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HumanAnvil's Training Journal - Hammering out the Dents!

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  • HumanAnvil's Training Journal - Hammering out the Dents!

    Hey All,

    After reading Future's posts and doing a little re-vamping of my training - with a BB focus instead of a PLing one, I decided to start a jornal on here.This seems like a pretty supportive community, and seeing as I'm already lurking on here and posting from time to time, I may as well contribute something.

    My goal is to lose bodyfat. My weight as of now in my most bloated ass form is 270 messy lbs. My bodyweight goal is 240 lbs in 12 weeks - 30 lbs. My real goal is consistency. . Not missing Cardio, not missing meals, not missing training sessions.

    - 30 min cardio - DAILY. This is important to me as I usually aviod it like the plague. Low intensity - again - CONSISTENCY.

    - 4 days/week on a 3 day split
    1)Legs, Abs
    2)Chest, Shoulders Triceps
    3)Back, Biceps
    4)Repeat Day 1, etc...

    For diet, I will be using the Palumbo Diet, 300 grams Pro, and 130 grams fat, spread evenly over 6 meals, <50 g fibrous green carb/day, and 1 "Cheat" meal/week. I've taken pics, will be taking more progress ones every 2 weeks on Sat morning - I'll be logging in here as much as possible to keep myself accountable - and hopefully garner some support from the fellow MD'ers!

    My last weeks workouts -


    - 0530am Cardio 30 min.

    Squats (x 5)
    225, 245, 275, 315, 365

    BB Lunge (X 10)
    95, 115

    Leg Extentions (x 10, ss with Lying Leg Curl)
    105, 110, 115
    Leg Curl
    100, 120, 125

    Donkey Calf Raise Machine
    4s x 12r @ 200

    Cable Crunches
    3s x 15r @ 90


    - 0530am Cardio 30 min

    Bench Press (x 5)
    185, 205, 225, 245, 275, 305

    Incl. DB Flye (x 10)
    30, 35, 40, 40 x 6 (fail)

    Standing BB Military Press (x 10)
    95, 115, 135, 95

    DB Lateral Raise
    3s x 10r @ 30's

    Machine Rear Delt Flye
    3s x 12r @ 105

    BB Tri Ext (x 8)
    75, 85, 95, 85

    Tricep Pressdowns
    3s x 12r @ 110


    -0530am 30 min cardio

    Deadlift (x5)
    225, 275, 315, 365, 405, 455x1 (fast)

    Chest Supported Row (x8)
    90, 115, 135, 135

    DB Shrugs
    3s x 12r @90's

    BB Curl (x10)
    95, 100, 100

    Machine Preacher Curl
    3s x 10r @ 90

    0700 Cardio - 1 hour brisk walk with my dog!

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    Cardio - 30 min on elliptical low intensity - still sweated like a pig, though.

    Hopefully if the rain outside lets up I'll take the dog for a long walk for a little extra somthin'. Gym is closed today so i'll have to change this weeks schedule to T,W, F, Sa.

    I saw a brief little promo commercial for a show where a couple is worried that their fatness is making their kid fat. I may have only had a kids for under a decade, but I know well enough that they are complete mimics of our behavior. I'm especially noticing this with my youngest son. He has my sense of humor, my compassion, but also my aggressiveness, stubbornness, temper, and - appetite. He hardly has any issues with weight now, but I need to be setting a better example or I'm going to have kids with weight issues like I did growing up.


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      Cardio - 530am 30 min low intensity

      Squat (x5)
      135, 185, 225, 245, 275, 315, 365, 405x2 - need to get used to the heavy weight again.

      DB Lunges
      3(35's x 10)

      Leg Ext. (x10)
      110, 120, 120, 120

      Leg Curl
      4(110 x 10)

      Machine Donkey Calf
      4(200 x 10)

      Incline Crunches
      3 x 15

      Rev. Hyper
      2(90 x 15)

      Good workout today. Energy is stil good considering low carbs. Put the 405 to feel the weight, went up fast and easy(ish...). Already starting to lose the bloat, and I'm feeling better getting quality food in. Also been drinking a ton of H2O - between that and all the coffee I drink I feel like I can't be more that 10 feet away from a bathroom!


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        9.03.08 - 30 min cardio
        9.04.08 - 30 min cardio


        -30 min Cardio

        Bench Press (x 5)
        235, 255, 275, 295, 315, 255 x 8

        Incl. DB Flye (x 10)
        35, 35, 35

        Seated BB Behind the Neck Press (x 8)
        4s @ 95

        DB Lateral Raise
        3s x 10r @ 30's

        Machine Rear Delt Flye
        3s x 12r @ 110

        BB Tri Ext (x 10)
        75,75, 85, 85, 95

        Tricep Pressdowns
        3s x 12r @ 110

        Been a crazy week. Between lack of sleep, crazy work stuff, kids activities - aka LIFE, today was the only day I could make it to the gym. Good thing I have an elliptical at home to get the cardio in. As long as I get the 3 workouts a week, I'm ok, but not nearly satisfied. I want the 4, but sometimes you gotta work with what you can get, I guess.

        Weight is coming off, mostly water weight, but at least I don't look like I'm hiding food for the winter in my cheeks. As long as i'm not losing strenth this early out, I'll be happy. for now, that will be my benchmark on whether I need to up the calories or not. I'm at about 24-2500/day right now and feeling good.


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          10.06.08 5 x 5 Training
          Squats 195, 245, 295, 365 (x5), 390x3
          Bench - 150, 185, 225, 265, 300
          Row 120, 150, 180, 210, 245 x 3
          Weighted Hypers 3s x 35lbs
          Situps 3s x 10r
          Hammer Curls 40, 45, 50 x 10
          Pressdowns 115, 120, 135 x 15


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            Nice work! Good luck on your goals. Always be ready to tweak and assess when needed.


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              Originally posted by FUTURE View Post
              Nice work! Good luck on your goals. Always be ready to tweak and assess when needed.
              Thanks Future! I get motivated watching your vids!


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                monday's squats


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                  Squats 195, 245, 295, 295
                  Incline Bench - 130, 150, 185, 210
                  Deadlift 265, 315, 370, 420
                  Situps 3s x 12r
                  Cable Pulldown Abs 2s @ 110 x 10r


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                    last couple of workouts

                    10.14.08 – 5 x 5 Training
                    Squats – 200, 255, 305, 350, 405x3
                    Bench - 155, 195, 230, 275, 310
                    Row – 135, 155, 185, 215, 245 x 3
                    Weighted Hypers – 3s x 35lbs
                    Situps – 3s x 10r

                    10.15.08 – 5 x 5 Training
                    Squats – 200, 255, 305, 305
                    Incline Bench - 135, 160, 185, 215
                    Deadlift – 270, 325, 375, 430 x 3
                    Cable Abs Pulldowns– 3s x 90lbs

                    Having a deal of bicep pain in my left arm after squatting. Not so bad that I can't do any of the movements, but distracting. Body is a little beat up from the Thanksgiving weekend. As the say with families, "the drinks will flow and the blood will spill"...right? Or is that just my family?

                    Naw it was a blast to get together with everybody, but my guts and my liver took a pounding and EVERYTHING ACHES! Going to make sure to bump up the fish oils and mono fats to lube up the joints and reduce the inflammation. Not bad workouts, considering.


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                      From my blog:

                      As my 30th birthday rapidly approaches, the constant question I'm asking myself is...have I done enough? Am I happy? Is this what I want?

                      These questions don't come from a place of anger, bout the fear that comes from "what if" thinking, and doubt. Doubt if this is the right path; if I'm living honestly, if I need more...or less...and so on, ad nauseam.

                      I went into the local bookstore yesterday morning - because it was close to where I was and I desperately needed a bathroom (a-la 3 jumbo cups of coffee and 2L H2O), but also because I sometimes go there to be inspired. I admire browsing through stories of people defying odds, go beyond the flock, and dangle one foot defyantly off the edge of the abyss. I want to seek out strength wherever I can find it, because sometimes it feels like I have people all around me telling me what I can't be or can't do or can't have. That these things are unreasonable. And as much as I deal and slough it off, it feels like my armor is getting pretty dented and misshappen.

                      For some reason this 30th birthday has such profound significance to me that I feel some major decisions need to be made regarding the next 30 years of my life.

                      I wonder if others feel this way at this age, or is it just my time to ask these questions?
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