo. If you want to get leaner then why bother giving the body another source of fuel for training aside from body fat. Now if you want to grow then the more fuel the better and anything to keep the body from using it's OWN resources would be of value. Just my .02 though.


                  • Shoulders (198.4)

                    I'll take that weight considering...

                    Z press
                    bar x 15
                    65 x 10
                    85 x 10
                    105 x 10
                    125 x 10
                    145 x 3
                    165 x 1
                    185 x 1 and it was heavy
                    145 x 8, 8, 8

                    cable side laterals, behind the back, cable at knee height
                    20 x 3 sets of 12 reps

                    Super set Smith shrugs and Nautilus ab crunch
                    180/65 x 3 sets of 15s

                    Better day than I thought. Didn't want to train at all since Connor was up sick last night and missed school again today. Kid just can't catch a break and it wears us down too. Tired. Throw in all the snow BS and I'm hurting a little bit.


                    • Man I know what you mean, when your kid gets sick; it will absolutely take everything out of you. Sleep becomes a major factor after day 1 of no sleep
                      Training Log


                      • My lil girl had a stomach bug a couple weeks ago for 2 days or so, and I may have had 2 hours each night of actual sleep (if that).. Days in the gym are definitely a drag
                        Training Log


                        • Catching up (199.2)

                          So I did VERY little for arms yesterday. I am just getting beat down by this winter.
                          Super set Alt db curls with 20s and v-bar press downs with 40
                          5 sets of 20 on each. That was it.

                          Allergies or cold is getting worse everyday!
                          Connor is still sick.
                          And last night the wife was in tears because her stomach hurt so bad.
                          Supposed to go out for V-Day tonight but that is looking less and less likely as we go on.
                          Supposed to go out and rake the snow off the roof this morning but the cold literally hurts my face...
                          F'n winter.


                          • Chest (198.6)

                            Soooooo Sick of this winter! Still del shitty, don't even have the motivation to train which is WAY OFF for me. Went and got a little done anyway.

                            bar x 20
                            135 x 3
                            185 x 3
                            225 x 3
                            275 x 3
                            315 x 5 singles and none were easy. WAY out of the groove, couldn't take a deep breath, etc.

                            Inc HS press
                            1 x 10
                            2 x 5 sets of 10 reps

                            Pec dec
                            50 x 5 sets of 15 reps

                            and I was out of there.

                            Thankfully I can sleep in a bit tomorrow maybe that'll help a touch... maybe.


                            • Hang in there Joe, hopefully the weather will give yall a break pretty soon
                              Training Log


                              • Back (forgot to weigh in)

                                On the brink of thinking I would be better to just take some time off... I fought through the whole workout today:

                                Wide pulldowns
                                60 x 20
                                90 x 15
                                120 x 10
                                150 x 10, 10, 10

                                HS iso row, 1 arm at a time
                                1 x 12
                                2 x 10
                                3 x 8, 8, 8

                                Underhand pulldown
                                100 x 10
                                140 x 10, 10, 10

                                seated row palms down, BIG stretch
                                100 x 10
                                140 x 10, 10, 10

                                and that was it.

                                Originally posted by CMC191 View Post
                                Hang in there Joe, hopefully the weather will give yall a break pretty soon
                                I'm hoping so! Thanks!