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My Journey to Awesomeness -- The Next Level

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  • My Journey to Awesomeness -- The Next Level

    Hey folks;

    Time to start my training journal.

    I have lost 38 lbs (mostly fat) since January and am feeling pretty good about how it's going. Now it's time to put on some muscle.

    This weekend I will be writing up my new routine, and will begin Monday. My main focus now is bringing up my legs and upper back.

    I will use a 4 day split and train legs on Monday, chest Tuesday, back on Thursday and arms on Friday. I will go especially heavy on legs and back.

    Feedback / criticism is welcome.

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    Yo woods! Finally starting a journal, eh? Welcome brother! Do you have any progress pics?


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      hey bud, good job on the weight loss.
      your only as strong as your mind, so consider yourself weak.
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        Hey man, nice to see ya here
        I reject your reality and substitute my own.


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          Welcome to the Training Journals section.

          I am your Forum Leader in here. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

          Good job on the weight loss!

          Keep it up!
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          Start a Training Journal Today!


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            Thanks fellas.

            I have an album, and will post the link in a few, but don't know how to post the photo here.

            These photos were earlier this week.


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              I am developing my new routine. I plan to go heavy, especially on legs and back training, with three working sets per major bodypart exercise and 2 per minor bodypart exercise, so I can put on some serious muscle over the next few months.

              Here is what I have so far:

              Leg Press
              Hack Squats
              Q: should I add Lunges or Leg Extensions here?
              Leg Curls
              Hamstring Bodycurls or Hyperextensions
              Donkey Calf
              Standing Calf
              Seated Calf

              Db. Bench Press
              Incl. Db Bench Press
              Incl Flyes
              Seated military press
              Incl Lateral Raise
              Db Upright Rows
              Bent Laterals

              B.L. Deadlift
              F.G. Chin UPs
              Rows (cable/T-bar alternating weeks)
              R. Wrist Curl
              F. Writs Curl
              Forearm Rockers

              N.G. Bench Press
              Lying Extensions
              Skull Crushers / French Curls (alternating weeks)
              Bb. Curls / Hammer Curls
              Preacher Curls / Conc. Curls
              Incl Db. Curls

              I have a home gym, but just joined a local gym so I can use the hack squat and leg press machines.

              Any ideas or suggestions???

              Thanks in advance.


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                Week 1 Day 1

                Squats. 3 warmup sets; 320# x 9 +7; 270# x 10;
                Leg Press. 1 warmup; 290# x10 +10 +10;
                Hack Squat. 200# x10 +10 +10;
                Leg Extensions. 100 x10; 120 x10; 140 x10;
                Leg Curls. 70 x20; 90 x10; 100 x10.
                S.L. Deadlift. 90 x10; 140 x10; 160 x10;
                Hyperextensions 0 x10; 10 x10; 10 x12
                Donkey Calf (on hack mach) 90 x 50; +40; +30
                Standing Calf. 105 x20; +20; +8.
                Seated Calf. 50 x 10; 100 x20; +20; +20; +20.

                Had an excellent workout. I am worried I might not be squatting low enough, so will probably go lighter and work back up to this weight.

                Also, I did not feel sick after my leg workout, so what do you guys think, should I be going heavier? My legs were wobbly all day, though.


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                  Week 1 Day 2

                  Db Bench Press. warmup. 85 x6; 95 x10; +10; +8.
                  Incl. Db Bench Press. warmup. 85 x9; +9; +9.
                  Incl. Flyes. 55 x10; +12.
                  Seated Military Press. warmup. 55 x10; 50 x9; 45 x9.
                  Incl. Lateral Raises. warmup. 35 x10; 30 x10; +10.
                  Db. Upr. Rows. 45 x10; +10; +10.
                  Bent Laterals. warmup. 25 x16; +12.


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                    I hired an online personal trainer. He says to shorten the rest periods to no more than 30 seconds, and my workouts should last no longer than 20 minutes per bodypart, or 30 minutes total each day. The key, he says is to completely exhaust each muscle as you focus on that particular bodypart.

                    I have read this before, and thought I knew it, but I wasn't doing it. Now I will.

                    Based on his recommendations, I am going to change my routine to include the following:


                    Hack Squats
                    Leg Press
                    Leg Curls
                    S.L. Deadlift

                    Flat Bench Bb. Bench Press (prefatigue chest)
                    Db. Bench Press
                    Incline Bench Press
                    Incline Flyes

                    Seated Military Press
                    Side Laterals Bent Laterals


                    Rowing machine
                    Db. Rows

                    N.G. Bench Press
                    Bb. Curls
                    Incline Curls
                    Preachers (altnernate with conc. curls every other week or so)

                    All exercises should be heavy, to failure at 8 to 10 reps, except calves.

                    He didn't say anthing about my calf routines, so I'll keep them the same.


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                      Welcome to the training journal forum.
                      How many years have you been working out for?
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                        I am 44 going on 45. I have worked out on and off since I was about 14 years old. So theoretically I have been doing it for 30 years. Lol.

                        In about 1990 I spent about two years working out seriously. Then I stopped for several years and started up again about 1998. I worked out for about 6 years, then injured my back doing heavy squats under the Smith Machine when I set the safety too low and got stuck under a very heavy load (about 430 lbs, I think). A few months later I injured my left shoulder doing bench presses, and gave up lifting for about 6 years. I started up again last year in June, very fat and out of shape. So in reality I have spent a total of about 9 years (estimated) in serious pursuit of this sport.

                        I feel like I have learned more from MD Forums than I learned from the dozens of bodybuilding books I bought over the years. MD Forums also gave me the opportunity to hire an online trainer, something I could have used years ago. So between the two I am making better gains than ever!

                        MD Forums rocks!
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                          Looks great on you man!!! your a big dude =)


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                            Thanks, bud. Can't wait 'til I get into really good shape.

                            For now weight gain, then in 4 or 6 months, fat loss, until I finally get to see some abs after all these years. Lol.


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                              Week 1, Day 3

                              Cable Pulldowns: 140x10; 150x10; +10
                              Chin ups: bw x9 (med grip) x7 (wide grip) x8 (narrow grip)
                              Cable Rows: 120x10; 130x10; 140x10;
                              One Arm Db Rows: 70x10; +10; +10;
                              Shrugs: 85x10; 95x10; 100x10;
                              R wrist curl: 10 x10; +8; +7
                              F wrist curl: 10 x10; 20 x10; +10;
                              Forearm Rockers: 35 x10; 45 x10; 55x10; (the last was too heavy).

                              I tried shortening my rest periods, but still did not feel like it was as intense as coach is telling me it should be. I'll just have to shorten them further and see how it goes.