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  • Originally posted by Sandpig View Post
    You woke up heavier cause fat loss is never a straight line. You know that.

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    Oh don't I know it! Just gets in your head sometimes. I also think I may be changing composition a bit thus keeping the scale kind of still. Doing everything "right" and training is on point so I don't see another answer. I'd get it if I were messing up, but not the case.

    So yesterday I had a 12 hour day at work and then a bonfire with the family a town over. Ate all day long, but keto, and woke up this morning at 173.8
    So, still heading in the right direction even if slowly.
    Looking forward to a normal work day and training after!


    • Take measurements of your waist, it is more reliable than the scale when you are looking for fat loss.


      • Back at gym, Tuesday:

        HS iso row, single arm
        1 x 15, 15
        2 x 12
        3 x 12, 12, 12

        Cable row, crossover stack, pulley at bottom, cambered bar, underhand grip, big stretch
        90 x 10
        120 x 10
        150 x 15, 15, 15

        Pendlay rows
        95 x 8
        115 x 8
        135 x 8
        155 x 8
        135 x 10

        DB shrugs
        60 x 20
        80 x 10
        100 x 10
        120s x 10

        Great day.


        • 4th Of July! at work:

          Alternated sets of dips and pull-ups
          me x 20/12
          added 20 pounds:

          Shoulder tri-set
          So I goofed around with the order I did them in but I used 20s for everything and did 10 reps on each movement.
          Each set consisted of front raise, side laterals and rear laterals, not in that order every time. I also did some of the front raises alternating style which to me felt better than at the same time for some reason.
          We did that for 5 sets

          Solid day.


          • Originally posted by Beti ona View Post
            Take measurements of your waist, it is more reliable than the scale when you are looking for fat loss.
            Agreed and I notice that for sure.
            My 32" pants will slide off with no belt and I wore my belt the other day in the last hole all day. I was using it in the mornings for a few weeks but a meal or two into the day and I would go back out 1 notch. I noticed the other day though I was in the last one all day. Certainly a good sign. Especially at close to the same weight!


            • Saturday - 173.4 Not bad after all that food on the 4th and then a big Salad last night before bed.

              Yesterday I was 177.0 from all the meat the night before!
              We trained at work on Friday since I had to go in anyway...

              Bench press
              bar x 20
              95 x 10
              135 x 10
              185 x 5
              225 x 5, 5, 5

              Trap bar deadlift
              155 x 5
              205 x 5
              245 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

              185 x 20 feet
              275 x 20
              365 x 20
              455 x 20, 20

              Neither the trap bar DLs nor the Yoke felt very good yesterday. The second 455 set on the Yoke actually felt horrible. I was all over the place... not tight at all... felt VERY heavy, etc. Thats why I called it there. No point in pushing and getting injured.

              I was pretty happy with the scale this morning after that salad last night as that usually holds some weight the following morning. Since I over did it on the 4th though I kept things real low yesterday. I had a shake and 2 fat bombs 3x at work. Shake in the morning with peanut butter. So calories were pretty low all day. Protein was still solid though up around 170g give or take.
              Probably get some meat and eggs in today as the next 3 days will be a bit "off". Small family trip, no training, no kitchen...


              • Also hit arms by myself today at the gym.
                GREAT session... of course I didn't write anything down.
                I know I concentrated a lot on feel, curled the 60s, did a bit more reps on triceps than biceps (seems to be better for my elbow) and just felt real good overall.
                Going to enjoy a few "off days" and let my body rest up a bit.


                • All right, So our trip was fantastic and some much needed family time.
                  Sunday and Monday I stuck to the keto gig. Tuesday I ate from about 8:00am-2:00pm. Had pancakes, ice cream, grilled cheese a bit of candy and a brownie. Currently 8:43 same night and I feel like my body chewed right through everything. I got HUNGRY right around 7:00pm or so. Not eating until the morning either before work or depending on how I feel I will wait until I get into work so I can check to see if I have any ketones floating around for giggles. IF I am really fat adapted I should have a bit floating around already even after a short 16+ hour fast... However, if I wake up super hungry I will just have my fat coffee and maybe some eggs while I prep my stuff for work. I'll play it by ear and see how I feel.
                  Also will be interesting to see what the scale says since I haven't checked since Saturday. Also didn't eat one crumb the whole time with the scale in mind. Just did my thing.
                  So, there is my recap and we'll see what tomorrow brings!


                  • Wednesday at gym:

                    This morning - 175.8 imagine that! LOL

                    WIDE pull downs
                    60 x 20, 20
                    90 x 10
                    120 x 10
                    150 x 10, 10
                    8" neutral grip
                    150 x 10, 10

                    HS ISO row, single arm, pronated
                    1 x 10
                    2 x 10
                    3 x 10, 10
                    close neutral grip
                    3 x 10, 10

                    Seated rows 8" neutral grip
                    100 x 10
                    130 x 10
                    160 x 10, 10

                    and that was it. Not the best workout today for whatever reason. Interestingly, I felt pretty good going in to the gym today too. Eh, it happens I guess. Looking forward to tomorrow... planning bench, overheads and uprights. We'll see.


                    • Thursday at work:

                      bar x 20
                      95 x 5
                      135 x 5
                      185 x 5
                      225 x 3
                      245 x 2
                      265 x 1
                      285 x 1
                      305 x 1 Video
                      315 x 1 Video

                      Bent rear laterals
                      20s x 3 sets of 20 reps

                      Standing side laterals
                      20s x 3 sets of 20 reps

                      front raises (alternating)
                      20s x 3 sets of 20 reps

                      I was pretty psyched with that bench to be honest. I was fully expecting 265-285 tops.
                      Weighed in at 177.0 this morning.


                      • I give myself a 5lb window for my weight. Never get obsessive about your body weight. Best to keep it in check weekly or even monthly, never day to day..

                        Bottom line is you are in great shape, It ain't broke so no need to fix it. I think like me you are never satisfied and that is good, and that is also bad. 175lbs for you at this time is great, don't starve yourself down to being a normal mortal.
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                        • GFR - you are 100% correct. I honestly won't change weighing myself all the time, done it for years! Most of the time I am ok but every once in a while I can let it get to me for sure. I sure don't want to be "normal", LOL. I honestly want to pull the fats and add in carbs to see what happens but I still feel I am not lean enough yet. I've been floating in the mid 170s since May. I know to get lower/leaner, I need to either pull the fats by a lot, get my ass on some routine cardio or a good combination of both.

                          175.6 this morning by the way. lol


                          • Arm at work:

                            Super sets today:

                            Rope press downs/db hammer curls (alternating, standing)
                            40/20s x 20
                            70/35s x 15
                            100/50s x 3 sets of 10s

                            Elbows out Extensions/barbell curl, closer grip
                            20s/55 x 20
                            30s/75 x 15
                            40s/95 x 20/12, 20/12, 20/12

                            Barbell ext (knuckles hitting bench behind head)/inc db curls (alternating)
                            55/25s x 20/15
                            75/35s x 15/10
                            95/40s x 10/8
                            75/40s x 15/8, 15/10

                            Really good session today. Arms were pretty lit.
                            I tossed up a diet idea in Rons thread (DPP) and I'm going to copy it over here just for my reference and to see if I use it or not and what some other peoples opinions are.


                            • So, as you guys know I have been following keto/IF. So far so good BUT, I've been "stuck" in the mid 170s since May sometime. It'd be fine but I could still drop some lbs to be really happy with my condition. My goal has been to get VERY lean, then bring the carbs back in to try and fill out some glycogen and hopefully stay relatively lean and put a some fullness back into the muscle. Not sure how dramatic I can make that look being natty and 42 years old.
                              My thoughts on a possible diet change:
                              1 - 50g of whey, piece of fruit, maybe 2 raw eggs in my shake for the fats
                              2 - 1/2 pound LEAN grass fed ground beef, 1/2 bag of riced cauliflower, maybe a serving of nuts
                              3 - Same but maybe 1 TBSPN EVOO instead of nuts
                              Post training - Dextrose amount to be determined
                              4 - 1/2 pound beef (same stuff) and 1/2 cup Jasmine rice (dry measure)
                              5 - same as 4
                              So, my rationale:
                              Everything about Keto/IF is about minimizing insulin. Insulin is almost a BBers best friend. Now the amounts above should still have me in a deficit. So even though I am "spiking" insulin, it's post training when muscle should be most receptive. On of days I would NOT have the dextrose or rice. I'd have more veggies or a small amount of fats like 1 serving of nuts or the EVOO since there would be no point in jacking up insulin if I am not trying to cram glucose into a fatigued muscle. I feel rice agrees with me digestion wise. Dextrose is more just to kick up insulin levels to CRAM the rice meals into muscle.
                              This makes sense to me. Obviously the only thing I can do is try it and see what happens. I'm not 100% sure I want to pull the trigger however. I feel like if it goes "wrong", like I start gaining fat or looking more watery, then I set myself back several weeks just to get back to where I am now.


                              • Shoulders at gym:


                                Super set:
                                Neutral 12" pull down/Standing OHP
                                60/45 x 20s
                                80/95 x 20/15
                                100/115 x 20/12
                                100/135 x 20/8
                                100/155 x 20/5, 20/5

                                DB side laterals
                                20s x 15
                                25s x 12
                                30s x 10, 10

                                Rev pec dec
                                60 x 10
                                80 x 10
                                100 x 2 sets of 10 kinda, reps got a bit short towards the end and the stack was "sticking" at that weight.
                                60 x almost 20

                                Solid day of training but nothing felt particularly "great". On the flip side nothing felt bad either. I'll take it.

                                So today I changed up the diet a bit...
                                Coffee and 2 fat bombs this morning
                                2 more coffee during work but not big fat ones, maybe 4ish calories in each
                                around 2:30pm a shake with 2 scoops of ON Whey, 1 cup of mixed frozen berries and 1tsp of fiber
                                post training - 20g dextrose and 5g creatine
                                about 5ish beef and rice
                                about 8ish the rest of my beef and rice
                                *the beef was 1 pound of LEAN grass fed and I used 1 cup (dry measure) of Jasmine rice.
                                While mixing up my dinner I thought NO WAY I am going to eat all that... Now at 7:25 I am counting the minutes until 8pm so I can finish the rest! Funny how the body works!
                                We'll see how I feel in the morning I guess.