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  • Hey Joe, just checking in. Hope all is well.
    Not Everything. Not Yet.


    • Originally posted by tjoe View Post
      at Golds

      Precor Super Squat facing in
      empty x 15
      1 x 10
      2 x 10
      3 x 10
      4 x 10

      45 degree sled
      1 x 10
      2 x 10
      3 x 10
      4 x 10

      135 x 10
      185 x 10
      225 x 10

      Lying leg curl
      70 x 3 sets of 10 reps

      calves on 45 degree sled
      1 x 10
      2 x 10
      3 x 10, 10

      and that was it today.
      I need to do something but I don't know what. I feel like I'm in limbo. Not lean, not strong... so-so work outs...
      Any idea on what you want to do? Routine change? Im looking up more john meadows routines and putting some diff stuff together. Might throw some sprints and stadiums in the mix as well.
      Training Log


      • eh, just a kind of "blah" mood.
        Been watching some old vids like this one:

        Yeah, I was fat... but man I loved moving weight. Now I can't move weight and I ain't shredded...


        • Pushin (201.2)

          Z Press
          bar x 15
          95 x 3
          115 x 3
          135 x 3
          155 x 5 sets of 3 reps

          Inc db press
          40s x 10 sets of 10 reps

          Nautilus ab crunch
          80 x 5 sets of 12 reps

          Good day. Trying something a bit different until the wind blows in a different direction... lol:

          Monday - pressing*
          Tuesday - Back (pulldown, row, rear delt, shrug)
          Wed - OFF
          Thurs - Arms
          Friday - side laterals and flies
          Saturday OR Sunday - Deadlifts and legs

          * so for pressing I am going to go back and forth between:
          -heavy z press and 10 x 10 on inc db
          -heavy inc bench and 10 x 10 on seated db


          • I know what you mean about wanting to try something different. I will have a few ideas and do it for a little bit, then switch back to my old routine all the time. I would like to get on a program and just stick with it.. Otherwise, i'm usually always on the usual bodybuilding split it seems
            Training Log


            • 199.8 today
              201.4 yesterday

              Didn't train yesterday because of my leaking roof and basement. Today is a normal off day and I wouldn't have had time to train anyway. So, tomorrow it should be back to the grind. Arm day Nice.


              • Arms (199.sumthin)

                Press downs, straight bar
                50 x 25
                70 x 20
                90 x 15
                110 x 10
                130 x 10
                150 x 10

                Alt db curls
                20 x 20
                25 x 15
                30 x 10
                35 x 10
                40 x 10
                45 x 10

                Close grip floor press
                bar x 20
                135 x 5
                185 x 5
                225 x 3
                275 x 3
                320 x 1
                330 x 1*

                barbell curl, straight
                45 x 20
                65 x 15
                85 x 10
                105 x 5
                125 x 5

                Excellent day.
                A buddy jumped in on the floor presses and we were trying to beat each other. Every time he went I would go an extra 5 (hence the 320 and 330). I was psyched since last time I missed 325 and the rep prior to that was 305.
                Got in some reps and used some heavy weight, good day


                • and from last night:


                  • Cool video ^^ Are you planning on doing more stuff like this again?? Strongman type stuff
                    Training Log


                    • not sure. it's always in the back of my head because it's fun as hell and it certainly gives you a "thicker look" for some reason. At 5'8" I am not going anywhere in the sport itself but the training is good times.
                      Kind of getting itchy to lift heavier stuff again.


                      • Yeah that type of training would be fun to do a couple times a week.
                        Training Log


                        • blood flow (201.6)

                          Standing side laterals
                          20s x 10 sets of 10 reps

                          Flat db flies
                          20s x 10 sets of 10 reps

                          and I was out!
                          Excellent day, nice lil pump, joints feel good. What a nice way to break up heavier stuff. Did the sets pretty quickly just to keep the pump going since the weight was so light. Hopefully tomorrow is a good deadlif/leg day...

                          Originally posted by CMC191 View Post
                          Yeah that type of training would be fun to do a couple times a week.
                          If you have any stuff I highly recommend it.


                          • I have thought about getting some things to have at the house. Tires, sled pulls, etc. Even thought about getting a trap bar for farmers walks, etc. My wife and I are thinking of building a house in a year or so in the county area, which is about 20 mins away, so I may possibly invest in a power rack and leg press/hack squat and have majority of my stuff at the house. Most of my workouts are basic movements anyways. What all things would you recommend to get if someone was looking to get into putting strongman training into their routine??
                            Training Log


                            • Some rings are a pain in the ass because they take up so much room but some are multi purpose.
                              A good yoke from Rogue is great for yoke walks, pushes, pulls and even stone over bar.
                              An axle could be used for overheads as well as reads where as a log is only for overheads.
                              Tires are great but just a few takes up lots of room and good luck ever trying to get rid of them down the road.
                              Just depends what you want really. I bought molds and made my own atlas stones. We have farmers handles, axle, log and harness. Wish I had a yoke.


                              • Deads/Legs (201.8)

                                Out in Chicopee

                                Deads first
                                bar x 15
                                135 x 5
                                225 x 5
                                315 x 1
                                365 x 1
                                405 x 1
                                455 x 1 felt bad
                                455 x 5 felt just as bad

                                bar x 10
                                135 x 5
                                185 x 5
                                225 x 3
                                275 x 3
                                315 x 3
                                *I went back to a wider stance here. I think I had a bit more in me but didn't want to push it as my back felt kinda "not good".

                                Leg ext
                                ? x 3 sets of 12

                                Seated leg curl
                                ? x 3 sets of 12 reps

                                45 degree sled calf raise
                                1 x 15
                                2 x 15
                                3 x 12
                                4 x 10

                                Seated calf
                                45 x 3 sets of 15 reps

                                OK day. Not happy with how my back feels at the moment but glad I did that set of 5 with 455 because the first single felt awful. I doubt I would have got 495 off the floor today but who knows.

                                My chest actually is sore from those light flies yesterday and as of right now I like the way I have my chest/shoulder days split up. Feels good.