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    maybe more of what should someone do to keep strength when there off cycle ...I'm down 13 lbs so far mostly water but strength is holding good , hit a 455 dl yesterday but I felt I could of maybe got one more . Tris are today we'll see how I do with 225 , I got it last week 5 reps from a dead stop


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      Steroids and grass fed beef.
      I couldn't care less.


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        What I would do is assess your recovery time. Work on that time frame if you can continually make progress working the same muscle twice a week then do that if you need the full week then do that.

        I like to do my compound lift and do 2-3 sets of 5, 2-3 sets of 3 then 1-2 sets of one. Then I do some compound accessories (dips, pull ups, leg press)..

        After 3-4 weeks like this I'll do 1-2 weeks where I'll do 8-12 as heavy as I can then go back to what I did before.

        If I can workout 2 times a week I'll usually do the heavy workout then two days later do the 8-12 version then 3 days later do the heavy and repeat for 3-4 weeks then take a week or two where I go once and moderate volume..

        I'm currently using my one day a week setup trying to reach a 500lb bench


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          Quickest route to strength is steroids.

          Is it the best?
          In search of the hardcore holy grail.