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  • Looking lean Joe! Good to see you’ve been consistent with the fasting
    Training Log


    • Hey!
      Thanks man. Hows everything going for yu and the family??


      • 179.6

        Sunday at the gym

        Arnold press, Franco style, deep stretch very high inc bench
        15s x 4 sets of 25 reps to warm it up

        Overhead pin press (video on IG and YT)
        bar x 5
        95 x 5
        115 x 5
        135 x 5
        155 x 5
        175 x 5
        195 x 3, 3, 3

        Bradford press
        55 x 25 reps

        Low inc db press (first click)
        50s x 28, 22 and 21

        Fly on floor
        25s x 25, 25

        rope cable press downs
        50 x 5 sets of 20 reps

        Today felt very good.
        My back is pretty sore from yesterdays leg training I think and my legs are actually VERY sore! Make moving very difficult today.


        • 182.2

          Tuesday at the gym

          Neutral grip pull down, normal station
          80 x 12
          110 x 12
          140 x 12
          170 x 10, 10

          Wide grip pull down, crossover station, kneeling
          150 x 15, 20, 20
          *felt better as I went on.

          Smith Shrug
          90 x 20
          180 x 15
          270 x 12, 12
          180 x 20

          DB hammer curls, cross body
          25s x 12
          35s x 12
          45s x 12
          55s x an ugly 12

          That was it.
          Felt good.


          • So it's Wednesday and my my back was so achey last night I could feel it all night long. This morning at work it felt like I got hit by a truck.
            That is all.


            • Friday 176.8

              at work

              bunch of warm ups and then:
              225 x 5 sets of 10 reps

              Super set:
              DB side laterals with 20s and rope cable press downs with 70 I think
              3 sets of 2ish on both moves

              Excellent day.
              My bench has been very interesting. I recall "working" with 225 for a couple sets of 5 reps. Then one day I got 10 and D and I were kind of shocked how easy it was. (maybe I was a bit lighter?)
              Anyway, 5 sets of 10 at under 177 was pretty solid for me. I was psyched.


              • Saturday 177.0

                Went to the Asylum, gym I worked at YEARS ago.

                Great equipment. Doors were open. Awesome weather. Everything combined for a solid arm day.
                I didn't write everything down but it was a good 90 minutes of training and everything felt great.
                I did notice that even at 177 today I am NOT as lean since adding a bit of carbs here and there. Pretty much during or right after training with my Karbolyn.

                I'm in a bit of limbo in my head as far as what direction to go in right now...
                Of course I want to get leaner. But I also want to work on my bench and toss in good carbs more regularly.
                There are worse problems in the world for sure so I take it with a grain of salt. I know I am holding myself back though because I could be making big strides in either direction if I just picked one...


                • Might be best to settle into a weight for the winter. Maybe hold at 180lbs for the winter and work on just maintaining that weight while improving upon your lifts.

                  Just an idea.
                  Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


                  • Sunday 177.0

                    Legs at the gym:

                    worked up to 195 for 3 sets of 5 reps.
                    first set felt awful, second was OK and third was the best.

                    walking lunges
                    just me
                    3 sets of about 11 steps per foot

                    45 degree hyperextensions
                    me x 3 sets of 15 rep
                    I super set that with hanging cross body one raises
                    me x 5 reps per side

                    single arm farmers
                    25 x holding to side, then holding racked, then overhead. 1 set on each side then the next position.

                    Felt pretty good. Wish squats felt better.
                    Perhaps next week I'll do everything else first and see if that warms me up better...

                    Originally posted by GeorgeForemanRules View Post
                    Might be best to settle into a weight for the winter. Maybe hold at 180lbs for the winter and work on just maintaining that weight while improving upon your lifts.

                    Just an idea.
                    This might be the ticket... maybe.


                    • 180.4 Monday

                      at the gym

                      Arnold press, Franco style
                      15s x 4 sets of 25 reps

                      Overhead pin press
                      bar x 5
                      100 x 3
                      150 x 3
                      200 x 3, 3 and 4
                      *better than last week for sure!

                      Bradford press
                      60 x 15, 15, 15

                      Inc HS, press
                      2 x 28, not quite 18, 15

                      Cable fly, handles at chest level
                      20 x 3 sets of 20 reps

                      Felt great today although I was getting some cramping around my trap/neck for the last few days. OH pin presses didn't help that lol. Otherwise however it didn't get worse and the rest of training went well.


                      • Very nice program in my opinion. You are so strong man!


                        • Originally posted by Mattlebl View Post
                          Very nice program in my opinion. You are so strong man!
                          Thank you. I USED to be strong. Scroll back through this thread and you'll see. Bunch of vids in there too.


                          • 176.2 at work

                            Solid back training at work on Thursday. This was during a 13.5 hour work day so I'll take it.

                            24" neutral grip pull down
                            85 x 20
                            115 x 15
                            145 x 12
                            160 x 10
                            175 x 10ish

                            Cable straight arm pullover
                            85 x 15
                            100 x 15
                            115 x 15
                            130 x 15

                            LONG stretch row, close grip, pulley on bottom
                            115 x 15
                            145 x 15
                            175 x 15
                            205 x 15 *video on IG, might put it here on youtube...

                            185 x 2 trips of pretty far
                            235 x 2 trips of just as far

                            and then back to work, LOL


                            • 176.4 at work


                              bar x 15
                              95 x 10
                              135 x 10
                              185 x 10
                              235 x 10, 10, 10, 9
                              185 close grip x 14
                              135 illegal wide grip x 30

                              and that was it as I had a bit more OT and had to get home.


                              • DB shrugs
                                30s x 50
                                50s x 20
                                80s x 15
                                100s x 15, 15

                                Behind the back smith shrugs
                                90 x 30
                                180 x 15
                                230 x 12, 12

                                rope face pulls
                                50 x 15
                                70 x 15
                                90 x 15, 15

                                rear db laterals
                                10s x 5 sets of 20 reps

                                rev grip curl
                                45 x 20
                                55 x 15
                                65 x 12
                                75 x 12

                                seated rope cable curls
                                50 x 15
                                70 x 15
                                90 x 14+
                                110 x a few and a lot of partials

                                seated db curls
                                30s x 20, 20

                                One long set of barbell curls with the fat grips
                                45 x about 50 or so

                                felt good.
                                depending on my cold/sinus I may or may not hit the gym tomorrow. It should be my leg day but I'll play it by ear and see how I feel, especially I stay up for the whole Olympia tonight...
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