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  • Metty Speaks - Social Media Making it Work for you. An Athletes Perspective.

    Social Media – Making it Work for you

    There is no escaping the fact that we live in a globalized world where technology plays a key role in the development of businesses, organizations and even profile development and it is becoming increasingly obvious that those that do not enter the world of technology, are displaced by market competition ~ simply put, if you want exposure and you want to increase business, get on-line.

    As the number of social media users escalates (Facebook is said to currently have 1.2 billion members) anyone and everyone with something to sell is taking advantage of the emerging marketing channel, essential allowing for effective communication with customers. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION being the key concept.

    We trust our circle of friends or colleagues much more than they trust companies’ advertisements; word-of-mouth and on-line is how I have done all of my purchases in the foreseeable past. Interactions on the social media are engaging where information is presented via different mediums such as experiences, jokes, photos, videos and comments from peers. The sharing of opinions and experiences on-line are shaping our views and perception of businesses or those with a product or service to sell.

    This being said, conversations on social media are loud and more often than not, you have to sieve through a ton of noise to find quality information. This is a result of the different intended uses of social media; some are on there to play, some to keep in touch with family, others to build and maintain an athletic or business profile. Below I have summarized some key considerations to assist you to make social media work;

    1. First and foremost you need to know why you have created the page or profile – if it is because you primarily want to build an athletic or business profile, you need to focus ALL posts towards this end goal.

    2. Know who your audience is and who you are targeting your messages towards; Gen-Y, older generations, men, women etc.

    3. Businesses and athletes alike will be building a brand and therefore word association is critical. If you want to be seen to be intelligent, thoughtful and/or funny, you need to ensure that posts create this image. Develop your brand through your posts and your actions.

    4. A key question to ask before posting anything is “Does this action bring value to my business and/or my sponsors?” If the answer is no, do not post it. Watching athletes unravel due to a relationship breakdowns, on-line, is ugly and does nothing to build integrity.

    5. Whether you are promoting a business or building a profile; presenting a professional image on-line is critical. The 101 is correct spelling and grammar, if you want to put forward a professional front. If spelling and grammar are not your strengths, find someone to quality assure your work. Personally, I will not read articles that are poorly written and require deciphering due to poor grammar or spelling.

    6. How, when and what to post are essential; post at a time that you are likely to be seen by the greatest portion of your audience for example Monday morning, USA time.

    7. DO NOT spam potential clients; that is post messages every hour on the hour containing irrelevant boring material; people will unsubscribe to you and will stop listening.

    8. Be upfront, authentic and genuine with your audience. This will build trust with your audience.

    9. Create a profile or brand that is uniquely you. People will see through frauds and fakers and business longevity will just not be possible.
    10. Ensure that the content you are posting is specific for the platform you are posting on; Twitter, Facebook and Instigram are all very different platforms and thought needs to go into the content you post.

    The long and short of promotion on social media is that it is becoming the primary source of connecting with customers however effective communication involves thinking about how, when and what to communicate to ensure that your voice is heard. Content needs to be valuable to potential customers. By building a unique brand that is uniquely you and presenting in a professional, thoughtful way, you will become a trusted adviser for your customers and a business worth investing in…

    If it's quality it works ~ it’s all about quality and not quantity!

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    Good piece! DISCOUNT CODE: ebfitness15


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      Sue will be writing articles you can only find here at MD!


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        Originally posted by Bryan Hildebrand View Post
        Sue will be writing articles you can only find here at MD!
        Who is Sue you speak of and great article. Now if I can only get someone to do the whole social media for me cause I suck at it ... what, just being honest bout it.


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          Sue Metcalf is an amateur strongwoman from australia who is now officially living in the states.

          if you are making a mark for yourself, you need to embrace social media. its imperative.


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            well said