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  • Arms at the gym

    woke up at 174.8 today
    fasted all day since yesterday at 5pm
    trained arms from about 3:30-4:30ish
    broke my fast after training with a shake of 40g dextrose, 1 scoop ISO-100 about 6-7g of creatine and what I had left of some citrulline.
    around 6:40pm I ate a box of fruity pebbles. Apex 253g of carbs in there plus whatever was in the fair life milk I used with my cereal.
    I may or may not have beef and rice before bed... see if I'm hungry.

    I didn't write anything down today but we did super set every thing. Did the triceps move first followed by biceps. Felt pretty good.

    I'm interested to see my "look", my weight and how I feel tomorrow morning after all these carbs.


    • Update:

      400g of carbs Friday night
      Saturday morning I feel I looked the same, BUT I used the last hole on my belt for the first time! Interesting.
      All day Saturday, Mystic. Beef and eggs in morning, fat bombs and coffee all day, 2 cheeseburger patties for dinner.
      Sunday morning: 174.4
      Drank water and salt and hit the track for some cardio.
      100 yard sprints x 8, walked one lap, jogged 4 and then walked one more. Total of 14 laps.
      average HR 128
      range from 70-182
      apx 534 calories
      about 4.0 miles or so


      • Shoulders at work:

        So after my track work yesterday and 3 hours on the lawn in the sun, I was 175.8 this morning. Kinda high imo but I think I am probably holding some water due to "stress" from the sun and my legs are pretty sore. Anyway...

        20 hours into fasting today and then we hit shoulders after work:

        strict side laterals
        15s x 20
        20s x 15, 15
        25s x 12, 12, 12
        30s x 10, 10, 10, 10

        Cable side laterals, pulley set about knee high or so
        25 x 12, 12, 12, 12

        Seated overhead barbell press, but NO back support
        bar x 15
        95 x 12
        115 x 8, 8
        125 x 5
        65 behind the head x 17

        Barbell front raise
        45 x 15, 15, 15

        Everything felt real good today.
        I sipped 50ish grams of dextrose and 1 scoop of isolate while I was training. Didn't notice too much difference to be honest.
        Maybe tomorrow I'll do it right after training, maybe... we'll see.
        I'd love to guess where my weight will be at tomorrow but honestly I have no idea. Hopefully my body is rested a bit and it goes down a touch but we'll see.


        • Back at the gym:

          Pull down combo, wide/close underhand
          60 x 10/10
          80 x 10/10
          100 x 10/10
          120 x 10/10
          140 x 8/7, 8/7

          HS Iso lateral pull down, same time, underhand, seat kinda high
          1 plate/side x 10
          plate and a quarter x 10
          2 a side x 6, 6
          1 a side x 20

          Rev pec dec, palms down
          50 x 15
          70 x 12ish, 12ish, 12ish

          1 arm db shrugs
          50 x 15
          75 x 12
          100 x 10, 10, 10
          50 x 50, both arms same time

          Great session.
          Had my Karbolyn on my ride from work to the gym, about 30 minutes or so.
          Yesterday the only thing I did different was have the dextrose/whey while I was training and things "came out quickly" later that evening if you get my drift. I don't think that is a coincidence. So, I'll see if I have the same experience this way.

          Weight was 175.2 this morning.


          • Chest at work:

            Bench press
            bar x 25
            95 x 10
            135 x 10
            185 x 10
            225 x 8, 7, 5, 5
            *8 and 7 were about it. Had more on the 5 rep sets however my goal was 25 reps total in however many sets. Next week I will add 10 pounds and still shoot for 25 total reps.

            Inc db Press
            60s x 10
            80s x 8
            100s x 5
            60s x 18

            Flat DB fly
            30s x 12, 12, 12

            Everything felt pretty good today. I was honestly hoping for a few more reps on that first set of 225 but thats ok I guess. For being lighter and not really benching I can't complain.

            Yes, I had 50g of Karbolyn pre training today. No yesterday I did NOT have any bathroom issues after my Karbolyn... which makes me think there may be a difference between it and regular dextrose...

            Morning weight today was: 175.4

            I ate a bit more than usual today but no extra carbs aside from the pre workout. I would expect to be a bit heavier in the morning but who knows. LOL


            • Legs at work:

              bar x 12
              95 x 12
              145 x 12
              195 x 20

              Yoke walk
              185 x 40 feet
              275 x 20
              365 x 20
              455 x 20
              275 x 160ish feet
              275 x 200 feet

              good day.
              weight this morning was 175.8 which wasn't too high for the amount of calories I ate yesterday.
              I've had 50g of Karbolyn every day this week before training. So far so good.


              • Arms at work

                weighed in at 177.0 this morning
                Had 100g of Karbolyn prior to and bit during training today, cause I like arm day. LOL

                rope pressdown/db curls same time (warm up
                55 x 25/15s x 25 (twice)

                DB OHExt/alt db curls
                40 x 25/30s x 15
                60 x 20/35s x 12
                80 x 15/40s x 12
                80 x 15/40s x 12

                Lying db ext, neutral grip/barbell curl
                20s x 20/45 x 20
                25s x 15/65 x 15
                30s x 12/85 x 12
                30s x 15/85 x 12

                1 arm rev grip press downs
                25 x 20
                40 x 15, 15, 15

                Cross body db hammer curls
                25s x 20
                35s x 15, 15, 15

                Super set for da pump, lol
                Benched dips/rev grip barbell curl
                me x 25/45 x 25
                me x 25/45 x 25

                Took us about 90 minutes to finish that up today.
                Felt fantastic.
                I do need to get "back on track" with leaning down though. I said I wasn't going to add in carbs yet, but here I am. I don't feel it hurt me at this point as I was still in ketosis this morning. I do think it could "slow down" my fat loss of course. I still have some I want to lose so it's back to ONE focus! Get LEAN.


                • Saturday morning: 176.6
                  Sunday morning: 174.6
                  BIG morning of movement today.
                  Fat coffee this morning since I weighed in so well.
                  Walked the dog about 45 minutes or so.
                  Hit the gym and did:
                  Super set:
                  rope OHExt with 80/rope cable curls with 60
                  10 sets of 10 reps
                  Tri set all seated:
                  Bent rear laterals, side laterals, front raises all with 10s
                  10 sets of 10 reps on each move
                  Super set:
                  barbell curl with 45/skull crusher with 45
                  4 sets of 25 reps
                  *this felt great today and was a nice way to burn up some more calories.
                  Got home and had a shake with 2 eggs and 1 scoop of ON Whey
                  Hit the track for a nice little session:
                  14 loops, 100 yard jog/sprints x 13!
                  The sprints were not as quick as last time as I was kind of tight/sore in my adductors.

                  I'm looking for a pretty big week on the scale and in the mirror. I've been hanging around the same area for too long and it's time to crank it up.
                  Might be a bit ambitious, but I am looking to peek into the 160s by the end of the week... Time will tell...


                  • Tuesday, pushing at gym

                    So my training partner and I were both busy yesterday and couldn't train.
                    My weight in the morning was 178.2
                    Only explanation for that heaviness was all the activity Sunday morning and most calories Sunday night including a big salad which usually makes me hold some weight (maybe water/fiber).

                    This morning (Tuesday) I weighed in at 177.6 and felt pretty normal.
                    Normal keto stuff today and I am trying to talk myself into some more cardio tonight... We'll see if it happens.

                    Bench press
                    bar x 20
                    105 x 5
                    145 x 5
                    195 x 5
                    235 x 9, 7, 6, 3 for a total of 25 reps, going up 10 pounds next week hopefully for 25 total again.

                    Quantum OHP, facing the seat
                    90 x 10
                    120 x 10
                    150 x 14, 14

                    Parallel bar dips
                    me x 10
                    45 x 13, 11

                    Pec dec
                    100 x 15, 12+3 partials

                    DB Side Lateral, to the front, little motion
                    25s x 20, 15+5 more consecutive singles

                    Felt pretty good training today.


                    • Wednesday, Back at work

                      me x 5 of 5

                      close grip neutral pulldowns
                      100 x 12
                      130 x 12
                      160 x 12
                      190 x 6, 6, 6

                      weird cable rear delt thing with 2 handles from the bottom pulley kind of like a rev pec dec motion
                      25 x 20
                      40 x 15, 15, 15

                      Farmers walk with the hex bar (forgot what it weighed so I wrote + for the bar)
                      90+ x 120 feet
                      140+ x 120 feet
                      added belt and straps
                      180+ x 120 feet
                      180+ x 160 feet
                      180+ x 200 feet *video of this set on FB and IG

                      So today felt pretty good. Weight this morning was 175.4
                      Not sure I am going to find the 160s this week like I planned but I'm still working on it.
                      Last night I did some HARD 15 second intervals on the Airdyne. It kinda sucked.
                      Tonight I am going to hit an hour on our treadmill with some incline, lower speed.
                      Never know when you are right around the corner from a big unexpected drop.
                      Although weight is pretty "normal", I have not felt "as lean" lately. Perhaps the last couple weeks of carbs catching up to me? Maybe just head games since I am not seeing something "new" like I have been for so many weeks? Not sure? Either way, still getting after it.


                      • Thursday, legs, at gym:

                        bar x 15
                        95 x 5
                        135 x 5
                        185 x 5
                        225 x 20 *video*

                        95 x 5 sets of 10 reps
                        wanted to use the 25s for a bit more motion and they felt awful so no need to use more weight right now.

                        45 degree Hyper extensions
                        me x 5 sets of 10 reps

                        Finished up with 20 minutes on the bike to hopefully flush out my legs so I won't hold a bunch of water and be heavy tomorrow. Probably won't work... lol

                        This morning I was 174.2
                        Diet was tight.
                        Very tired all day.
                        We'll see how it goes...


                        • Friday, arms, at gym

                          Got out an hour early and went straight to the gym for some extra arm time!

                          Alt db curls
                          20s x 20
                          30s x 15
                          40s x 15, 15, 15

                          press downs close cambered bar
                          90 x 20
                          120 x 15
                          150 x 15, 15, 15

                          barbell curls, straight
                          45 x 15
                          65 x 8
                          85 x 8
                          105 x 8, 8, 8

                          EZ bar OHExt, seated
                          40 x 25
                          60 x 20
                          80 x 10, 10, 20

                          Rope hammer curls
                          60 x 20
                          90 x 15
                          120 x 12, 12, 12

                          Elbows out extensions on incline bench
                          20s x 20
                          30s x 20
                          35s x 15, 15, 15

                          Super set:
                          reverse barbell curl/parallel bar dips
                          45/me x 20/15 for FIVE sets

                          Arm day was great. Energy was fantastic. Pump was so-so. Not like when I tossed in some carbs, lol.

                          So today is Saturday morning and I am headed to work for a little OT.
                          I told Sarah last night if I am 173ish I won't fast, if I'm 174+ I will... well, S.O.B. I'm 176.0!
                          My body is FIGHTING me hard! I really wanted to be in the 160s by this weekend and I failed.
                          So I am going to try something different... I'm having a heaping scoop of protein every 3 hours. That amounts to right around 30g of protein. I've been doing some reading and this seems to be the "balance" point of whats going to be MOST utilized. Yes, you can absorb more but then its at a lesser rate. And that will increase calories. I need to fight back. Pretty sure this is going to suck but I need to make something happen.


                          • Well, its Saturday night.
                            I did 1 scoop every 3 hours. I had 2 back coffees no nothing.
                            I've got 1 more shake to go.
                            After my 2pm shake I hit the gym for some treadmill 5k work to see how my condition is. (signed up for a 5k during our vacation week)
                            So I just wanted to go straight one speed the whole time and see how I felt.
                            5.5 mph with 0 incline.
                            gives me a 5K in 34:55
                            apx 460 calories at 176lbs.
                            For only having shakes all day, I felt pretty good. I think I had a bit more speed in me but no need to get shin splints or anything else. I need to be able to continue training. I did notice that I felt recovered within minutes of finishing and cooling off. I just brought the speed to 2.5 and walked but I felt almost 100% after 2-3 minutes of walking. I feel that was a very good sign of my current cardiovascular state.


                            • This morning (Sunday) 173.8 after my day of shakes yesterday.
                              Ran again today, first thing int he morning before eating anything. Just had my salt and a bit of water to wash it down.
                              32:00 minutes
                              3.2 miles
                              6.0 mph
                              0 incline
                              451 calories
                              A little harder to push through today but considering I did it yesterday, shakes all day, fasted this morning (over night anyway) etc. I think it went pretty well. Joints a bit achey from 2 days in a row. Have to take a few days off from running for sure.
                              Mostly all shakes today but going to get a nice steak at Texas Roadhouse for Fathers day for my 3pm meal. Been having 1 scoop every 2 hours today since I started much later than yesterday. I am sure the steak meal will through timing off a bit so maybe a shake at 6 and 8? We'll see.
                              Hopefully I see a new low tomorrow. 173.6 was my lowest during my 3 day fast so I am 0.2 away from that...


                              • Chest at the gym


                                bar x 20, 15
                                115 x 5
                                155 x 5
                                205 x 5
                                245 x 5 sets of 5 reps and every 5th rep was a fight! that sucked. lol

                                HS Inc chest press
                                1 x 8
                                2 x 8
                                3 x 8
                                4 x 3, 3
                                3 x 6 and 4 partials

                                Pec dec
                                80 x 15, 20ish, 17ish

                                close grip push up on the DB rack (bottom row), elbows out
                                me x a lot, then some more

                                OK day. The 5x5 on bench kinda has me bummed so I need to stay focused.
                                I weighed in this morning at 175.8
                                WTF? Seriously?
                                This morning was just like when my weight went up after my 3 days fast. I put on some small pants. My belt went into the last hole. Mirror seemed fairly good. But I still have squeezable stuff where I don't want it and the scale is not going where I feel it should. Frustrating for sure. Perhaps my increased protein is adding a touch more muscle? I dunno. Maybe I'll never see the 160s? I guess that would be OK IF I lost that squeezable shit!