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National Level NPC Men's Physique Competitor David Lees' Road to IFBB Pro Status

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  • National Level NPC Men's Physique Competitor David Lees' Road to IFBB Pro Status

    Today I begin my training log/journal to share with you all my quest to fulfill my potential as a bodybuilder. First, a little background on me:

    I am 28 years old

    6'1", currently 230 muscular pounds (my max body weight topped out at 240lbs last summer) I started weight training at the age of 13 but didn't seriously get into bodybuilding until the age of 18.

    I am currently using Megamen Multi-Vitamins, MuscleTech naNox9 and Met-** protein powder to supplement my daily food intake. Since I want to focus on my training as opposed to diet in this journal, I will let you know that I try to eat clean Mon-Saturday, eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours for a total of 6 -7 meals a day depending on my work schedule (2 of the meals are taken in shake form). Sunday is my "cheat" day.

    I have completed several cycles of anabolic steroids over the past 6 years
    ( see post in: for details)

    I completed my last cycle just over 2 years ago and have been training naturally since. I am currently considering doing a 6 week blitz cycle to harden up for summer but the jury is out on that at the moment.

    I have never competed but it may be a possibilty in the near future.

    Now that we got that out of the way, I plan on posting on here atleast twice a day to update my training journal. I currently do my cardio in the morning and follow with weight training in the early evening. I have 2 training cycles that I have been following now the past 6 months and have been very happy with my gains both in size and strength. I adopted the DC style of training late last fall and incorporated it into my full time training regiment. For example, I will train at my normal high volume/moderate intensity for 6 weeks, performing more detail/isolation type movements and then flip to the DC style of high intensity/low volume for 6 weeks while performing more basic mass building movements. I have noticed that the changes in exercises and volume levels have allowed my body to recuperate better and thus continue to grow (I used to have a tendency to overtrain).

    I will try to keep a very detailed account of each training session, including movement/poundage and rep count (and hopefully progress!) I hope to eventually include some pictures to track the progress/changes in my physique. For reference, my avatar is taken from a portfolio shoot from last fall. I have more photos on my website, address is on my profile page. Please keep in mind that the photos contained on the website are from my modeling portfolio and follow my physique over the past 8 years. You will obviously be able to tell the molre recent photos to those taken at the beginning of my career (at a weight of 185lbs!)

    To kick things off... I began this morning with a 50 minute cardio session on the treadmill. I walk and jog lightly in 5 minute intervals starting at 4.3 mph and the jog at 5.0 mph. At 45 minutes I hit the "cool down" which takes 5 minutes and then I am finished. I only recently added cardio to my training...never had to do it before (but now that I am 28, it takes a little more to remain lean lol! )

    ON TAP FOR TONIGHT: CHEST!!! Can't wait to wreak havoc on the iron tonight...until next time...

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    I look forward to seeing this.. and how do you like MuscleTech naNox9 ? I haven't tried it yet.. seeing to see about some info on it first.


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      COOL bro !

      write every fucking thing here !
      No one is special, some were patient.


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        Just completed a great workout!
        Here we go:

        Incline Barbell Bench Press
        135 x 20
        185 x 15
        205 x 12
        225 x 10
        250 x 7
        275 x 5
        300 x 3

        Barbell Flat Bench Press
        235 x 10
        235 x 10
        235 x 9

        Hammer Strength Decline Press
        405 x 10
        405 x 9
        405 x 7

        Incline Dumbbell Flyes
        60 x 12
        65 x 10
        70 x 8

        Cable Crossover Flyes
        70 x 15
        70 x 15

        Felt very strong today...very happy with my training session.
        I weighed in at 233lbs at the end of the workout.


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          Originally posted by Underdog View Post
          I look forward to seeing this.. and how do you like MuscleTech naNox9 ? I haven't tried it yet.. seeing to see about some info on it first.

          It's pricey but so far I have been pretty happy with it. The pump you get is similar to the pump I have felt when on the juice. The only thing I haven't liked about it is that a couple of times I have broken out in to something similar to hives/allergic reaction after taking it. My skin got really red and itchy but it only lasted for about 20 minutes or so then subsided.


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            woah man good weights !
            No one is special, some were patient.


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              Wow, you are an excellent writer, and you're providing a good amount of information.

              I look forward to following this journal!
              Psychobilly legend.


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                Originally posted by Lights Out View Post
                Wow, you are an excellent writer, and you're providing a good amount of information.

                I look forward to following this journal!

                Thank you!


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                  Completed cardio this morning and am now home working. Having a little lower back stiffness...hopefully it loosens up for tonight's workout.

                  Going to be waging war on my back tonight and finishing off with some forearm movements.

                  This morning's bodyweight: 230lbs


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                    Glad to see the forum is up and running onto my workout for the night!

                    I had a bit of a headache going into the gym and my back was still a bit stiff but as soon as I popped on my iPod I was ready to tear sh*t up! This workout is considered my "A" workout for back (I have 2 completely different routines that I alternate weekly) Here it is:

                    Wide Grip Lat pulldowns (to the front)

                    200 x 15
                    220 x 12
                    240 x 8
                    260 x 6

                    T-Bar Rows (performed old school style off the floor w/ butterfly handle placed underneath olympic bar)

                    180 x 15
                    225 x 12
                    270 x 10
                    315 x 6

                    Seated cable rows (performed with butterfly handle)

                    250 x 12
                    270 x 10
                    290 x 8 (full stack!)

                    Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Deadlift ( I prefer these to traditional deads because I have had chronic lower back problems in the past and I am able to focus more on my back then my legs with these)

                    315 x 10
                    405 x 10
                    495 x 10
                    585 x 8
                    675 x 1 (Completey shot after this)

                    On to forearms...

                    Alternating Cross-body Dumbbell Hammer curls

                    70 x 8
                    70 x 8

                    Traditional Hammer Curls

                    45 x 10
                    55 x 10

                    Dumbbell Wrist Curls (performed with forearm resting on bench)
                    Superset with behind the back barbell wrist curls

                    45 x 15 superset with 45 x 15
                    45 x 12 superset with 45 x 12
                    45 x 10 superset with 45 x 10 (screaming burn in the forearms at this point)

                    AND FINALLY:

                    Forearm dumbbell reverse curls (performed with forearm laying across bench) These are performed alternating each arm back to back etc. with no rest

                    15 x 15
                    15 x 12
                    15 x 10

                    I weighed in at an even 230lbs tonight. I tend to sweat like a pig and was soaked through my shirts when finished. Overall pleased with my session tonight but was definitely draggin' ass and the Red Sox lost despite Dice-k pitching another gem so that didn't help my spirits at all. Never underestimate the power of the best training partner in the world: the iPod!!!! Nothing like cranking up a little Slayer or Cannibal Corpse to get ya through a heavy set.

                    See you all in the morning...


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                      I had to be in the office early this morning so I missed my morning cardio session . I am really feeling that monday chest workout right about now...not sure about you guys but I tend to be my most sore 2 days after a workout. Lower back is a little tender today but I'll definitely be feeling it in the lats tonight and tomorrow. I am looking forward to my shoulder/trap workout tonight, maybe throw in a quick cardio session to make up for missing this morning...


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                        Hit the Shoulder caps hard tonight as always and finished off with work on the traps. I left out 2 exercises due to my lower back feeling tired and I know my body well enough to know that when my lower back is feeling the way it is, not to push it or...I'll end up out of commission for atleast 5-7 days.

                        On to the workout!

                        Smith Machine Shoulder Press (to the front)

                        135 x 25
                        185 x 15
                        205 x 12
                        225 x 8
                        235 x 8
                        245 x 8
                        255 x 6

                        Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Press

                        225 x 15 (assuming the unloaded machine weighs 45lbs)
                        235 x 12
                        245 x 10
                        255 x 8

                        Seated Dumbbell Laterals (Side deltoid movement)

                        35 x 12
                        40 x 12
                        45 x 10

                        Front Plate Raise (for front delts, grab a 45lb plate & raise to eye level)

                        45 x 15
                        45 x 15

                        Standing Lateral Dumbbell Raises (side delts again, done in alternating fashion/non working arm holds onto upright bench)

                        30 x 12
                        35 x 12

                        Bent-over Dumbbell Laterals (for rear delts, I cut this exercise short because my lower back was really starting to bother me, I normally work up to 45lbs on my last working set )

                        35 x 12
                        40 x 10

                        On to Traps!! I normally start off my trap work with upright barbell rows but it puts a lot of stress on my lower back and I didn't want to risk injury. So I started off with the mother of all Trap movements, Barbell Shrugs...surprisingly my back held up on these bad boys.

                        I made sure to cinch up my weight belt nice and tight for these...

                        Barbell Shrugs

                        135 x 20
                        225 x 15
                        315 x 12
                        405 x 8

                        Dumbbell Shrugs

                        120 x 15
                        120 x 12
                        120 x 12

                        To really finish off the traps I normally grab a 45lb plate in each hand and shrug up to 30 reps... but I opted to skip these tonight cuz I had to get home to watch the Red Sox

                        Tomorrow is leg day...hopefully the back aches subside otherwise, I am in for 2 painful sessions tomorrow (I work hams in the morning after doing cardio and quads/calves in the evening).


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                          Missed my morning cardio and Hamstring session (work is getting crazy here) will have to make it up during tonight's session. Good thing is my back is feeling a little better and should allow me to go heavy on the squats.


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                            Damn man u are keeping a great journal! Respect on the weights u are using. Keep up all the hard work bro!


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                              Originally posted by Canuck_Muscle View Post
                              Damn man u are keeping a great journal! Respect on the weights u are using. Keep up all the hard work bro!

                              Thanks man, I appreciate it! I'm fired up for tonight's leg blast...should have some decent numbers to post after tonight's thrashing
                              Gotta make sure my iPod is fully charged cuz I'm gonna need some hardcore death metal to get through squats...