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  • 10 sets of 10 reps at 275... ROUGH!
    I went in at 10:00 and finished just before 12:30
    I didn't get 275 on the bar until just after 10:30 so those 10 sets were just under 2 hours long. BIG breaks, move weight, that was the goal.
    That day took a lot out of me for sure. Loved it!


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      • Well, no new posts in this section for MONTHS. Thats sad but I haven't been any better. I've still been training and there are a bunch of videos on youtube.
        I did my usual Russian taper program for the last 3 weeks and went in today to see if I had the ole 405 in the tank...

        light warms ups followed by:
        315 x 2 very easy. normally these feel heavy no matter what so this was a good sign
        365 x 1 fast. no lift off, solid pause, right up
        405 x 1 slow and steady. no lift, great pause, slow but smooth all the way up
        430 x 0, I knew I wouldn't get it but my best ever was 425. I wanted to see how it felt, surprisingly, good. no issues.

        I weighed in at 222.0 this morning. Exactly 50 pounds up from my 172 this past summer.
        I told my self going into this that if I missed or it felt awful I would be back on the diet this afternoon. If it felt good I would push to see if I can get to 430 for a new PR. I'm still torn a bit as I would like to be in better shape but I know that doesn't go with big numbers. And honestly, the bench felt great today. That tapering program really works very well for me. I feel pretty shitty the entire 3 weeks but I feel incredible the day of the lift, which is point I suppose.

        Time will tell, I'll see what happens.


        • So, just to catch up...
          I hired a strength coach (Josh Bryant) to try and hit that 430 in 12 weeks.
          I questioned the training the whole time because I was always super setting the bench with heavy rows and mostly using timed rest periods (3 minutes). All other rest periods were timed to 60-90 seconds. This goes against everything I have ever done for strength. I gave it the benefit of the doubt because of who he is and who he trains. It didn't work AT ALL for me.
          In week 11, I was supposed to hit a triple with 360, no way that was happening. Week 12 was a "deload" week. There was never a build up or taper down to an attempt at 430 which is what I was expecting.
          Today I was rested up and decided to see where I was at (did NOT do his routine last week), took Monday off. I hit 365 for a very HARD single.
          Looking back at my videos I hit 380 at 209.4 on 2-1-20. I did 275 for 10 x 10 on 2-8-20 at 211.4. Not to mention the above post on May 9th.
          So that is that.


          • So, with that said...
            My diet starts back up on Saturday August 22nd.
            I'm only "ok" with being fat if I have the strength to go with it and it's just not happening. I really think I could push that 405 limit (not sure about hitting 430) if I did things my way again and stayed heavier, but I don't feel like staying heavier for any longer. As you see in the above posts I was teetering on going back to the diet back in May when I attempted the 405. So even then I was already getting "uncomfortable".
            This is the basic plan:

            First meal will be "lunch" somewhere between 10:00 and noon. Whenever I get hungry.
            Training after work, no special drinks aside from an electrolyte mix (Re-Lyte).
            Eggs for dinner (maybe bacon, cheese etc.)
            Keto coffee at night with a decaf k-cup. Most likely coconut oil, ghee, cinnamon, turmeric...

            I'll see how that goes for a bit and tweak from there.
            I would like to through in some fasting as I really felt good doing that last year. I would probably aim for a full day so probably in the range of 30ish hours or so. Thats jumping ahead a bit though.
            Next 1.5 weeks, just doing whatever, no plan.