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  • 173.0

    Arms at the gym:

    Almost skipped today altogether but i got bored and got in there around 2:00pm or so.

    Standing db curl
    25s x 20
    35s x 15
    45s x 10
    55s x 8

    Single arm rope hammer curl
    30 x 15
    40 x 12
    50 x 10
    switched to same thing but cross body
    50 x 10, 10

    ez bar rev curl wide/normal curl close
    70 x 15/15, 15/15

    Feroze Press down combo
    40 x 15/15
    60 x 12/12, 12/12

    Weird press on Quantum bench
    60 x 15
    90 x 12
    120 x 12
    150 x 12

    single arm OHExt
    20 x 15
    25 x 15
    30 x 10, 10

    Cable OHExt, cambered bar, close grip
    60 x 20
    80 x 15
    100 x 15
    70 x 30
    *on the 100 set i almost couldn't get into position as you'll see in the video, sucked! weight for the triceps wasn't bad though.


    • 173.4

      at the gym:

      Bench press
      bar x 20, 20, 20 *waiting for D
      95 x 10
      135 x 10
      185 x 10
      225 x 10
      245 x 7
      265 x 3
      285 x 1.5 BARELY neede help on that 2nd rep but I wasn't getting in on my own.
      225 x 9

      Quantum OHP, facing the seat
      100 x 15
      120 x 15
      140 x 15

      Bench dips, hands on smith machine bar
      me x 40, 35, 25

      Solid day and the set of 10 at 225 surprised me. So weird how some days it feels so bad like when I was working for sets of 5! LOL
      I know 285 for a single isn't impressive in the least but I was happy with that after the reps I did leading up to it.
      The plan is to press again on Thursday but move bench to the last position.

      It's almost time to STUFF my face...
      just for a day...


      • 173.2

        At the gym

        Pulldowns (36" grip I think)
        60 x 20
        90 x 10
        120 x 10
        150 x 10
        160 x not quite 10
        170 x not quite 10
        140 x 12

        HS Iso row, top grip, palms down
        Single arm
        1 x 10
        2 x 8
        3 x 6
        4 x 6
        5 x 5ish
        both hands:
        3 x 12ish
        1 x 25 with pauses at the contraction

        Rev Pec dec
        single arm
        60 x 10
        80 x 10, 10, 10
        both arms
        60 x not 20 but just kept moving them for a 20 count

        I was falling asleep on the ride to the gym from work today. Trouble falling asleep last night.
        Didn't really feel like training but it turned out to be an ok session.
        Tomorrow is my Birthday. There shall be no training. I shall eat TONS of shit! I will feel awful. I probably won't want to do it again for a long time. LOL


        • 180.0

          Birthday Wednesday - 173.6 no training, just eating, see video

          Thursday at work:

          Standing overhead press, some leg drive:
          bar x 20
          95 x 10
          115 x 5
          135 x 5
          155 x 5, 5
          165 x 6 in video

          me x 10
          45 x 15
          55 x 12
          65 x 10 in video

          Ultra wide bench press
          135 x 20, 20, 16, 17

          Solid day. Energy was good. Interestingly, no more pump than usual even with all the carbs and calories yesterday.
          Semi fasted today as I only had 3 coffees while at work. Not fat coffees, just a bit of cream.
          180.0 this morning and honestly thought I'd be a bit heavier. HOWEVER, I feel very good. Felt like a million bucks yesterday all day. Slept like a baby last night.


          • Catching up:

            Today is Saturday morning...
            180.0 thursday
            175.8 friday
            174.6 saturday

            So yesterday at work:

            neutral chins
            me x 5 sets of 10 reps

            ez bar pullovers
            70 x 3 sets of 12 reps
            *for some reason these were ROUGH! Kinda hurt my forearms a bit. felt like my head was going to explode in the stretch position. never had those issues with DBs before. interesting. everything else felt normal so I am kinda chalking it up as a fluke.

            DB row leaning on the rack
            70 x 10
            80 x 10
            90 x 10
            100 x 10

            Super set:
            DB hammer curl 50s with HEX bar farmers walk with 200
            Super set:
            Same hammer cursl 50s with HEX bar shrugs 200

            Training felt pretty good and energy was great. D had to leave after the farmers walk and I stuck around to hit 3 more sets of curls with the shrugs. Felt good.
            I also realize I am 1 week out form my 5k on vacation. I was doing well and then fell off the running wagon. So I told Sarah I need to hit cardio everyday from now until then. My weight will be fine, I just need to get in the groove. So after shopping last night I hit the gym in the evening for 60 minutes not he treadmill. I tried to run at 7.0 and it was a miserable failure. Maybe not the best idea that soon after farmers walks, lol. I did various speeds and inclines after that to finish off my hour. Stayed at 5.0 with various inclines for the last 20 minutes which was good.

            Saturday morning I hit the gym again for another hour on the treadmill.
            This time:
            20 minutes at 2.5 mph, every minute incline went up from 0, 2.5 5 7.5 10 12.5 15 then stayed at the top for the remaining time
            20 minutes at 2.6
            20 minutes at 2.7
            ended up being about 700 calories or so.

            fat bomb and fat coffee when I got home. Hopefully that'll be it until dinner tonight. We'll see.


            • 173.6

              Pressing at the gym:

              me x 10
              45 x 10
              90 x 8
              135 x 3ish, video on FB and IG
              90 x 8

              Floor press
              95 x 8
              145 x 8
              195 x 8
              245 x 4, video on FB and IG

              Seated shoulder press, barbell
              45 x 20
              65 x 20
              85 x 15
              105 x 12, 12

              Felt ok today. Those dips were HEAVY, lol.
              Feel like I ate a lot today, expect 175-176 tomorrow morning...


              • 175.2

                Back day at the gym:

                HS Iso pulldown, neutral grip
                Single arm
                25 x 20
                45 x 20
                70 x 15 together
                70 x 15 single arm
                45 x 15 together but palms down this set

                Cable pull down in the crossover station, kneeling, neutral close grip
                100 x 15
                150 x 15, 15, 15
                *I really liked this movement, GREAT feel

                HS Iso row, top grip, palms down
                1 x 10 single arm
                2 x 10 single arm
                3 x 5 single arm
                4 x 5 single arm
                5 x 6 single arm
                3 x 15ish, together, neutral grip

                pendlay row/snatch grip deadlift
                95 x 15/15
                115 x 10/10
                135 x 10/10
                155 x I think 10/10 but it's int he video below.


                • 172.6

                  Pressing day at work

                  bar x 20
                  95 x 10
                  135 x 10
                  185 x 10
                  225 x 5
                  275 x 1
                  325 x miss
                  290 x 1 and missed the second rep

                  Seated db presses
                  50s x 10, 12, 15, 20, 23

                  Benched dips (video on FB and IG)
                  chains over my lap x 5 sets of 20 reps

                  ate a fat bomb when I got home.
                  went to the gym at 7ish for cardio

                  varied the incline and speed for 60 minutes
                  over 700 calories
                  speed from 2.5 warm up to 5.0
                  incline from 1 to 5.0
                  pretty solid hour.
                  Hopefully an easy 30-60 minutes if I can squeeze it in, nothing on Saturday and 5k race on Sunday.


                  • Week gone by...

                    So Saturday morning before vacation I was 175 and change.
                    This morning, Sunday after vacation, I was 181.4.
                    Not bad for a week of eating whatever I felt like.

                    I trained every day on vacation starting off with our 5K race on Sunday morning. Then we hit the gym M-F for some weight training. Tons of beach walking and of course just walking around town.

                    Today I started off with 60 minutes on the treadmill with a 30 pound vest on. Currently fasting although i don't want to say for how long in case I crack, lol.

                    After my week "off" and thinking about what I want to do...
                    Still want to get as lean as I think I can. Then I want to jack up protein (kinda BBer like) and see if I can slowly bring my weight back up the right way.

                    So, step 1 - Get leaner.
                    and here we go...


                    • 180.4

                      So, down a bit today. Thats good.
                      Shake 2 scoops of whey and peanut butter and fiber/coffee normal
                      beef and eggs x 2 each one was 1/2 pound with 2 whole eggs
                      Shake 2 scoops of whey and 1 scoop of collagen, peanut butter and fiber, a bit later a keto coffee with more collagen

                      At the gym today:

                      Bench press
                      bar x 20
                      95 x 8
                      135 x 8
                      185 x 8
                      225 x 8
                      235 x 8
                      245 x 6

                      Quantum OHP, facing the normal way today
                      100 x 10
                      120 x 10
                      140 x 10
                      160 x 10
                      180 x 10
                      200 x 9, lol, no way that 10th rep was going.

                      Parallel bar dips
                      me x 5 sets of 10 reps

                      Training felt good.
                      Excited to get my weight a bit lower now that vacation is done.
                      Excited to crank up my protein intake and see what happens. Today was a solid 200+ grams. Try to do roughly the same all week and see how it goes.


                      • 179.0

                        No training today but I liked the weigh in this morning.
                        Also did my 2 beef/egg meals again and threw in an extra Salad tonight for dinner. That should have my protein up around 250 or so today. I like.


                        • 179.8

                          I didn't right it down but I hammered back at the gym today and it felt great.
                          It's now Thursday and I FEEL my back today! Solid training session.


                          • 179.0

                            Thursday at work.

                            Slight inc db press
                            30s x 20
                            45s x 20
                            60s x 10
                            80s x 10
                            100s x 6
                            70s x kept going until I got in 20 "motions"

                            Standing Bradford presses
                            35 x 5 sets of 20 reps
                            *these were easier than I expected

                            barbell front raise
                            45 x 5 sets of 20
                            *these were harder than I expected

                            Super Set
                            DB shrugs with 70s and band pull apart *kinda. it was too strong of a band and there was hardly any range of motion.
                            20/20 kinda for 3 sets

                            It all felt good today.


                            • 180.2

                              Friday at the gym

                              Rope press downs warm up
                              50 x 50

                              Seated alt db curls
                              25s x 10
                              35s x 10
                              45s x 10
                              55s x 10

                              Inc HS press (as a close grip tricep move)
                              1 x 10
                              2 x 10
                              3 x 10

                              Rope, cable hammer curls
                              70 x 10
                              100 x 10
                              130 x 10
                              150 x 10

                              Smith (JM press? nose breaker thing)
                              50 x 15
                              70 x 15
                              90 x 15
                              110 x 15 rough (video somewhere)
                              130 x 10

                              And that was it. I would have liked to toss in a reverse curl but I ran out of time. Everything felt good though and I really liked that triceps move on the smith.


                              • 178.4

                                Saturday at the gym

                                me x 15
                                bar x 15
                                95 x 10
                                135 x 5
                                185 x 5 sets of 5 reps

                                Walking lunges
                                just me x 3 sets of 75 feet

                                45 degree hyper extensions
                                me x 3 sets of 15 reps

                                single arm farmers walks
                                50 x 3 sets of 75 feet in each hand with no rest, just switched hands and went again.

                                Pretty embarrassing from what I used to do and hard for me to even type to be honest. My twinge did not feel great while training, however it did not feel worse after training. So theres that.